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Knowlege means freedom, ignorance is slaver.

A people who does not know their own history is like a child who does not know their

Nicolae Iorga(1871-1940)

Who is the master of the past, also rules the future, and whoever is the master of the present,
also rules the past

To wipe out the nations, start by altering them by erasing their memory. You destroy their
books, history, culture, and somebody else writes other books, gives them another culture, they
fabricate another history. Meanwhile that nation begins to forget what their identity is and what that
nation was, and those around them will forget it even sooner; the language will be only a simple
element of folklore that sooner or later will perish of natural death.

Milan Hubl(1927-1989)

How a tree cannot live without its roots, the same way a nation cannot survive without history
and identity culture.