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  1. The true history of Khazars 

To understand the greatest charlatanism in the history of humanity called euphemistic “industry of holocaust” or “the holocaust of Jews”, first must be clear who are those today call themselves with such fury “Jews” and what lies beneath this flood of hatred, lie, cunning, crime and cultural terrorism.
By the mid-nineteenth century, Yids/Jids or Khazars have begun to reclaim in the culture of Europe, noisier, their Semitic origin, although no one could understand how redheads with white skin, brown or red hair and blue, green or brown eyes are the same people with Arabs! Because aboulic goyim – clay head could not understand this fib, they were “helped” by Ashkenazi / Khazar Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch alias Heinrich Graetz (1817-1891). This was the first Mosaic of Khazar origin who wrote a History of the Jews, but only from its own visions and and not according to historical data in relation with other European people histories, among whom they have worn their bad habits. Born in Poznan, in the family of a butcher, he made studies during 1831-1836 at the rabbinical school in Breslau. Then he studied at the University of Jena since 1842 that he finished in 1845, being immediately appointed as representative of Khazars in Breslau. In 1851, he is employed at the Mosaic School from Breslau where he will remain until his death and teach Torah and the Talmud, as well as the history of the Israelites, but only according to his books. From 1869, he teaches at the University of Breslau too. During 1853-1875, he published in eleven volumes the work entitled Geschichte der Juden (History of the Jews) – so to be clear: of the Jews and not of the Hebrews. In 1878 he participates in the Berlin Peace Conference as representative of the Yid people of Romania!!!
  The first lie of the writing on the Semitic origin of Khazars, says that Roman armies which conquered and destroyed Jerusalem in 70, were formed largely of soldiers coming from Germany, who took as war booty Ivrit sweethearts, one more beautiful than the other. Bringing them to their motherland, the beauties started to give birth to a lot of children. But vanishing the charm and beautiful callings of the lickerish Ivrits, the bad German men drove them away with their multitude of children towards East, into the endless forests of northern Europe. As the invincible Amazons, but through tears and hiccups, they gathered their children like brood hens, and went to the East, guided by the great fire of mighty Yahwe. Walking into oblivion and lost for hundreds of years they reached in the lower Volga River where they settled thoroughly and so appeared that people with blond or red hair, white skin and green or blue eyes, reminding of their evil possessed and bad fathers. During this period of time they have lost their own religion, embracing the one of some neighbours met in the new country, but their language was of the fathers who drove them away. But at the end of VIIIth century, after they met several times with their Ivrit/Jew “relatives” from Syria, Palestine and Sephardim of Spain, their headmen “discovered” surprisingly that all have the seed of Abraham and consequently they decided ,,to return to the true Mosaic faith”- even if they will have to do it by sword! The lie of H. Graetz has some truth seed as well, from which he started to “reveal” ravings through synagogues and Mosaic minds: that in German language there are a few dozens of words of Arab origin and from this point started the vision disease of the kite. But these words have a different origin than the one invented by Graetz, being connected to the Goths of Guta or Kuta in northern Iraq who reached by necessity to Gothia or Gota in Scandia. But there is something that still turns angry Germans: the Yiddish language has about 65% of the common vocabulary with a dialect which was spoken in the eastern Germany where Goths were mentioned in the first centuries, whom the world knows them today as German ancestors!
 A second lie of Rabbi H. Graetz says that immediately after the destruction of the first temple in 582 BC by Chaldeans, many Hebrew losing their old Canaanite love, went on foot to the north, overflowing like a torrent and reaching the lands in the north of Danube. Here they have developed a flourishing and “increasing” civilization (as indicated in the Torah and Talmud) where Iahweh was the master and judge. Another huge proportion of colonization of the lands around the Carpathians by Ivrits/Judeans (as it claims the queer rabbi) would have taken place after the destruction of the Second Temple and particularly after the partial conquest of Getia by the Roman Empire in the year 106. Khazars of XIXth century said that the majority of soldiers were of Syrian origins (Ivrits in their opinion), and after the Roman conquer of some territories of Getae they settled down as true masters. Therefore, they started  to seed all Getae women and so was born another Ivrit nation on our lands, which went also to east and settled on the Volga river, after it was hardly broken for hundreds of years by the Vlachs who came from south of Danube since sixth century. Based on these fabricated data they feel natural to return to ,,Carpathian motherland” and drive out the Rumunians/Romanians, like they did with Arabs in Palestine after 1946.
But some of them – very few – claim that their ancestors were descended from an Asian nation which has its origins in the east of the Urals (as well you can walk there and take the Evil one by the beard, pretending that it’s native) and migrating to the west they stopped in the Caspian region where they found a new home. Here they were connected with Christian, Mosaic and Muslim people, and they wanted to have a god of their own to worship and because they liked more Yahweh, they past to Judaism in the early IXth century. But the story is also an invention or a fable, like most of the stories related to Mosaism and Judaism. These liers say that their mythological ancestors would have called Asena. But at the ancient Scythians the term designated the alpha female of the wolf pack, the main mythological character of Türk nation. But the asens were at the same time the wise people of Getae, as well the souls of those who died defending the Holy Land Dio Getia. At Rumunians/Romanians too, the name of Asen for men was preserved until the XIII century. We also find the Asens as heavenly beings living in the fortress of the Great Builder, in Viking ancient mythology of old Edda. If they were an Asian nation, the legend should appear at the populations from the eastern Urals, but instead it is found at Rumunians (today Romanians) – as descendants of Getae, with whom the Goths from Scandinavia have lived together for over 300 years. During this time they have developed the religious mythology, strongly influenced by Getae religion, after which some of them have returned to their native country. They say in other legends, the ancestral forefather had come from heaven and was called „Gog Türk”, tying to the history of a different story. But only old Rumunians and today Arumunians said and say Gog or Goga reffering to God. The türk word from the previous expression, makes sense only in Romanian language and means ghost, goat or stag, relating to the Deer totem of ancient Scythians in IInd millennium BC.
To explain the “mysterious” appearance of the Yids or Khazars in northern parts of Caspian Sea we have to remember the true history of these places, beginning with the old populations of Scythians, the red headed Alans, Sarmatians and other tribes who lived here for over 2000 years. In the 1st century of our era a true flood of Goths migrated from Scandinavia and the southeast of the Baltic Sea; they sat down among the Scythians and to the west as far as to the Azov Sea. They are mentioned for the first time in the history of this region in 213 AD, when they invade alongside with Getae/Getians from the east side of Carpathians, most parts of the Roman provinces Moesia and Dacia. The Emperor Caracalla defeated the invaders, taking the Maximus Geticus cognomen and Quasi Gothicus. Goths will form with Getae the Amal Empire since the early part of the 2nd century, then under the pressure of Huns, they divided into Visigoths (western Goths) who run to west from the angry Asians and Ostrogoths (eastern Goths) who remain under their command, and after the collapse of the Hun Empire in 454, Ostrogoths retreated in northern territories of the Caspian Sea and on the Lower Volga. From the commixture of Goths with Scythians, Caucasians and some Asian seed was formed the Khazar or Yid/Jid nation, organized as a small kingdom that will convert to a Mosaic schism after the years 820. But not all Goths were mixed with others, because we find them in a letter of Pope Innocent IV, who in the spring of 1245, guided from Lyon Franciscan missionaries to ,,the countries of Bulgarians, Vlachs, Khazars, Slavs, Serbians, Alans, Goths, Iberians and of other Christians of the Orient” to accept the union with the Roman Church for organizing an anti Mongolian resistance. With the transition to Mosaism, they adopted also the polygamy – so dear to Ivrits (Sephardim). That habit have brought them many trouble living among the “goyim”, because the latter drove them away very often because of the wicked custom, that was forbidden by the Rabbi Gershom ben Judah not later than 1014, at a conclave held in the city of Worms.
But the Khazar kingdom was not as great or strong as they claim today, being destroyed by Varangians and Byzantines in 1016, and when the Tatars invaded in the mid twelfth century, the Khazars were no longer representative in this region. Because the Mongols didn’t let them to engage in commerce under their very nose, the Khazars travelled to the northwest, most of them reaching Lithuania and Poland, where they formed a cordon connecting the southeast of the Baltic Sea to the north of Caspian Sea. In 1140 it appears Kitab of the Khuzari – work written by Sephardic Rabbi Yehuda Ha-Levi who considered Khazars as degenerated human beings, because of their religious practices. He considered the Sephardic Mosaics as the only depository of a written history on the evolution of the human race since the beginning of the world, and claimed that the superiority of their traditions cannot be denied, according to his megalomanic point of view. Ha-Levi says that a comparison between Judaic culture, which in his opinion is based on “religious truth” (in other words lie), and Greek culture, which is based solely on science it is not possible. He aberrantly said  that the wisdom of the Greek philosophers had no divine support that the prophets of Israel have been endowed!
In the kingdom of Poland and Lithuania Khazars (Yids/Jids) led their lives isolated from the rest of the population, living in small towns called Shtetl which were governed by their own laws, having a great independence, succeeding to coin their own currency! By the decree of Sigismund I given in 1506, Michael from Brest-Litovsk was appointed “head of all the Jids in Poland, with full power over their lives and hereditary right to this title”. Another representative of the Jids from all over Poland was confirmed in 1549 by Sigismund August. In 1571, the right to punish with death those who violated the law was taken from the representative of the Jews and the execution of this royal decree was entrusted to the royal agents and other Polish authorities. Until the early 20th century in Central Europe, the Mosaics were named „Jidovs”, ,,Yids/Jids/Zids” or ,,Yidins/Jidins” by Slavic people, and Romanians have used throughout the ages the name of ,,Jidovs” or ,,Yidans/Jidans”, but moreover they said about their selves in Yiddish to be ,,Yids/Jids” or ,,Yidins/Jidins”. Rabbi H. Graetz, in the above mentioned book, writes about this extensive autonomy: “The Jews in Poland constituted a state within a state in the true sense of the word. Their general Synod (Cahal), which met twice a year, was a real parliament that made the laws and whose decisions were not subject of debate to any superior court of appeal. Each community had its colleges of judges (Beth Din), consisting of a rabbi and two assistants, before whom had to be lodged any complaint and who judged according to the Talmudic rabbinical laws”. The first decree limiting the Mosaic eastward movement (historical known as ”Pale Territory” or “Pale Settlement”) was given in the Russian empire by Empress Catherine II in 1791, the second act was issued in 1794 after the second division of the Poland kingdom and the third in 1795 after the abolition of the Polish state.


At the beginning of World War I, several Zionist minds, with so many feverish visions, have come up with  another mischief proposing to the German Foreign Minister on August 11, 1914 (14 days after its outburst!), by M. Bodenheimer, a memorandum in which they required the establishment of European Israel based on ,,German and Jews common interest contest in the war which broke out”. In September 1914, the German Committee for releasing the Soviet Jews founded by German Zionists Max Bodenheimer, Franz Oppenheimer, A. Friedmann and Leo Motzkin (in Russia), presented to Germans a bulky ,,documentation” about Eastern Mosaics proposing a “bumper state” as shown in the map. The new state was supposed to be dominated by the approximately six (in reality were under four) million Mosaics, while other populations (8 million Poles, 11 million Ukrainians and Belorussians, 3.5 million Lithuanians and Latvians, 2 million Romanians and 0,5 million Baltic Germans) to be obedient under their whip. The state should have been ruled by a king belonging to Hohenzollern family and the capital to be at Lublin, because the Mosaics from the Polish kingdom had their autonomous parliament (Congressus Judaicus) here, before the dismantling of Poland. However their thought about European Israel was not meant to be historical fact although it was hardly debated at the Peace Conference in Paris in 1919, where US President W. Wilson urged the „Khazar issue” to be solved !

                                           2. The Jidovism (ʒydovysm)/Jidism or Yidish spirit

In the X -XX centuries, the Khazars living in central and eastern Europe appeared in written form in documents of the natives as follows : ,, Žid” (pronounced ʒid) by Polish and Ruthenian, ,, Jiden (ʒydyn)/Yiden” by the Lithuanians, ,,Jidov” (ʒydov) by the Russians, Ukrainians, Belarussians and the Romanians, while they called themselves ,, Jidin (ʒydyn)/Yidin” or ,,Jid (ʒid)” . Just like the Judaic people have created in I- II centuries of our era a fanatical and apologetical ideology (known to us as “Judaism”) to identify themselves, the Germanic Khazars of the Russian Empire created in the XVIII- XIX centuries a similar weapon against goyim (non Jews), which should be named „Jidovism” (ʒydovysm) to keep their own denomination, which they used to call themselves.
In Romanian the word “Jidovism” (ʒydovysm) has a limited circulation both as regards the territory as well as in the social environment. It comes from ,, Jidov” (ʒydov), the old name of Ashkenazi/Khazars plus suffix ,,ism” having the large sense of a specific mentality of the religious brotherhood of Mosaics on Volga. But we have the word ,,jidovit” (ʒydovyt) (jidov + it; in English: “jidoved”) which is used for a Christian person who has manners of a mosaic that has perverted morals after their own way of behaving with the goyim. To understand these concepts in contemporary culture very little known, but which reflects a history of over thousand years, we must go in the written history of Judaism, what is called now the Old and New Covenant canonized at Jamnia in 90 AD. To judge the situation in scales of truth, I will bring the testimony they have written about themselves  when they were struck by the arrogance plague, thoughts that belong to the prophet Isaiah, we find at 49.23: ,,The kings  will feed you and the queens will nurse you. It will bow to the ground before you and lick the dust of your feet … 60.5 when you will see these things, you will jump for joy and your heart will beat and grow, because the abundance of the sea will return to you and treasures of the nations will come to you. 60.16 You will drink the milk of nations; you will suck the kings breast … 61.5 Foreigners will stand and feed your flocks and foreigner sons will be your ploughmen and vinedressers. 61.5 … you will eat the riches of the ancestry, and you will boast in their glory”. After these quotations we must understand our own destiny but after their sayings: from the fullness of their envenomed hearts they bring us up to eternal slavery of divine order because they will be able to buy the leaders of the goyim, and the crowd will be kept only under the whip, yoke and sword.
In the caves from Qumran were found several texts presenting the fight between the ,,sons of light” (the beloved Yahwe’s Judeans) against the ,,sons of darkness” (the sons of Gog and Magog) – these being written after the assassination of Iosius/Ili (the great priest of the Getae, Ili also meaning the Bright One) in April of the year 30 of our era. Iosius was then called later Messiah/Mesia because he was born in the province of Moesia/Mesia and CrisTus – religious name for the Holy Land Dio Getia which means ,,motherland of the cross”. Besides Gog and Magog – the Getae and the Scythians after the saying of Ezekiel 38.39 – they added kitiens to the blacklist, meaning the Romans who then owned the world, Greeks and Macedonians and other nations too. In the Qumran “incubator”, where they became bosses after the year 30 of our era, by chasing the Essenes (non-Semitic, but mainly of Getic origin!), they conceive a plan to assault and destroy the world: Lord Gog of the land of Magog, Assyria, Moab, Edom, the sons of Set – Egyptians, the sons of Japheth (Gomer, Gog, Magog, Madai, Javan, Tubal, Meshech and Tiras), Kitiens and other “disobedient” tribes who were there on the earth. Starting the revolt in 66 AD, the first ones passed through the sword were the Cyrenaica province’s population of 300,000, then 200,000 in Cyprus after the writing of Dio Cassius, following others in Palestine as it was “written” in their plan. All the ideas from these writings discovered at Qumran who plan the destruction of the world and its rebuilding by Judeans as absolute masters of the world, empowered by Yahweh – lord of hell, with a single religion as Orthodox Judaism may be found in manuscripts as – Blessing Form, The war of the sons of light against sons of darkness, Manual of Discipline for the future Brotherhood of Israel, New Covenant, Judgement Day/Doomsday – being also heavily taken in The Communist Manifesto, The Protocols of Zion and the Bolshevik ideology but adapted to the realities of modern times.
The Zealots at Qumran but also from other centres and Jerusalem were the ones who started the killing of the nations of Cyrenaica, Cyprus Palestine, Egypt, Syria, etc. but the outbreak of the civil war between Judeans bring their defeat by the Romans. The passage of time has not led to abandonment of those ideas that erupted with the same fanaticism once with the communist ideology and creation of the first state of Khazar Bolsheviks in the tsarist empire. I give a few quotes from the The War of the Sons of Light against the Sons of Darkness in order to understand the alteration of the history made by the Mosaics: ,, …You will be known in front of the nations, like, to know everybody, when judgment you will descend on Gog and the crowd, and revenge will bring over all, because you will have war against them from heaven … Destroy nations that rise up against thee. And let your sword cut up the meat. Bring glory to Earth … Silver and gold to be in your palaces. Zion rejoices … Let’s enjoy Jerusalem with the songs of joy. And may all the cities of Judah celebrate. Your gates will be open continually shall not be shut during the day nor night, in order to let enter the wealth of nations to you … Kings will serve you and worship with their face to the ground before you … Israel, rules over all! .. . Blessed be Elohim of Israel for his holly plan and faultless work; and blessed be those who serve in righteousness and know Iahwe in faith… And now Elohim of our fathers, we bless thy name into eternity … Yahweh of Israel called to arms against the nations and saints, He will give power to  his people …”
The basic idea of ​​Khazar communism – despoil of the population and its absolute control through starvation, lie, coercion and terror – is found in Genesis 47.13- 19 where Joseph as a large vizier of Egypt manages, on behalf of the pharaoh to ruin all Egyptians and 47.21: ,,Regarding the people,they were moved to the fortress (in ghettos in order to be fully understood) from one broad of Egypt to another. Only the land of the priests he did not buy, because it was a law of Pharaoh, given in the benefit of the priests, so they did not sell their land”.
 Although at the beginning they kept Moses, Muhammad and Ili (the Saviour from Getae’ religion) as prophets, after the Khazars’ passing to a Mosaic schism in the early part of the IX century, the love for Yahweh didn’t bring too much use because at less than 200 years, their state was abolished by Varangians and Byzantines. Starting on the roads of exile (with the Tatars one couldn’t joke about money and war), most of them arrived in the Kingdom of Poland and Lithuania, where they had a large degree of autonomy until its complete abolition by the Germans, Austrians and Russians in 1795. But since the mid-century XVIII some of the Jews (Khazars or Ashkenazi after the religious schism they practiced) began to knead the thought about spiritual renewal (as did the Pharisees in antiquity, by inventing Judaism) by reshaping the traditional Judaism, a movement known in Europe culture as ,,Khazar Enlightenment”, but I used the Romanian term ,,Yid spirit/Jidovism”, analogous to the term Rumunian spirit/Rumunism for mentality of the Romanians around the Carpathians. Within the movement, two special trends have developed – Haskalah and Hasidim – but they had many common points, reaching both in the second part of the nineteenth century in Zionism.
Haskalah means enlightenment, but how much „lighting” they gave to goyim, we must understand the facts and not the beautiful words around them because they only spread lies, hate, greed, terror and murder. They wanted to integrate into European countries society through emancipation and secular studies of their history as a contrived H. Graetz, but all made in the Ivrit language. Because Europeans have not only wanted them with their world full of visions, stupidity and boundless hatred, bad Jews were upset on clay head goyim, organizing into several social movements that brought great misfortune along time. Haskalah movement started in Germany, spread into all the countries of central Europe with the Mosaic larger community where they felt socially marginalized, persecuted and exterminated. Their slogan was: ,,out of the ghetto”, but did not come out anyway after so many centuries of dull and religious fanaticism. Armed with high doses of hatred and venom against the goyim, and took names of natives and started a war to undermine their states infiltrating the internal structure and coming up with all sorts of ideologies that might confuse the goyim, and bring them political power and economic power.
Hasidism was the second current of ,,Khazar Enlightenment “and appeared in Eastern Europe after 1750 from where are rooted the greatest misfortunes of the modern era: Communism and Zionism. Hasidi were representatives of a mystical mosaic movement that appeared in Podolia and spread both in the north through Mosaics as well as in the south, gaining many followers. The word means piety or goodness, being a branch of dogmatic Judaism who sought to spread Judaism by disseminating and interpreting the Mosaic mysticism as a fundamental aspect of the faith. Thus did the Pharisees Zealots at Qumran, leaving us plenty of history testimonies about „their kindness”!
The third (little) branch of their illumination was ,, Illuminati Order”, a secret society founded on May 1, 1776 in Ingolstadt by the Khazar Adam Wieshaupt, who was the first professor of canon law at the University of Ingolstadt. Movement consisted of free thinkers, liberals and Republicans, recruited from Masonic lodges in Germany and sought to enforce intellectual elitism through secret schools where the mysteries were cultivated. In 1785, the order was infiltrated, divided and suppressed for plot  by the Bavarian government and then in the entire German Reich. The accusation was that the purpose of the order sought to overturn all monarchies and state religions in Europe, aiming to become an international occult movement to control the world!
Mosaics accuse goyim for about 200 years of assimilation attempt as if they were anointed with gold in all parts of the body (including the shameful ones) and every Mosaic fool wanted to become richer. In reality, not being a nation, but only a religious community, giving up Judaism meant the disappearance of community that Rabbis would not have wanted ever, since they live as parasites on the backs of time fanaticized mob, howling day and night to the four corners of the world that they are persecuted, slaughtered and exterminated.
To prove the durability of Judaism in their heads over time and ties of faith and social creed of the XIX century with furious zealots from the 1st century of our era, I keep giving you some „inspiring and good bringing ideas” from the brochure called Communist Party Manifesto written by the Yid/Jidov author Kissal Mordekay (Karl Marx), written in December 1847 – January 1848 and published in February 1848 at the request of the Communist League.
– abolition of private property,
– disappearance of the existing culture at that time and replace it with the „communist culture”
– abolition of the Christian church,
– abolition of marriage and family,
– prostitution legalization as a public morality and communisation of the woman,
– transforming education in the absolute model of manipulation and mind control through total control of information and elimination of other alternative forms of knowledge,
– abolition of the state structure and homeland nationality,
– abolition of inheritance law,
– raise of proletariat to the ruling class rank.
All these foolish ideas are found in the Torah and Talmud or in some manuscripts discovered at Qumran. I must remember that Mosaics never had families, but only a flock of female and the tent master mate at will with which he bought, in order to create his people, with the slaves, with their daughters, brothers were mating between them and if the ,,fire” wasn’t extinguished, mating with the animals! That’s what they wanted too for the clay head goyim!
Taking this poisonous brochure as a guide of yelling and broken screaming in goyim ears, bands of “enlightened” Khazars get started on March 18, 1848 to put the fire on leavened Europe simultaneously lighting the „national revolution” in Venice, Milan, Stockholm, Vienna, Budapest, Berlin and Bucharest, the instigators being known Masons and  all of them having big mouth they were Jewish. This moment was the beginning of the “Forty – Eighters” Masonic revolutions across the Europe which had the ideological program of the Communist Party Manifesto from which I dug out few ideas before, to remind to those with short mind that the history should not be forgotten because it keeps repeating!
Being prepared and armed for the final assault on clay head goyim, the newspaper L’Eclair in Paris in 1860 appears the call to battle through written Appeal by evil Isaac Cremieux and Moses Montefiore that require to all mosaics to come under the Universal Israelite Alliance in order to give together the last battle. They write that ,,they are the chosen people” (but only by the devil in petticoats) and the life among goyim put their moral and material interests in danger! ,,Christianity, our enemy since centuries, crushed in battle is almost knelt. Every day the network that Jews throw on the earth is extended and the great prophets of our holy books will be fulfilled”. This means their conspiratorial plan (discovered at Qumran) of world domination is not a confusion of those with right minds, but the pride and hate they  show, prove to all who they were before and who are they now, despite their howling of being humiliated, persecuted, slaughtered and exterminated by the angry goyim.
To understand how mosaics looked us over time, including today, I will present some “good thoughts”, collected by Israel Shahak, a professor at the University of Jerusalem, author of Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years, published in 1997, who studied Talmud firsthand and let us the words to remind:
Iebhammoth 61a: Only Jews have the right to be called people, not non-Jews (goyim).
Iore Dea 377.1 Dead Non-Jews servants must be replaced like the lost cows or donkeys. No sympathy for Jews who employ them.
Jalkut Rubeni Gadol 12b: Goyim souls come from unclean spirits, that we call them pigs.
Tosaphot, Jebamoth 94b: If you eat in the presence of a goy (non-Jew) is like you eat a dog.
Yebamoth 98a: All goyim children are animals.
Orach Chaiim 57.6a: You should not have more compassion for a sick goy (non-Jew) except for a stomach ill pig.
Kerithuth 6b p. 78: Only Mosaics are human beings, goyim are animals.
Kethuboth 110b: To interpret a psalm, a rabbi said: The Psalmist compares the goyim with unclean beasts.
Abhodah Zarah 4b: You can kill a goy (non-Jew) with your own hands.
Abhodah Zarah 26b T .: Even the best goy (non-Jew) shall die.
Bammidber Raba c 21 & Jalkut 772: The Jews who shed blood of goyim give offer to Yahweh.
Such ideas and other ,,noble” ones and full of “kindness and piety” too are the foundation of ancient Judaism thought and of „Khazar Enlightenment” (which quickly jumped into the Zionism boat by the end of the nineteenth century), from where the ferocious Judeo-Bolshevism and the today Mosaic view about the world came out.
On March 18, 1871 was declared the Paris Commune, a Masonic business according to the mouths that have nothing to do unless to gossip the honest Jewish culture and their kindness shown to everybody, even to those who didn’t want it.
On 1 March 1881, Tsar Alexander II was assassinated by N. Risakov and I. Grinevitki, members of the illegal group Narodnaya Volia (Freedom and Earth). The newspapers accused mosaics that they planned the attack. Six weeks after the murder of the Tsar, began the attacks on the Khazars goods from Elisabetgrad then spread rapidly throughout Ukraine. But the assassination act had consequences in the Yids world of the Russian empire where the terrorism grew on the highest seniors and tsar. On April 4, 1866, the Khazar Dmitrii Karakozov, member of the organization “Freedom and earth” shot the Tsar Alexander II but he failed the target. On January 24, 1878, the Khazar woman I. Zasulich seriously hurts F. Trepov, the Mayor of capital S. Petersburg. Since 1883 Rotschild Lord Edmond of Paris supports with big money the Mosaic colonization in Palestine.
In 1886, for preparing the attempt of murder on Tsar Alexander III, the Yid/Jidov Alexander Ulyanov, was arrested and hanged; he was the big brother of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov’s (Isaskar Zederblum after Pinkas – their secret records, the future Vladimir Ilyich Lenin). This created to Lenin (in front of Yids/Khazar youth at that time) a picture of “messiah” because he was the “brother of the Tsar killer”. What followed has justified the expectations of the darkness army: in 1918, V. I. Lenin himself was the one who gave the order of killing the emperor Nikolai II and his family by shooting.
During 20 – 31 August 1897 the cream of the ,,enlightened” Khazars (in venom and hatred against the goyim)  gathered at Basel in Switzerland and planned the Grand Masonic Congress which was the first Zionist Congress led by Th. Herzl, a journalist with major psychiatric problems. He published in 1896 Der Judenstaat (Jewish State) which is the fundamental manifesto of political Zionism. The groups of professional revolutionaries have decided that they must proceed to armed actions against the leaders of goyim by starting revolutions that might shake up Europe and even the whole world, and then step heroically in the universe, with their fresh universal alliance of infinite evil. Here they have decided the establishment of Israel in the next 50 years, while Romania has destined the role of “doss house” for all flocks of prey birds that took flight from Russian empire to nowhere, having to rest years or dozens of years in Romanians lands where to recover their venom and visceral hatred against the goyim. Unfortunately in 1902 goyim took knowledge of some booklets called The Protocols of Zion, in which they learned about what fate awaited them in the coming decades and centuries when the age of Mosaic Eternal Vengeance will begin! However other goyim/non-Jews couldn’t believe the horrible things planned by Mosaics, and said that in fact the booklets are only some reformulation of a meeting that took place 100 years ago in Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s palace.
But not all Zionists had even the same thoughts about foundation of Israel as a national socialist society type (secular or religious) as defined by Dov Boroshov and Davin Aaron Gordon, with a „new man” model, as the Judeo-Bolshevik lepers “esteemed the Romanians fortunate”, after the year of 1947! Socialist Zionism strove to achieve national and social salvation of Mosaics by merging Zionism with socialism. Its founder was Nachman / Nahum Syrkin (1868-1924) who came up with these ideas shortly before the third Zionist Congress in 1899. The movement argued that the problem of the Khazars will remain unsolved even after the world socialist revolution, and as a solution is the recognition of the “Jews” nation by goyim and their assembly on a „territorial basis” that may ensure their immigration to Palestine. Dov Ber Boroshov (1881-1917), a fanatic defender of these ideas argued that the development of capitalism compels Mosaics to go to Palestine because only there they will be able to create a state of their own concepts as religious dogma. In the book Jews Problem and Jews Socialist State, published in 1898, N. Syrkin supporting the migration to Palestine starts from Torah to build a state concept very similar to what happens in Russia of Lenin. He considered that the traditional Judaism is over crossed and should be designed other parts of mind exaltation of the fools while in time will become a new religion just as with Bolshevism-Leninism happened. ,,…The Jew must become the vanguard of socialism … The internationalism, not only in its modern sense, but in a cosmopolitan spirit of the Enlightenment, it is undoubtedly the ideal toward which history is moving. Mixing all nations into one single larger human community by creating a common language, territory – this was the dream of all the high spirits of the ages – have shared this view, and is undoubtedly the great victory of the human spirit, which passed on accidents and unknown history … In Russia, if Jews may not emancipate, their state will change radically, only by overthrowing the current political regime … Russian Jewry will achieve emancipation only in the future socialist state”.
Another mosaic organization of Russian empire was BUND (The Association of mosaic workers from Lithuania, Poland and Russia) founded by those who wanted to work, being the initiator of many actions of social disorder and riots in the territories. It was affiliated to the RSDLP but was withdrawn in 1903, working independently, and the propaganda was only in Yiddish. From this group, many members will be recruited for Dzerzhinsky’s Cheka and Labour Guards from which will born the Jewish-Bolshevik Red Army, „nursery”  was the Poale Zion group – Khazar communist organization – initiated by Dov Ber Borochov and established in the year 1901. He became very influential in the Zionist movement because he explained according to their taste on how to understand the connection between the „Khazar nationalism” in Russia, and the indestructible links between Judaism, Communism, Khazar National Socialism and Zionism as a form of social conscience sprung from their religious beliefs. And some of their good thoughts for the goyims:
,,The great ideal of Judaism is that the whole world to be filled with Jewish teachings and then, in a universal brotherhood of nations – actually in a big Judaism – all individual races and religions has to disappear”. The Jewish Word, February 9 1883.
,,Jews from Russia as a whole are responsible for the Bolshevik Revolution.” The Pioneers of Russian Revolution, Angelo Rappaport, page 250, London 1918.
,,It is very significant the contents of both Bolshevism and the fact that so many Jews (Khazars) are Bolsheviks. The Bolshevism ideal is consistent with many of the high ideals of Judaism.” Jewish Chronicle, London, April 4, 1919.
,,The Revolution in Russia was the expression of Jews brain, Jews expression of discontent, their planning, whose goal is to create a new order in the world. What has been done so well in Russia due to the Jews brain, because of their dissatisfaction and their planning through the same intellectual and physical effort shall be able to become a reality worldwide.” The American Hebrew September 10, 1920.
,,Very often, it have been said that Judaism should be the driving force of communism, but that proves nothing beyond what was natural and expected … Is it surprising that Judaism had to become a member of fermentation and destruction in countries in which was despised and persecuted? Their particular easy way for intrigue for strategy and conspiracy, and that innate patience to wait for revenge time that never left him, all these are characteristics of the Jewish people.” The Nineteenth Century and After, prof. FA Ossendovski, page. 29, January 1926, London.
The Jews Encyclopaedia published by Mosaics at Jerusalem, at the chapter on communism, on page 792, states that ,,the movement and communist ideology played an important role in the life of Jews”, especially during 1920-1930, but also during after the Second World War. Also this paper states on page 793 that in all Jewish communities communism spread a lot, and in some countries, Jews took the lead in communist parties. Another important aspect explained here, it is that Jews from own initiative changed their name to some non-Jewish in order to refute the revelations made by right-wing parties who said that communism is the product of Jewish conspiracy.
In the Jewish Chronicle of London, of the year 1920, the Mosaic writer Izrael Zangvill pays tribute „to his race”, listing many Khazar names as Riding, Klotz, Eisner … and Trotzki. He wrote that no matter from where they are “they are all Jews and served for glory and benefit of their race.”
In April 1919 the Khazar V.F. Kagan (1869-1953) wrote in the newspaper Komunist, the following: ”We can say without exaggeration that the Great Russian social upheaval is nothing more than the work done by the hands of the Khazars. Does the suppressed and dark masses of Russian workers and peasants would have been able to throw the yoke of bourgeoisie with their own powers? Of course, not! The Jews were the ones who gave to the Russian proletariat the International dawn. And not because they only gave, but now lead the work of the Soviets, keep them tightly in their hands … Although among ordinary soldiers of the Red Army are not Jews, but being in committees and Soviet organizations command brave masses of Jews leading Russian proletariat … The great art of these great leaders is to kill non-Jews with other non-Jewish hands. Jews lead the fightings from points without any danger to them.”
,,We put all our hope that our revolution will unleash the European revolution. If rebellious people of Europe will not crush imperialism, we will be the crushed ones, with no doubt. Either the Russian revolution will raise the whirlwind battle in the West, or the capitalists of all countries will stifle us.” L. Trotky, Speech at the Second Congress of Soviets, October 26, 1917.
Another contemporary of the coup given by Khazars in the Russian empire with the military and monetary support of the Germans is Henry Ford, US presidential candidate, who writes in 1920 The International Jew, where we find in chapter 9 the statements given to US Senate Dr. George A. Simons priest, at Petersburg in October 1917: ,, Hundreds of agitators who came from Eastern District of New York, were found in the Trotky-Bronstein entourage  … Many of us have remained at first amazed about the striking Jewish element of this enterprise – and soon have been proved that in the so-called Bolshevik movement more than half were Jews … But I have the firm conviction that the whole affair was Jewish, and that one of its roots must be sought in East district of New York … … In December 1918 under the presidency of a man known as Apfelbaun, of 388 members, only 16 were true Russians (4%), the rest all Jews, except perhaps the one man, a black American, called Professor Gordon … 265 of this Bolshevik group in the North, who meets in the old Smolny Institute and came from the bottom of the Eastern District of New York. I remember the moment Bolsheviks came to power, the whole Petrograd was inundated by a torrent of proclamations written in Hebrew language! It seems, as there, it was meant to become one of the main languages ​​in Russia, of course the true Russians wasn’t looked pleased at all.” To understand the self-esteem of these Satanist monsters, I present the letter of the Khazar Baruch Levy (1860-1941), addressed to the fiend Kissal Mordekay (Karl Marx), reaching very late the goyim minds, being published in La Revue de Paris, p . 574, June 1, 1928.
,, Jewish People – as a whole – will become its own Messiah. This will achieve the world domination by dissolution of other races, by eliminating borders, annihilating the monarchy and establishing a global republic in which Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship everywhere. In this New World Order, the children of Israel shall provide all the leaders without encountering opposition. The governments of different nations that form the Global Republic will fall without difficulty into Jews hands. This will then make it possible for Jewish leaders to abolish private property and to use state resources everywhere. Thus, in the promise of Talmud is said that when the Messianic time comes, Jews will have all goods around the world in their hands and will be fulfilled.” This is the true face of Jidovism/Yid’ spirit (“Hebrew Enlightenment”) started by Rabbis in the middle of the XVIII century under the slogan: ,,out of the ghetto”; after hundreds of years of transformation and fanaticism of the villain Khazars in rabid beasts, they were brought to prey in the goyim world, to destroy everything; and they say with great pomp that they will not have peace until they will become masters of the earth, in a Big Ghetto where they are captains and bailiffs, and the goyim were their slaves, in other words: animals for yoke.
On April 12, 1919, M. Cohan wrote in French in the Ukrainian newspaper Le Communist from Harkov: ,,We affirm without hesitation that the Great Russian Revolution was done by the hands of Jews. We were also the only ones who have led the Russian proletariat to the international aurora and today lies in our hands the Bolshevism Case …The symbol of Judaism, the five ray star, is now adopted by Bolshevism…and under this sign the bourgeoisie will be exterminated.”
Another proof as well of Jidovish/Jewish conspiracy, but coming much later, when some goyim began to be worried seeing the Judeo-Bolsheviks “working”, came out of the mouth of the biggest inquisitor of the Russians: ,,You will have a revolution, a terrible revolution. What progress will be necessary will depend much on what Mr. Rockefeller tells and what Mr. Hague do. Mr. Rockefeller is a symbol of the American leading class and Mr. Hague is a symbol of its political tools.” The interview is given by L. Trotky, in the newspaper The New York Times on 13 December 1938. Hague was a politician in the state of New Jersey. As for Mr. Rockefeller, we find it “brilliant” and “glorious” in the Protocols of Zion in order to know what we need to talk and judge.
To fully explain the historical reality, by watching those who gave the coup in Russian empire in October 1917 and their hidden goals or even in daylight, I give another excerpt from the book- The Plot Against the Church, 1967, which is based on the archive documentation of the Catholic Church, it was prepared with seven cardinals. It had appeared in Italian, German, Spanish and English under the agreed name Maurice Pinay. The quote is from the third English edition, published in the Christian Book Club of America, P.O.Box 566, Palmdale, CA, 93550, pp. 39-65: ”There is no doubt that the Jews are the ones who invented communism, that they were instigators of dogma on which was built that monster system who rules with absolute authority the most part of the Europe and Asia, which stirred American countries, and a safe progression flooding over the Christian peoples as a deadly cancer, as a tumour that devours constant seed of nations … But Jews are also inventors and executives of the communist methods, tactics of effective fighting, of a total insensitivity and total inhuman aggression government policies and international strategies. It is totally proved that theorists of communism were all Jewish scholars … as well as the expert revolutionaries, who hide from the world their origin and addresses where they lived.”
The story of the global state first appears in The Communist Manifesto written by Kissal Mordekay which uses the word “state” only at singular form because he was convinced that the banner of Judeo-Bolshevism will stretch over the whole earth in a single state ruled by them and the rest of the Nations will be working as animals because Yahweh gave them the “divine right” to rule over all others. And those who have seized power in Russia, just conspired that for 20 years: a World War leading to the Judeo-Bolshevik plague spreading to the four corners of the Earth, where everyone is “globalized” under the “holy foreskin” of Satan and Hell Blazes. After their criminal minds USSR had to expand like a cancer throughout the earth to keep communism alive, as the crazy fiend Zederblum or comrade Lenin was preaching: “the extension is absolutely necessary to keep communism. If we do not expand – we perish.”
I have to mention that Kissal Mordekay was massively dependent on absinthe, the drink that gives strong hallucinations, and some have get mad or died. It was a very powerful drug, as long as he was staying with open eyes, constantly puffing from his cigar. This form of paranoid delirium gave “the genius” to conceive the plan for the destruction of the human race, a very old obsession in their religious fanaticism because we find it on furious zealots from Qumran. In Switzerland of the year 1870 Kissal Mordekay (K. Marx) had a meeting with Josef V. Fritsch (1829-1890), Czech writer and playwright. At that meeting Marx, excessively proud to be a Jew, pointed out that his ethnicity is superior compared with other ethnicities and the Slav people especially, are at a lower level of intellectual development. Hearing these words J. Fritsch, who was also a fighter for the cause of the Slavic peoples, stood up and gave a slap to K. Marx so that it was toppled from his chair, reaching the legs up. And Isaskar Zederblum / Lenin (who was treated by syphilis since 1895) had a medical certificate of heavy head troubles since the years 1903 – 1905, reaching in 1920 to be completely crazy!


This monster (pictured above) had a female mistress, Inessa Armand, and a male one, the comrade Grigori E.Zinoviev (Hirsch Apfelbaum), “connections” that his wife was aware of and yet tolerate them! He was a notorious homosexual, named in his time the Grand Syphilitic! These are the Khazar geniuses (,,Jews’ after the lying term of today) who worked in their folly prophetic madness, to destroy Europe and hence the entire human race! Who doubts about the evidences shown so far, should be strongly advised to get some authentic books and to study the puzzling similarity between Orthodox Judaism and secular National Socialist Zionism, having Swastika as


On the left there is a “pricaz”, i.e. order or decision, document of the Khazar Bolsheviks dated 1917-1919, which owned with iron hand the Russian Empire, bearing the swastika on one of the sides, and above can be seen the five-pointed star. On the right hand there is a 250 ruble banknote of the Bolsheviks in the same period, where under the double-headed eagle we can see the swastika. These symbols of the national-socialist of the Khazar Bolshevik, were “delivered” to the Germans in the National Socialist Party, but this trembling truth must no longer be part of the history of Europe, because it upsets the famous “chosen people” of Satan!

To prove the maniac hatred towards the others means to study carefully: their religious expression ,,the chosen people” and compare it with the „superior race” term used in modern time to prove their supremacy over others, then ,,the homeland” of Th. Herzl and the „vital space” of the Nazis “Aryan”, ,,the new man” in their National Socialism and the ,,steered man” from communism, the population control of  the ,,Mosaic initiates” and the right to possess the entire earth into a global republic where Mosaism is to be a unique religion.
The defeat of Imperial Germany and Austro-Hungary in Europe caused a political earthquake accompanied by an enormous revolutionary whirlwind. In Germany, even before the capitulation, the fleet of war rose in arms, and the Khazar Karl Liebknecht proclaimed the Socialist German Republic on  November 9, 1918. In December 1918, Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht (both Yids), leaders of Spartakus group, leave the Social Democratic Party and found the German Communist Party. In January 1919, Spartakists started in Berlin an armed insurrection, suppressed after 3 days by the social democratic government. “Soviet Republics” have been introduced in Germany first in Bremen, then in Bavaria. These “republics” are by no means spontaneous appearances because the “model” and the performers too – in other words those who decided – were all Khazars, and their brotherhood already has much of the power in the Old Russian Empire, through Judeo-Bolsheviks Khazars.
To understand what ,,chosen people” were Jidovs/Yids or Khazars in Central Europe and in particular in the Russian empire, but also to fully understand the lie about ,,Jewish Enlightment” (meaning the indoctrinating to the rage of the illiterate Jewish mob, promising them a cock-and-bull story), we should remind the statistical informations about their social level in these territories, just to have no more doubts from where the Khazar culture flows and what is its vision for the others, and especially for those sane persons who want to think with their own minds and to expose Mosaic lies and abominations (even if they were presented to the human race as genius thinking).
When the Austrians occupied Bukovina in 1775 taking it from the Russians which held it 3 years, they found a mosaic migration brought by the Russian armies. The land was under Austrian military administration until 1918, being led at the beginning by military governors Gabriel Fleiherr von Splény (1774-1778) and Karl Freiherr von Enzenberg (1778-1786) who made a population census where they found 1,000 families of Jewish religion from which only 550 were before the arrival of the Tsarist armies. From those 1,000 families, 674 had their own resources, having different legal occupations, but 326 families were “beggars and vagrants” that were expelled.
And the great spirit of the Rumunian nation, the poet and publisher Mihai Eminescu in the Article Talmudist Jew, published in Iasi Courier June 25, 1876, writes about the Machiavellian behaviour in which Mosaics lived: ,, … In this country – Transylvania – began to throng Jewish international divisions in towns and villages, the people meant in the Bible to rule the entire earth. The Talmud, as we know, it’s kind of Hebrew encyclopaedia containing all sorts of treaties on controversial matters, either religious or law; and many of those included in Talmud passed into the public life of the Jews, in their conduct towards other nations. The Talmud is a guidebook of their state in state  constitution, the national solidarity bodies reshape which characterizes Jews, either in America or in Germany or in Romania. The ripest fruit of the long Talmudic development is of course «The Israelite Alliance» stretched over the whole earth …”
About the Mosaic invasion of lands in the Principality of Romania, writes the historian and linguist B.P.Hasdeu on July 21, 1869 in the article The Yids from Iasi published in the newspaper The Justice. He analyzes the mosaic situation of the Iasi city which was registered on 1867 census with the number of 20775 souls, and in the year 1869 became more than 31775 people of Jewish religion. The increase over 30% of these migrants in 2 years shows the intensity of their invasion from Russian empire over the head of Romanians. He writes that more than 6,000 of these ones had come uninvited into this period with sources of precarious existence, and another 5,000 were beggars and vagabonds. Either these groups of „chosen people “full of „Jews Enlightment” wandering Romanian villages to live from their mercy or often to steal what they could take.
The situation in Russian empire was as terrible for them and the writer Mihailo Dragomanova (1841-1895), one of the classics of Ukrainian culture said about Jidovs/Yids: ,,about a third of the population was composed of Hebrew people who worked and produced: peasants, workers, artisans, professionals. The second third had clearly a parasitic and exploitative character: pub-owners, moneylenders, merchants, middlemen, who represented the interests of the tenants (Russian occupant) or large landowners. The rest were very poor people, beggars, vagabonds etc. … Ukrainians have two permanent accusations against the Jews, one with economic and other with social-political nature. The first refers to exploit the masses of Ukrainian traders and Hebrew brokers. The innkeeper and moneylender Jew who held a total dependence of entire villages, there is no concocted stereotype by anti-Semitic propaganda, but a fact of social history of Ukraine. The moral of Hebrew society in its relations with Ukrainians everywhere aroused indignation”. Ukrainians also accuse the Jews that they were instruments of Russification of the Ukrainian cities and towns, fulfilling the same role when these territories were controlled by Poles.
But the Jidovs/Yids people situation of the Central Europe presented by the three sources, can be found in a synthesized manner by a Khazar Mosaic who wanted to free those oppressed human beings from the Zionist mafia an from their miserable lives (at least one third of them were in an absolute vermin material existence).


Since the mid-nineteenth century, in Russian empire there were some attempts to draw out the Mosaics from their dark ghettos (or Shtetls in their terms) and allotment lands to them on which to work and provide their own existence, but the Rabbis opposed these measures because it would have lost control and even more: it meant the violation of their bloody “writings”. Whoever heard on the face of earth that a Mosaic to be a cowboy or a ploughman? The Mosaic “philanthropist”, Baron Maurice de Hirsch, reached an agreement in 1891 with the Russian government concerning the transfer of over 3,000,000 Jews in Argentina in a limited time of 25 years. For this purpose the Jewish Colonization Association (ICA) has been empowered to execute the plan, but again the Rabbis opposed because the Mosaics could never be cowboys according to their devilish writing. And so, the direction for the ,,command sceptre” was changed to North America, and in time, from this action, all those who left Central Europe for North America during 1890-1940 but also to other places, were “registered” by the Jews Holocaust ideologists as exterminated by German Nazis and Romanian fascists! This is how the falsified history looks today and the forgery belongs to the Khazars and the Judeo-Bolsheviks that ruled Russia for 70 years!
For over 50 years Mosaics developed in USA an amazing campaign on corrupting the history of communism, and the phenomenon occurred in the group of intellectuals primarily through universities. It is said that in Judeo-Bolshevik Russia was not communism but a dictatorship after Stalin’s ideas who imposed an economic and social model. Lenin and his band of criminals who gave the coup in Russia are supposed to be only Russian fanatics who have applied a terror regime upon the people as a principle of government in the newly created state. Instead the historical evidences presented so far here show beyond doubt that the coup of October 1917 was organized by the Bolshevik Khazars groups from Russia, helped with money and military actions by Germany and US Zionist mafia.
By falsifying history, the Zionist mafia wants to exclude from the objective research and historical responsibility the Jidovs/Yids (Khazars) led by Lenin who gave the coup in October 1917, taking over the power through assassinations and terror and establishing a criminal regime. Stalin had no role in the Bolshevik power structures in early 1920’s when were established the foundations of the communist state. In 1929 starts NEP, the industrialization program of the Bolsheviks, prepared by the Khazar/Jid Vasili Leontiev, who then run away to USA, and changed his name in Wassiley Leontief. Because of his social-economic model ideas of the industrial city bedroom, he received the Nobel Prize for economics in 1973! But surprisingly the illustrious pate “foresaw” that mob should be controlled and pursued all over, for not having the opportunity to organize any riot or even collective disobedience!

                                      3. The coup given to the Russian empire by Judeo-Bolsheviks

The Russian Empire in the 1900s was seen as a despotic state with dozens of people held in the yoke, where the tsar and those around him had unlimited power, and the state was an empty notion. One of the people most cruelly oppressed and discriminated – as it is said today in any Mosaic “circus” – was of course ,,Jewish people “the noble Khazars, namely German. Reaching some of them after 1850 to gather a clot in the bag were they thought how to bear down the Siberian one, by attacking him even in his den. So it is sprouted in the criminal minds of Khazar Ashkenaza the conspiracy against the great  Empire of Mother Russia. And it was a bitter revenge when they grabbed her by the neck and dragged Mother Russia and rode it to the places of cursing and blasphemy of history, forging her history and using it only for their criminal interest. The installation of communism in Russia on 7 November 1917 was not at all an action of the despaired boors or other oppressed of fate in Russia, but a big conspiracy – Marburg plan – carefully prepared outside the Tzars’ empire and financed generously by the international financial mafia. The money, as thick as hops, flowed freely from St. Petersburg international mafia which constantly rotates the usury and peculiar rattle. The paymasters had their headquarters in daylight on Wall Street, in the land of hopes and iniquities – USA – where the Khazar mafia has found the new realm of promise. The administration of the money to the dark fog that wanted to hack Slavic peoples was assured by Swedish bank “NYA Banken”, led by the Pro Marx banker Olof Aschberg. On 9 January 1905, this international captor nest with Mr. Jacob Schiff, sent money to their people in Russia who staged a riot known as the ,,bloody Sunday” from St. Petersburg. The revolt was started by an alleged agent of the security guard, Father Gapon, and ended in failure and thousands of deaths. The orthodox priest Gapon managed to organize a movement that had support among peasants and workers in major Russian cities. Because he did not entered into the calculations of the occult running money, he was hanged by Khazar Rutenberg Moiseyevich in a cottage in Finland. The executioner, a fierce Khazar Zionist businessman, played an active role both in the revolt of 1905 in Odessa, as well in 1917 where the cursed lineage were asking its world supremacy because they were the superior race and the chosen people of  Hell Foot to ride the world far and wide. He funded the establishment in Palestine of khazar militias – the Haganah – becoming president of the Hebrew National Council.
International speculators, merchants of illusions and “kind actions” for poor peasants, were known under the name of ,,Money Trust” – especially JP Morgan’s Guaranty Trust – which financed the revolution of Pancho Villa in Mexico (1910-1920) after which the USA took a vast territory from Spain.
But they were also involved in the American Secession War (1861-1865) where they fought the North states demanding the abolition of slavery against the Southern states that supported slavery. Before the war, Rothschild family agencies led a great propaganda for the Union “in Northern states. At the same time, other agents of the same family Rothschild “led a campaign against the Union” in southern states. At the outbreak of the war, Rothschild Bank of London financed the war in Northern states; Rothschild Bank in Paris financed Southern states. The only ones who won the war were only members of the Rothschild family. The story is repeated in 1871 when the proud French showed crusty against the Prussians and from this foolish swagger took bad plucked feathers. Peace was initialled by Khazar Isaac Cremieux vanquished and victors signed by Bismarck’s banker, Gerson von Bleichröder (IA Cremieux’s friend), both being in the Universal Israelite Alliance leadership, friends with Strousberg and Moritz von Goldschmidt and Austro –Hungary Empire, but all pure blood Khazars.
Since 1916, Jacob Schiff became the main leader of the operation to implant Bolshevism in Russia. His grandson, John Schiff, estimated in New York Journal American on February 3, 1949: “The old man spent about 20 million dollars for the final triumph of Bolshevism in Russia”. A huge sum at that time! But they were generous not only with Bolshevik criminals; they showed great interest and great captors on Wall Street, these thieves being interested about the immense riches of Russia. The President Councillor Wodrow Wilson, the gray eminence Colonel Edward Mandel House was one of the most important twentieth century masons of left. He negotiated a secret agreement with England, guaranteeing USA participation in the war. In 1917, House formed a group named The Inquiry in New York, which developed plans for peace agreement in 1919. Twenty members of the group including House, bankers Paul Warburg and Bernard Baruch, all genuine Khazars, then accompanied W. Wilson at Paris at the Peace Conference where they urged ,,to solve the Khazar matter”, namely an Israel in central Europe for the Khazars (,,Hebrews”), seen as oppressed for hundreds of years by the bad goyim. In 1917, after the February-March events of in Russia, House, supported by the bankers Jacob Schiff and Paul Warburg – sends Trotsky with a group of 276 trained people aboard the ship Cristianja in Russia, with the mission to bring Bolsheviks to power. Orienting to social unrest of revolution type, in 1917, another pies of this sinister cartel of robbers, Charles B. Hill used the Westinghouse subsidiary in Russia to finance generously the Bolshevik Khazars to beat terribly the Mother Russia at feet.
International donors put money at the disposal of Zederblum/Lenin and Bronstein/Trotsky, according to their vigour and affinities for Satanist darkness: Max Warburg gave $ 6,000,000, Rothschild had mercy with $ 5,000,000, but also Alfred Milner and Morgan who dropped a few million bucks as well. And indirectly, through the colonel (in fact an illusions broker) House, had also deigned for the cause of the “chosen people of Satan” Vanderlip with Harriman too. Rockefeller contributed by the agency of Paul Warburg and Jacob Schiff (Trotsky’s father in low) with an amount of $ 20,000,000, in other words everybody came up hand in hand for the „Russian people’s happiness” with the amount of $ 55,000,000. Other ”generous” people were: Otto Kohn, Jerome Hananer, Max Breitung, Olaf Aschburg, Jivtovski.
In 1923 – when USSR has created Ruskombank, its first international bank – JP Morgan’s partner, the Swedish banker Olof Aschberg became the Soviet bank president. And Max May, vice president of Guaranty Trust (J.P. Morgan), took over as director of Ruskombank. The first Soviet ambassador in the USA – Ludwig Martens – was funded by JP Morgan’s Guaranty Trust. These understandings with Bolshevik khazar government that he funded had the intention to guarantee the international bankers longer term operation –  with government guarantees – of the fabulous riches of Russia. After the „Bolshevik Revolution “of Zederblum/Lenin and Bronstein/Trotsky, the empire of Rockefeller Standard Oil Company bought 50% of the Russian oil fields, although the official was told that they were nationalized. In 1927, Standard Oil built its first refinery in Russia for the Russians to sell oil in Europe.
The other supplier of the Khazar Bolsheviks coup in Russia was Germany who made it for military reasons, said some people. The Brother of the American Banker Paul Warburg, named Max Warburg – who was head of German military secret service – send Lenin in Switzerland with a group of Bolsheviks to put fire under the feet of Mother Russia. The German Social Democrat Eduard Bernstein (1850-1932) said: ,,to accomplish the Revolution from October, Germany gave Lenin a huge amount, almost incredible of 50 million gold marks. With this money could make a war, not taking about a revolution bribes!” In July 1917 the Provisional Government would issue an order to arrest Lenin as “German spy” based on documents collected, among them being the order of the German Empire Bank No. 7433, dated on 2 March 1917 in which was paid with fifty million marks, but his high school teammate A. Kerensky, the head of the Provisional Government, wanting to have it in the future as an ally saved him in the last moment. On the front, in 1917 Germans threw in Russian soldiers trenches papers signed by Lenin who said: Surrender! Drop your weapons and return home! Your main enemies are not in the German trenches, where there are workers like you, but in the seats of Petrograd government.”
Vladimir Burtzev, a member of Russian Revolutionary Party, witness to the tragic and humiliating events in Russian history, said about Bolsheviks links with the Germans from which they received more than 70 million marks starting with  August 1914, in other words from Russia’s enemies in World War I : “In the recent years we said that we have to follow them and defeat Bolsheviks … Since the summer of 1917, we accused Lenin and his comrades – Trotsky, Kamenev, Zinoviev, Ganeţki, Kollontai , Lunacharsky, Nahamkes, Ioffe, Rakowski and others in front and  by press, – for betrayal of Russia and maintenance of relations with Germany during the war and we demand to be arrested and judged.” All those mentioned were Khazars! Russians began to understand that “Jewish-Bolshevik revolution” is a coup given by Khazar criminal groups with German military support and money, through which the power is passed from Russian tsars to Khazar’ mafia of Russia and USA. Seeing that their monstrosity was exposed, Judeo-Bolshevik chiefs met on 27 July 1918, when they issued a decree-law against „incitement to anti-Semitism”. They said:” The Council of People’s Commissars declares the anti-Semitic movement and pogroms against Jews being the cause of the revolution death”. At that time the anti-Semitism (funny thing is the Khazars have nothing to do with Semites, being mainly a Germanic-type people) has been declared one of the most dangerous „political instruments in the bourgeoisie hands”, being considered by the Communist authorities as a “mean of a disguised mobilization against Soviet power.” And „who is against the position of the Soviet power in Jews problem is against the workers and pro-capitalism.” A similar decree was issued by Cristian Racovski, Prime Minister of Ukrainian Soviet Republic in February 1919. With the fulfilment of these decrees was empowered CEKA and under these criminal orders have been killed about 80,000 people.
On November 11, 1918 ended the First World War, but only a few days after, USSR attacked the Baltic countries that they had Bolshevism. On  November 29 the Estonian Communist government was formed, Latvia on 14 December and Lithuania on 17 December. From Riga they gave to the whole world a manifesto, announcing their desire for Bolshevik armies to reach Germany – passing through Poland – to help the workers escape from the German capitalists. Judeo-Bolshevik rulers of the USSR wished World War II long before Hitler entered in the German Workers Party. On August 5, 1919 Trotsky writes his famous message of emancipation – in other words a declaration of war – to the world, in which we find their enormous madness of mastering the whole earth through Bolshevism: ,,The path to Paris and London passes through the towns of Afghanistan… through Punjab and Bengal.” In 1920 the Khazar Judeo-Bolsheviks have again tried to set fire to Europe, by attacking Poland and only the bravery of Poles saved the fermented Western Europeans to see the angry Bolshevik soldiers marching through Paris or London, armoured with bottles of vodka and wearing guns on their shoulders, singing the Internationale!
At Versailles Peace Conference in 1919, the winning side was led by the head of US delegation Felix Warburg and defeated Germany was represented by Max Warburg. But they were brothers, and both were doing fat businesses on the backs of goyim-clay heads that could not understand anything was going on around them! Earlier I showed other „jobs” of Khazar mafia, done some years before!
General Erich F.W. Ludendorff, who worked in the German Military High Command, wrote the book Kriegfűhrung und Politik 1922, about World War I and the defeat of Germany. On page 51 says about the power of Mosaic occult organization: ”Hand in hand with France and England took the supreme leadership of Yids people. Maybe this leadership directs both states. This leadership concerns the Second World War as a mean to achieve their political and economic goals, namely: to gain recognition for Mosaics as a people in Palestine elevated into a Jews state and to ensure for the Khazars from Europe and America the supremacy over all states and across all capitalist organizations. While undergoing to achieve these targets, Khazars from Germany were seeking to acquire here too the same situation they have in countries dominated by them. Therefore Jew people needed the defeat of Germany.” His writings became true after the Second World War. Being under a great Jewish influence, England was the first great power which resumed relations with Bolshevik Russia’s of Zederblum/Lenin in 1921, even breaking the relations with France.
Victor Suvorov, a former GRU agent, in the book The Last Republic, Iasi, 2010, on the outbreak of the Second World War by Khazar mafia that ruled the USSR with an iron hand writes: “The date of the world revolution was established in Moscow and preserved in the greatest secrecy. And Hitler decided to start the revolution in the same day (8 November 1923), under the same red flag under the same slogan of expropriating the non-work income, concern nationalization, of confiscation of war profits.” There is much evidence of the support given by Khazars from Moscow to Hitler, for seizing the power in Germany. On December 30, 1922 USSR was formed and the emblem was the Earth globe with Judeo-communist symbols applied on it, as they were looking for a Bolshevic ,,globalization” as far as the remotest corners of the planet. As to be not taken as a joke, Suvorov gives a small quote from the Red Army Statutes of the Bolsheviks: “Red Army will consider Bolshevik mission accomplished when we will rule the entire Globe”. USSR emerged as the ”prototype of the future World Socialist Republic of the Soviets” and these thoughts belonged to Stalin and appeared in Pravda of December 31, 1922!

   4. Holocaust industry, the largest swindle in history 

After the German surrender on May 8, 1945, followed by the trial as war criminals vanquished,  some of them have been named the greatest monsters in human history because they have deliberately killed six million „Jews”,, only for the sin “that this band of darkness warriors were kissing day and night their beloved Iahweh. And they journeyed from all corners of Europe and US, torrents of victims (even today the figure stands at over 6 million) miraculously escaped from the clutches of the ferocious German Nazis and Romanian fascist racists and villains, coming in waves like the billows of a great storm, to announce that their ranks were killed in so many righteous souls that heaven was terrified. Asking for the true judgment asking those who defeated „ National Socialism and fascism “they arranged a great conclave, known in history as the Nürnberg,” which was held in the period 1945-1949 where were given hundred of verdicts, very often without any legal coverage, but only on fake evidence about just as were judged the trials of Bolsheviks from satanic darkness empire ruled by Stalin. Thus the USA chief prosecutor Robert Jackson claimed that before the war in Europe were 9.6 million mosaics and after the war in 1946 left only 3.8 difference being 5.8 Million “victims of holocaust “in other words shot, burned alive or dead, gassed, evaporated or transferred to other countries, but all were exterminated by the German National Socialist beasts and their disciples into transgressions, the angry Romanian fascists!
This gospel of lies written by the monstrous beings who claim to have seen, touched and tried “the truth “shown above. Even for the massacre of Polish military leadership, as well as part of the intellectuals of this country in Katyn made on Stalin’s orders in March-April 1940, being a decision of the Politburo of the CPSU, the act must be put in the category of genocide, there were sentenced several German generals! Organized in groups of several hundred people, prisoners were handed over to the NKVD sections of Smolensk regions, Vorosilovgrad and Kalinin and executed. At night the bodies were loaded onto trucks, transported and buried in Katyn forest.
According to a 1956 secret note, signed by KGB chief at that time, Aleksandr Selepin, and Nikita Hrusciov addressed to the total number of Poles killed in the spring of 1940 was 21 857 persons, from which 4421 in the Katyn forest, 3,820 in camp Starobielsk, near to  Kharkov, 6311 in Ostaskovo camp, from Kalinin region, and 7,305 in other camps and prisons from Western Ukraine and Belarus. In April 1943 a commission of the International Red Cross proves that these crimes were made by the Bolsheviks, but after September 1943 when they recaptured territory it enters ,,normal “and the Nuremberg Germans were found guilty of them.
Craftsmen of Holocaust industry, working by the same rules of repeated lies required by law, becomes irrefutable truth, devised with figures ,, documents “and testimonies, the veracity of the extermination of six million ,,Jews” in War World Two . This cult of lies has taken a large scale after 1967 particularly in the USA, a country that is the main guilty for its imposition and development at the level of social religion reached today such mischief. The authors of the lie, best-known Holocaust, are: Th. Adorno, Ryszard Kapucinska, Georg Lukacs, Raphael Lemkin, Irwin Horowitz, Hanna Arendt, Leon Poliakov, Raul Hilberg, Alain Finkielkrant, Götz Aby, Saul Friedlander Alan Rosenberg, Elie Wiesel, Lucy S. Dawidowicz, Joseph Tennenbaum, Paul Johnson, Jean Ancel, Oliver Lustig, Lya Benjamin etc.
But there are voices – timid and without being taken in front by media – that relying on common sense, the logic and truth ace escaped from the mosaic macular, say that the Holocaust is a fabrication of those who claim themselves ,, chosen people “and because nobody paid attention, they declared themselves ,, martyr people ” of the human race. Of these Harry Elmer Barnes remember, Paul Rassiner, David Hoggan, Arthur Butz, David Irving, Robert Faurisson and others who have not got carried into the mist created by the Zionist and Bolshevik mafia on the murder of six million mosaics in Europe in the period 1941-1945. This huge manipulation called holocaust , based on three „arguments ” that want  to be – after their claims – sacred truths, and whoever denies them he is nationalist, fascist and anti-Semite.
A. Incredible Multiply of mosaics during 1900-1940, as they say, claiming that the Khazar families had up to 25 children, although adults lived not more than 40-45 years! In his Streams and testimony regarding the Jews in Romania, Bucharest, 1990, under the direct editing of mosaics from Romania: J. Alexander, Lya Benjamin, D. Brumfeld, P. Litman, S. Stanciu, at XXXVlll page is presented the census of Tsarist armies that occupied Moldova in 1774 with historical borders between Galicia, Black Sea and Dnestr where they found beside the Romanian majority and 1342 families by about 7126 souls, namely an average per family of 5.30 members, not 25 as they lie us!
In Transylvania in the census of 1785 found 289,123 families with 1,443,371 members and an average of 5 members per family, of which 394 Mosaic families with 2092 souls, with an average of 5.3 members per family. In Banat lived 121 mosaic families, with 604 souls with 5 members per family. In the census of November 1939 in the Kingdom of Romania were 208,217 mosaic families with 962,270 members, the average being of 4.62 members per family. The statistical data for a period of over 150 years, that came from Russian, Austrian and Romanian sources, shows that their incomprehensible prolificacy of the goyim clay head, is in fact a huge lie that hides the mass migration of mosaic from  Europe  in USA during the period 1900-1940 to present the false statistic inventors of the holocaust.
B. The untrue support that mosaics have not retired with Red Army, remaining in their homes and synagogues in the summer of 1941 when the Germans and Romanians attacked Bolshevik empire of Satan. I will start even with the secret order given by Stalin at the end of May 1941, when the Germans and Romanians attack was imminent. He asked all mosaics from the West of red empire and very closed to ,, angry Nazis “and their friends ,, Romanian fascists”, to be evacuated by train and brought to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other republics in the Central Asia, drop them from the meeting with Holocaust. The document is mentioned by Isaac Deutscher in the work Esai Sur le problems juif, Paris, Payot, 1968 at 98-99 pages. Another evidence of mosaic evacuation at the end of May 1941 is the article of Ukrainian Jew journalist David Bergelson published in the newspaper Die Einheit, in Yiddish language, in Moscow, on December 5, 1942, quoted in the book of Hebrew writer Pierre Vidal-Naquet Les assassins from memoire, La Decouverte Edition, page 55. Bergelson states that, in 1941, the Red Army evacuated to Central Asia between 2,000,000 and 2,200,000 Baltic, Polish and Romanian Mosaics, in other words all existing mosaics in USSR!
Another argument contradicts the lie of Holocaust industrialists is Louis Levine, President of the American Jewish Council for Russian territory, who made a post-war visit to the Soviet Union, presenting a report on the status of Jews from there, the majority of them were evacuated to east before German armies start their invasion. In Chicago, on October 30, 1946, he held a conference where he said: ,, At the beginning of the war, Jews were amongst the first evacuated from the western regions threatened by the Hitlerite invaders, being transported safely to the east of the Urals, so two million Jews were saved. This high number is confirmed by journalist Jew David Bergelson who wrote in the newspaper Die Einheit that appeared in December 5, 1942 in Moscow in Yiddish: “Thanks to the evacuation before the arrival of the Germans, the majority (90%) of the Jews in Ukraine, White Russia, Lithuania and Latvia were rescued. ‘” The few mosaics that remained to their homes were tasked with organizing partisan fights with Russians and Ukrainians in the rear, but the captives were shot instantly even in their minds this was called holocaust too. We have even information from them on the site en.wikipedia / org / wiki / History of the Jews in Bessarabia, where they write: 2/3 of Jews from this Romanian land ran away before before Soviet troops withdrawal.
A document from the archives of Romanian army too from August 1, 1941 on Stalin’s orders confirming evacuation of mosaics: „Lord General Ion Antonescu Chernivtsi Telegram… The difficulty I got is the reason that Germans from German Army Command in Poland order, were instructed to pass over Dnestr in Bukovina Jews that ran away once with the Soviet armies, these Hebrew shall be accompanied to Chernivtsi by a German officer or NCO … “It is about 35,000 mosaics who left the eastern regions but failed to board in the trains to Central Asia. Another work of Romanian army proves that the overwhelming majority of Khazars in Bessarabia and Bukovina went with Bolshevik army. An informative note of 28 June 1941 Section II gives us explanations about the atrocities made by Khazars against Romanians during Bolshevik occupation, but also their(Jews) departure with the Russian occupant: ,,The communist movement and former leading members of the movement and which were mostly Jews, went with the red armies, and the few of them that remained, having no connection whatsoever with the governing bodies were confused and paralyzed … We still have to identify those who, after the withdrawal of Romanian troops from Bessarabia on 28 June 1940, expressed publicly against our state, brought moral and material damages to Romanians who remained in Bolshevik possession persecuted him, taking their goods and contributing to their deportation and execution after pronouncing denunciations “. This is the true face of Bolshevik Khazar criminals!
After the Census made by Romanian in Bessarabia and Bukovina in September 1941 they found a population of 3,218,519 people (Arhv. M.Ap.N. fund 3467, case no. 41/1941, Census f. 9-12) of which 60 690 Mosaics, and Romanians still have disclosed 21,000 residents that were hiding under a false identity. In July 1940 when the Russians occupied these lands, the population was 4,068,933 people, including 482,200 Jewish, with statistic data showing that the overwhelming majority went with Bolshevik Army!
C. The mystical-religious concept of the six million persecuted and massacred mosaics. The New York Times newspaper, in June 11, 1900, at page 7, published “Message” to Rabbi Stephen Samuel Wise (1874-1949) who said: “There are 6,000,000 living arguments, bleeding, suffering for Zionism “!


The New York Times of March 25, 1906 writes about the six million Mosaics ready to be consumed by the angry goyim: ,, … Dr. Paul Nathan went to St Petersburg with the firm conviction that the studied policy of the Russian government solution “Jews problem is systematic and murderous extermination “… Dr. Nathan said that at the rally has circulated a letter to the garrison of Odessa,, appealing to soldiers to seize and to traitors who planned the plot of Saint Government replacement of the Tsar with a Jews empire “. The article refers to rebellion soldiers in the Black Sea fleet of 27 June 1905 where their money and tail where Khazar agitators entered very deep. In their anti-Christian nations rage started to lie brazenly as the New York Governor Martin Glynn did in 1919 in a speech at Albany and spoke extensively about ,,the 6 million of Jews men and women Holocaust ” who died during the World War I because ,, of the terrible tyranny of war and Hebrew blood thirst.” New York Times of 20 July 1921 published a pathetic appeal across America asking to save the six million Mosaics threatened with the massacre and extermination by Soviet power!


But it was just their Soviet power, so the story is not fun nor for the rained hen! Another „cry of despair “was heard from the army of darkness in Montreal newspaper of December 29, 1931 that says in Eastern Europe were threatened with starvation six million Mosaics. Do you see drones if you hold only speculation and darkest usury, sometimes may happen to you with all your devilish craft of which you are so proud.
In the publication New York Times of January 9, 1938 they say that „five or six million Mosaics” were victims of the increasing number of persecution in Europe leading Antisemitic policies. Here you said a little bit of truth, when you were in Europe somewhere around five million but you don’t want to tell us how you got nine million and a half in 1945 when allegations of holocaust began.


In The evening Independence of 22 February 1939 which appeared at St. Petersburg in Florida, we find a call of them to save today and not tomorrow the six million mosaic of Europe, desperate and cornered by Semitic nations. The latest example is the publication Tuesday Morning of June 26, 1940, which tells us how many mosaics were in Europe in that year, being threatened with a “holocaust “by anti-Semitic German and Romanian angry people: “Dr. Nahum Goldman, president of the Administrative Committee of Hebrew World Congress said today that if Nazis will get the final victory << 6000000 Hebrew in Europe are doomed to destruction. >> But the statement clearly tells us that in Europe there were only six million mosaics at that time and not half past nine as claimed by the International Tribunal in Nuremberg. This mystical-religious figure of 6 million mosaics killed in the Second World War was considered true by International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg in 1945-1946 to address them their kosher holocaust, in other words prepared according to synagogue ritual of Satan in their writings Tora and Talmud.

Table with the Jewish population number of mosaic religion during 1900-1945


The last two columns on the right side of the table are taken from the book The War Against the Jews 1933-1945, New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1975 written by Lucy Dawidowicz, the author being considered as the greatest expert on Holocaust industry. Later I will come up even in the documentary from their Satanic synagogues in which I will expose a great scam called holocaust. I didn’t put the mosaics from UK, Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar and northern states, because they were neither look nor exterminated by Germans. I believe those 289,100 mosaics that are gone from Europe but we don’t know where, in fact they are here, but they were not caught in the records and after the war they may be about 4.5 million. The mosaic figure of 498,300 dead people is too big for a historical reality which I will prove with documents from the secret archives at Arolsen – Germany. For Canada USA, Argentina and Palestine, migration is so obvious that there is no need to comment.