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In order to prove how many industrialists of Holocaust lie and this poison that may not be swallowed up by goyim clay head in Europe and elsewhere, I’ll start reconstituting a Mosaic population – and not Jews as they lie about 120 years! – In Europe and USA.
Germany is the criminalized state of most horrific crimes in the history made by Zionist-Bolshevik mafia that ruled the Nuremberg trial, which were a political trial and not a judicial one. But starting on the history thread, reminding that in 1919 Germans were confronted with Soviet republics planned by Khazars but they quickly throttled just to not get a big scandal. With a mutiny and coup tried their luck the organization Kampfbund in November 1923 but they were immediately drove to silence and put in jail. Let’s say that this organization had the swastika symbol given by Bolshevik Khazars that have used it as official symbol in the years 1917-1920! In 1933 in Germany comes Adolf Hitler as chancellor with Khazar mafia and communists support of this country! Shortly in USA starts the campaign of Germany defamation planned by Khazar mafia that was holding the American democracy ruled by sight through the puppet Th. Roosevelt. In March 1938 Germany occupies Austria, in September 1938 occupies the Sudetenland region in Czechoslovakia, which fully takes over in March 1939, following the invasion of Poland in September 1939 by Germans. In October, Germans make a census of minorities in all controlled territories, but it’s still today hidden in the secret archives in Arolsen (Germany) because from its  information will sweep the lie called holocaust!
After German statistics in 1900 were 587,000 Mosaics in this country of a 56,367,000 inhabitants population and the census of 16 June 1933, the Jewish population of Germany, including Saar region (which at that time was still under the administration of the League of Nations) , were about 505 000 people from a total population of 67 million people. After several negotiations between Germans and mufti from Jerusalem, in 1933, it was accepted the migration from Germany to Palestine of a 250000 Mosaics.
More than half (about 304,000) emigrated in the first six years of Nazi dictatorship, 163,000 people remaining in October 1941, when mosaic emigration was officially forbidden. In 1933, about 40% of mosaic marriages were made with Germans, although the ancestral anti-Semitism noise of the fierce Nazi is merely a lie of the Zionist mafia! In 1939 mosaics of Austria and Czechoslovakia with the number 480,000 people left in most of these countries from outside German regions control. These migrations were made by Jewish Immigration office in Berlin, Vienna and Prague established by Adolf Eichmann. In total, only 360,000 Mosaics remained in Germany, Czechoslovakia and Austria in September 1939. In the neutral countries, according to the World Almanac (594 page), the number of Mosaics that lived in Gibraltar, Britain, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Ireland was 332,447 people.
After Hitler becoming a chancellor in January 1933 the Khazar mafia organizes a broad economic boycott action in USA and Great Britain because the removed mosaics from public office as participators at the “Soviet republics ” movement were not allowed back to their old positions. This writes the Daily Express of March 24, 1933 too.


Hitler’s Germany had the intention to get free from the domination of Sionist finances, thus becoming one of the most dangerous enemy for the Mosaics and incurring Sionist’s hatred. In 1937 Mosaic Pierre Creange, in his book Epitres aux Juifs Paris 1937, supported Germany’ destruction. Harbouring a grudge against Germans, the Sionist Theodore N. Kaufman promoted the same kind of ideas in the malignant writing Germany Must Perish, actually a plan conceived to exterminate the Germans through sterilization and to disintegrate their country. The book was published on March, 1st, 1941, being intensely promoted by the Sionist periodicals New York Times and Washington Post. Henry Morgenthau (presidential counselor for the other Mosaic – F.D. Rosefeld/Roosevelt) took these criminal ideas and included them in his project aiming to dissolve Germany. This influential Yid suggested to the stupid American president neither more nor less but the economic destruction of the German state and the decimation of German people by starvation.


Germany in 1933 had an area of ​​468,787 km² and a population of 65,362,115 inhabitants, and in 1939, it reached about 68000000 people. In August 1950, after the division of Germany between winners and the wipe off of a large area from the country by Russians, Germans territories looked like: the East of Germany or German Democratic Republic, a communist state with its capital in Berlin with an area of ​​107,862 km² and a population of 18,388,172 inhabitants and West Germany or Federal Republic of Germany with an area of 245,770 km² and a population of 49,842,624 inhabitants and together with the two German states they had a population of 68,230,796 inhabitants in an area of ​​353,632 km², losing 115,115 km², of which 15,100 km² Konigsberg Kaliningrad province or USSR, and Poland received (color gray), the eastern part of Prussia as well as the Oriental  Prussia from Baltic Sea an area of 100,015 km².
Because of this territorial and population losses should decline 16691675 people and 10000000 Germans died in the war, which half of them were civilians. If the population has not decreased apparently after 5 years of war, this is due to the expulsion of Germans of over 26 million people in the number of territories ceded to Poland, USSR, Czech Sudetenland, Hungary, Baltic countries and Romania. The death number after deportation gets to 1-2 million due to hunger, cold, illness and fatigue. Are these facts an ethnic cleansing and genocide? Here we have the proof of the largest ethnic cleansing in European history!
I present two addresses issued by Arolsen archive (where are stored more than 50 million documents of Nazi Germany), to a Jewish organization (not specified in the documents), where it shows the number of Mosaic deaths during 1940-1945 in forced labour camps .


From The International Red Cross,
Arolsen West Germany
………………. 1/V-050-Sch-
2148 Arolsen …. Jul. 1979
Subject: Death Cases in former concentration camps.
With reference: your letter. From 8 / 05.1979
Below I communicate the number of death cases documented in the concentration camps:

Name of camp                    Situation at date of                 Total No. of deaths
Auschwitz                                      31.12.1977                            52.389
Bergen-Belsen                               30.09.1973                               6.307
Buchenwald                                   30.09.1973                             20.501
Dachau                                           30.09.1973                             17.842
Flossenbürg                                    30.09.1973                             18.259
Groβ  Rosen                                   30.09.1973                               7.925
Kz – Neuengamme                        30.09.1973                               5.570
Mauthausen                                   30.09.1973                              77.727
Majdanek                                       30.09.1973                                6.920
Mittelbau                                       30.09.1973                                7.187
Natzweiler                                     30.09.1973                                3.944
Sachsenhausen                               30.09.1973                                4.785
Abteilung                                       31.12.1978                               41.748
TOTAL      31.12.1978                            271.304
Death Cases of prisoners in German concentration fosterer camps documented on 31/12/1978.

The service of International Research


Death cases of prisoners in the ex  German concentration camps documented at
Special office of Arolsen civil status

The camp name from 01.01.1983 to 31.12.1982              total up to
31.12.1983 until 31.12.1983
Auschwitz                          53.606                           27                        53.633
Bergen-Belsen                       6.851                            –                           6.851
Buchenwald                         20.671                            –                         20.671
Dachau                                 18.451                            –                         18.451
Flossenbürg                         18.330                             –                         18.330
Groβ  Rosen                          8.355                             –                           8.355
Lublin                                    7.245                          426                         7.671
Mauthausen                          78.823                           1                         78.824
Mittelbau                                7.463                            –                           7.463
Natzweiler                              4.431                            –                           4.431
Neuengamme                         5.706                            –                           5.706
Ravensbrük                            2.128                            2                           2.130
Sachsenhausen                       5.012                             –                           5.012
Stutthof                                11.237                       1.065                        12.303
Thereseinstadt                     27.260                           344                        27.604
Diverse ( altele)                    4.643                              –                            4.643
TOTAL                        280.212                      1.865                       282.067
The number of records in main filing cabinets of the special Office regarding the registered cases of deaths in concentration camps, from the special office and other offices of civil status on 12/31/1983 …. 373 468
(Including information sheets about:
-Death statements and requests of courts regarding the declarations of death,
-Different ways of writing surnames etc.

From the documented cases of special office can be draw conclusions about the real number of dead people in concentration camps.

Arolsen, of 16.10.1984
Decision (dokument) 1984

The documents issued by International Red Cross at Arolsen in the years 1979 to 1984 shows that the Holocaust is only a figment of the Zionist mafia from USA and Khazar Bolsheviks in USSR.
All documents issued by the German government during 1930-1945 are forbidden to research as decided Americans, British, French and others, in other words by the civilized and great lovers of truth. Bolsheviks seized on what led to Podolsk at 36 km of Moscow where Army and NKVD have the secret archive and since that moment they have not seen anyone. But they proved to history that the Holocaust is the greatest scam ever known by the human race so far. To support the above mentioned, I continue giving you Ion Toma Popescu storyline set in Warsaw in 1978, he heard the noise of the Holocaust industry started in USA and being in a close relationship with a Polish great scholar Janusz Groszkowski, former president of the Academy of Polish Science, he told him that he would like to know if they were sent mosaics from Romania to Auschwitz. Scientist directed him to write his intention to Museum of Auschwitz, where he received the following reply: PANSTWOWE MUZEUM Oswiecim BREZEZINKA Ld 2 I- 8523/79/5681/79 consignee PAN JOSEPH Popescu Międzynarodowe WARSZAWA 03-922 58M35, in which they present the following quote: “The issue deportation of Romanian citizens in Auschwitz, and a number of other issues related to the history of Auschwitz during the war has not been studied yet and there is no development of a complete or fragmentary manner. Such an approach would require a laborious and thorough study of all the materials preserved in Museum and other sources. “Seeing the response, the Polish scholar said that this document is a time bomb that can be a life threatening. That document clearly shows at daylight that Holocaust is a fabrication made by USA Zionist mafia, supported by former President Th. Roosevelt and Stalin with the aim of establishing Israel state and extortion of fabulous sums from the German state. Israel received 130-140 billion dollars and Zionist mafias from everywhere and of all colours received 35 billion dollars just to have an honest thievery.
The Russian Empire / U.R.S.S. is the state which along with Poland, Holocaust industrialists said, would be lost over 4.5 million mosaics, made ash and smoke in Nazi gas chambers. „Jewish Tales “to dark people as it is written in the Epistle of Saul / Paul to Titus, at 1.14 and only so because the empire of Satan in 1941 was not more than 2.2 million worshipers of the horned Iahweh as it is presented by leftover shards discovered at Kuntilett Ajrud! But to go on the way of statistical information and specify that in Russian empire, the first census – after modern rules – was done in 1897 when it was found only a population of 125,640,021 numbers of people from which mosaics 5189401. At the end of nineteenth century most of Mosaics in Europe lived in Russian empire, in the territory historically called Pale (the red colour of different shades that show the concentration of mosaics), which lied to north of south-eastern Baltic Sea and in south to Azov Sea and Black Sea.


In this area, as we pointed out before, after the abolition of the Polish state, Russian Empire took over the largest community of mosaics that forced them to live only in the region (defined by several administrative acts) called Pale. Here, lived 4899300 of Mosaic and 290,101 out of Mosaics, but very few in the territory of ancient Russia. After the riots of 1905 in which Khazars were the secret and street singers, Russians and Ukrainians took them by sword to answer because they wanted to replace the Czars empire with a Khazars Empire! In the period 1900-1920 have migrated from this region in particular about 3.2-3.4 million to US mosaics as well as other places such the Austro-Hungarian Empire, South America, Canada, Asia and the Middle East. They say that these so great migrations occurred before 1900 but the massive presence in the USA is proven even by their figures which show that in 1890 there were only 400,000, and in 1920 reached 3.6 million, of course,, flourishing and growing “! After the World War I, from Russian empire separated Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and Bessarabia joined Romania. This led to the loss of over 30 million people (about 18 million from Poland, Finland 3 million, and united Bessarabia with Romania around 3 million, around 5 million from Baltic countries and Kars region linked to Turkey about 400,000 inhabitants). I have to calculate the number of mosaic for the year 1920 in Russian empire which was of 6,279,175 people at an increase rate of 10% in 10 years, as shown by A. Filderman Mosaic President of Romania in 1930, in his study presented in Stockholm in 8 to 15 August 1957. Taking those gone to other horizons, there remain 2.8-3 million of which 1.9 million arrived in Poland, 250,000 in Romania and 250,000 in the Baltic countries, and hence in the USSR after 1920 remaining approximately 400000-550000 mosaics! But official statistics of the USSR were a state secret until after 1990 so that it can present a safety in their processing and demography as long as the Bolshevik party was part of the policy being forged by political interest! The mentioned territorial losses of Russian empire have added more than 3 million people killed during the First World War, about the same as many killed in the civil war and 5 million left to the four corners because of the Bolshevik terror.
As to know what the population had the USSR in 1920, we will have to calculate population this year which was approximately 166,158,927 people using an index increase of 15% for 10 years. From this figure we must subtract 41 million and we have about 125 million people. The Bolsheviks made incomplete censuses in 1920 and 1923 and in 1926 said that they made a correct census – statistics being known only after 1991 – which makes me think that the figures were falsified to serve to the inventor holocaust and other interests of the Soviet Union after the Second World War. To justify the claim, I come up with the following evidence: they claim that after this census, they numbered 2599973 mosaics people at which adding the retrieved1.6 million in 1939 -1940 in Poland, Baltic Countries, and Bucovina and Bessarabia Romanian lands, we have 4.2 million, but they say they have evacuated from western empire in summer of 1941 before German and Romanian troops to Central Asia 2-2,2 million mosaics! They’ve done a census in 1936, but because people do not come out after their plan, it was cancelled and the documentation destroyed. Yet the figures they forged over 40 years, they present us the situation of mosaics in 1939-1945 periods! Before the Bolshevik invasion of Poland in September 1939, and then of the Baltic Countries and eastern Romania, USSR should have about 158-164 million people. The census, in 1936 under the strong political pressure of Stalin, found a population of 162,039,470 people, but the ruler was very unhappy because he knew that there must be 170-172 million. Those who led the census were put in prison, and they continued with the figures imposed by Stalin.  The 1920-1940 is the darkest period in the history of the USSR when they were killed over 700,000 peasants as opposed collectivization, were deported over 2 million of them, the famine in Ukraine caused all of them the death of over 2 million people, and terror was a psychological factor that acted as a guillotine on the people of the Bolshevik empire. In such hell conditions only at cultivating was thinking the happy empire of Satan.
From the mentioned statistical procedure we calculated the population of the USSR for the period 1920-1939 and gave 165 million, with little more than their 1936 data, statistics proving that my method is correct! To this sum must add population of 20270000 people (annexed territories in 1939-1945) taken from the partition of Poland 10 million; The Baltic Countries 5.6 million, Bessarabia and Bukovina 4.2 million, Czechoslovakia 700,000 and Tura 100,000 people and we have a total of 185-186 million. During the second world war after the Bolshevik official statistics, died about 26.6 million inhabitants, in this number is also included the figures due to higher infant mortality (1.3 million) and losses from the territories annexed by the USSR in 1939-1945, however figures show that only 16 million they have lost, because in 1946 the USSR’s population was 170,548,000 people according to the website and E.M. Andreev, and others in work “Naselenie Sovetskogo Soiuza, 1922-1991″. Moscow, Nauka, 1993.
From the occupied territories, USSR took a mosaic population of about 1730000 (380,000 from Bessarabia 250000 from Baltic Countries and 1100000 from Polish territories) and what they had, turns to be give 2.3-2.4 million Mosaics. When Stalin gave the order to withdraw to Central Asia at the end of May 1941, about 150,000 stayed to fight the battle of partisans or did not want to leave, and from this reality cannot result no matter how big holocaust would slippery may be a falsehood of Bolshevik and Zionist mafia, or Khazar –Yids after us, because in 1946 in USSR were 2 million mosaics.
Poland is the second state where Khazar mafia show that would have spent the greatest atrocities in human history because here were gassed and burned about 4 million soles, and whoever says this is a lie,is immediately slapped eyes with nationalism, Fascism and anti-Semitism. Following the establishment in 1920 of Poland, Galicia returned in the composition of this state as over many centuries. But with the division of the Poland Kingdom in 1795, Galicia entered into Austrian Empire, and being more methodical they did more censuses. The one in 1880 shows that in this province mosaics were 686,596 and in 1910 871,895 people of Mosaic religion , an increase of 27% in 30 years, that only 9% within 10 years less even I’ve only used in statistical calculations so far. But statistics also show that the multiplication of mosaic of over 150% between1890-1940 is just a huge lie, and the truth is revealed by the figures presented here! According to the Polish national census of 1921, there were 2,845,364 of Mosaic (1.8 million coming from the Russian empire and 900,000 from Galicia and about 140,000 from Germany) and 1931 census found only 2,732,600, but other sources give the number of 2822501. Here we see a real decrease in the number of mosaic with over 300,000 people in 10 years; figures show that some of them have migrated to other parts of the world where they were better. This process has become very evident after 1923 when the Polish government introduced the restriction,, numerus clausus ” for Mosaic in all state institutions confining them to their percentage of the total number of Poland population, thus determined very many to take flight especially to the USA. Their economic situation was catastrophic as the 1931 statistical study shows where in Warsaw, mosaic were without a source of income for over 34%! And this economic prosing Poland is an absolute poverty historical truth in which they lived over a third of Mosaic as shown by the 1775 census made by the Austrians in Bucovina, this deplorable situation of Romanian is presented by Romanian historian B.P. Hasdeu as well on the mosaics from Principality of Romania in 1869, but as well by the Ukrainian writer Mihailo Dragomanova at the end nineteenth century! Since then started the great Khazar migration of the Russian empire in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Kingdom of Romania, but particularly in the USA and Middle East. Until the dismantling of the Polish state in September 1939, committed by Germany and USSR, the mosaic number decreased continuously reaching about 1.7 million people. From these, about 1.1 million have fallen under the rule of their brother Khazar Bolsheviks and 600,000 under the Germans.
To exercise the absolute control over the mosaic, the Germans have imposed forced labour abode in several ghettos besides some strategic enterprises until the end of the war, Hitler having planned to bring them into the northern Caspian Sea, the ancient homeland of Khazars, this being the,, final solution ” solving the mosaic problem in vision of German Nazi! Such a fact acknowledged by historians from Europe and USA would leave mute the trumpet without sound of the Holocaust wielded so clever with lies and visions of the Zionist mafia from USA and elsewhere, but also of their little brothers of blood and habits, Bolshevik Khazars that lead with iron hand the empire of Satan. Due to the great changes of territories that suffered Poland in 1945, the number reached about 370,000 mosaic people, and today has been reduced to just a few thousand, mostly from German occupation departing to Palestine after the war, and those under Bolshevik rule remained in their empire.

To better understand the situation of those times and from those places, I bring a photo with released mosaics from the ghetto” extermination “of Majdanek (Poland) and Romanian children who have enjoyed ,, parental care” of „Jews “(Ashkenazi/Khazars) in Romania during 1946-1947 when they provoked famine. In this cataclysm died 60000-80000 people without history commemorate them and Bessarabia entered into Bolshevik empire, the death number stands at over 300,000 people!


Lithuania, had a mosaic population of about 160,000 people in 1940 when it was occupied by Bolsheviks, and in 1941 when they were driven out by Germans, a significant number of them went to USSR. After 1944, the state is incorporated into USSR.
Latvia, the second Baltic state had a Jewish population of 95,675 in 1935, the state was conquered by Bolsheviks and then incorporated in USSR once with Lithuania and Estonia that had only a few thousand mosaics.
Austrian Empire / Austria, had in 1785 about 150000 Mosaics (70000 in Bohemia and Moravia and 70000 in Galicia) and the adjoining territories; 80000 came Silesia and 80000 in Hungary, namely 310,000 in total! After one hundred years they could be as many people as I stated about 750000-800000 statistical data coming from them to Galicia, and in 1910, their number could not exceed one million people! In 1910 when they did a census found 2,135,126 people of Jewish religion. After 1918 when the empire fell apart, many have gone west Mosaic or USA, and when Hitler occupied the country in March 1938 were 181,882 people, but most of them have fled and remained in 1939 about 57,000! After 1945 there were about 12000 Mosaic in Austria.
Hungary, on 31 January 1941 had a number of 400 981 Mosaics and northern Transylvania took over in August 1940 more 151,125 Mosaics. Budapest in 1941 had 184,453 Mosaics and in January 1945, 119,000 were in the city and 22,000 at forced labour from different cities in Hungary, so big dark tale on their extermination! What about those that left Hungary for the west or Palestine, there is no reliable information. On April 17, 1943, Hitler required from Horthy 100,000 Mosaics from Hungary to use them as labour force, being Mosaics send  from Transylvania in number of 140,000 they declared, out of which only 50,000 people have returned, but the reality is different as I will show later.
France, is shown on the list of states that delivered Mosaic Germans for extermination during the Second World War. In 1900 In France were 71,000 people of Mosaic religion and after the annexation of Alsace and Lorraine in 1918 reached 150,000 people. Until 1940 still have arrived in France 70,000 mosaics, they were Ashkenazi, in other words Khazar nation, and when the Nazis took power in 1933, France received 25,000 immigrants in Germany, of which approximately 85% were Jewish, thus reaching 250,000 people; for them as everywhere swarms of mosaic invaders appeared, statistics have failed to catch them at the light of day! In June 1940 Eichmann asked France to send to Germany to work in the camps 40,000 mosaics but Jean Leguay, who represented the Vichy Government and Police in Paris, asked for this number to be divided into two groups (22,000 Hebrews in Paris and 10,000 in Free Zone) because they can not all be gathered together. Mosaics without French citizenship were to be shipped to Germany, while the French mosaics were rounded up by the Gestapo because the Germans did not trust the French police. In March 1942, the first convoy of 1112 Mosaics was sent to concentration camps in Poland and Germany, and until June 1944 their number reached approximately 76,000 of which were returned only in 2500, but in 1945 in France were around 250000 Mosaics and once again the arithmetic of goyim is blown to the earth and upside down by the Holocaust industrialists who know other rules of mathematics!
When Belgium was occupied by Germany in 1940, it was a community of about 70,000 people of Jewish religion and after 1945 there were only 42,000.
Holland was occupied by Germans in May 1940 that made a census in 1941 where they found 154,887 mosaics (of which 30,000 refugees from Germany and Austria), and after the war there were 34,379 people. 101,000 mosaics were deported of which only 5,200 people survived.
Romania is the second country, after the Holocaust industry employers, which, they said, participated in the murder of hundreds, thousands of Mosaics only because Iahweh and were” the chosen people “.


The first accuser was the killer Comintern, the Bolshevik khazar Ilya Ehrenburg which together with Khazars, V. Grosman, L. and V. Ozerov Lidin published in 1946 Black Book, published in Romanian and the visions of these Satanists were the charges against Romanians. They claimed that Romanians have killed 600,000 mosaics, the figure being determined by testimonies and crude forgery of documents, as did the Stalinist processes. In Israel, Ilya Ehrenburg is considered a national hero! They wrote in the book that Israel defeated again the Christians, and his dominance will soon be full of the world, a claim that infuriated Stalin prohibiting the devilish writing.
Another accomplished craftsman of Romanian Holocaust industry was the Khazar Jean Ancel, professor of history at University of Tel Aviv, who in Transnistria, published in Romanian too at Atlas in 1998, writes that the Romanians with Germans killed 200000 Mosaics in Bessarabia and in Transnistria other 300000!
Elie Wiesel, the prophet of new industries, imposed to Romanian principalities after 2000 “his revealed truth “that the Holocaust in Romania and administered territories 1941-1944 were killed between 280,000 and 380,000 Romanian and Ukrainian Jews. Referring to Romania, another Holocaust industrialist Raul Hilberg said that “there was no country, besides Germany, involved in massacres of Jews on such a scale.” Villains and liars as their evil balk, contradict themselves as we find on of Jews in Bessarabia where they recognized that 2/3 of Mosaics (the actual percentage is over 95%) were withdrawn in June 1941 with Bolshevik armies.
No scores came from mosaics because they never mentioned their deportation from Bessarabia and Bukovina to Transnistria because data would change the fundamental problem. On the night of June 26, 1940, USSR sent an ultimatum demand in which required, within three days Romanian army to leave the territory of Bessarabia and Bukovina, because “the working people “required the annexation of the lands of Bolshevik state. In early May 1940 the Khazar spies in Bessarabia Leibovici and I. M. Morgenstern, were summoned to Moscow where they received instructions how to act Khazar Bolshevik organizations with arms against the Romanian army that had to withdraw from region and how to block withdrawal routes. The result of the criminal actions of Khazars are in a document dated on July 6, 1940, issued by General Staff of Romanian Army specifying the losses incurred during the evacuation of Bessarabia and Bukovina: “killed, wounded and killed 356 missing people and 42 876 soldiers and NCOs’, a total of 43,232 personnel, NCOs and soldiers were the victims of khazar terror in Romanian army. To this figure should be added thousands of government officials, teachers, professors, doctors, priests, civil servants who were shot, beaten or tortured by „civil self-defence militias from Bessarabia and Bukovina “all generations only Khazar or mosaic religion. When Romanian armies liberated these lands were found according to census September 1941, only 60 690 Mosaics (MoD archive, fund 3467, case no. 41/1941, Census f. 9-12) and Romanians have disclosed more 22000 locals hiding under a false identity, when compared to July 1940 were 482,200 people! Although Romania had between its borders 330,000 Mosaics, only these villains (79,850 people) were deported to Transnistria being accommodated in houses abandoned by those who went with Bolshevik armies. From the counties in north-eastern Romania were deported in the same places 27127 Mosaics in June 1940 because the Bolsheviks were waiting for them to come and get them free from the tyranny of Romanian fierce and from Transnistria were gathered and taken 32,643 Mosaics to labour camps. All of them were brought to Romania in the period of January-March 1944 according to the order of Marshal Ion Antonescu, Romania.
In a letter to Commander of IV Army, October 11 1941 governor G. Alexianu of Transnistria asked: ,, In the villages intended to stay,  Jews will be left free to live on their expense without being able to leave the village. Their leader is responsible for their discipline and good order that have to reign in camp … What we strongly ask to give us is a number of mobile ovens, to be able to disinfest them, for fear to arise epidemics that may contaminate the rest of the population and army … “The report prepared by Counterintelligence Army III has at June 13, 1942 says: ,, It was recently found that many Jews came from Odessa and fled from the camps of the Bug managed to settle in the Balta city and even in Ghetto . Mosaics from Balta ghetto lived quite well lately. They get their food offering high prices, which has led to a situation where the locals come to town to sell products, to provide first to mosaics. In addition, some of the townspeople have products that you bought from markets and sell them to Jews from ghettos to higher prices. Khazars received money from the country and from abroad. Recently, especially after leaving the military unit that was there, Jews circulated freely on the streets, squares etc. spreading defeatist rumours about the apparent victory of the Soviet offensive “.The report shows that mosaics deported to Transnistria had great freedom of movement, and some have voluntarily established in Ghetto, but this will no longer be passed to holocaust Chapter.
Another document too from the file intended to John D. Popescu lawsuit filed after 1950, former gendarme in Transnistria. As a witness is brought former director of Tiraspol ghetto, the Jew Goltzman, who sayd about the defendant: “He came very often in control through the camp. He always talked to us and help us when he could do it. He took me to the Governor Alexianu to provide us food with food that we can buy at the official price. Governor approved. … The guard guarding us was made, in fact, to protect us from outsiders who were willing to do us bad things. We had permanent tickets to move free around town and even to go to cinema … He punished and changed the whole guard because at a control he found two Germans in the camp. He saved from death a train of orphans who came from Balti for repatriation that Germans wanted to exterminate them. He helped many Jews to get services and one of them, Fux Bernard, was employed a  director of export office. ”
This was the reality of Transnistria, where a colony of mosaics from Bessarabia and Bukovina betrayed Romania in June 1940, and were found Romanians in June 1941, they oblige them to force residence in Transnistria. In this region circulated a currency called Reichskreditkassenschein (RKKS), a special German mark, alongside Russian Rubles, the Romanian Leu being not accepted by Germans from military controlled region and Romanians were involved only with administrative side. Almost all those deported to Transnistria were brought in Romania during January-March 1944.


On the left is Yid Sal Buium, a photo from 1943 in the “extermination camp “from Vinnitsa (Vapniarka) along with Gabriel Cohen, a photo taken in the same place and time, and on the right is a group of ,, exterminated” from the same camp  placed in northern Transnistria.


On the left are mosaics from “extermination camps” of Transnistria when they were repatriated to Romania in January 1944, the photo was taken at the Iasi station. On the right are two pictures with Romanian children famished after Bolshevik criminals that ruled over Romania, confiscated their agricultural products following the drought of summer 1946, bringing starvation to over 2 million peasants.
It was dissolved Federation of Jewish Communities by Law Decree No. 3145 of 16 December 1941 and a Jewish Central in Romania was established. The law stated the following: the central had a chairman appointed by government and seven major directions: Finance, Health, Schools, Health, Publishing and Press, Rehabilitation, Emigration. The Jewish central had an office with a local president in each capital of the country. The central drew up a single budget, which included cash needs of all country departments. The central set free canteens for poor Jews in the country. The central gave clothing and financial help to all working Jews. The central sent aids in money, food clothing, tools, etc. to mosaics deported to Transnistria, although these Jews were not members of the Central – Bessarabia, Bukovina, and Transnistria, they were military zones under German control. The central re-established a Jews newspaper and publishing, it reopened a Jewih theatre in Iasi after Barasheum in Bucharest, founded by Radu Gyr and reopened the trade school” Hammer “which had been closed by Legionnaires. In the Labour Minister was the General Directorate of Labour Camps.
In November 1939, in the Kingdom of Romania were 208,217 families with 962,270 mosaics members, of which 380,000 remained in the USSR, through the territories of Bessarabia and Bukovina, 30,000 died in deportations made by Hungarian in Northern Transylvania in 1944, and 20,000 went to Palestine or West until the summer of 1945, about 530,000 remaining mosaics. But by the end of 1947, about 100,000 Mosaics have left in January 1948, they were 428,312 after their records in Pinkas and in the Romanian census of January 5, 1948 appeared only 97,566! In Transnistria died 1600-3000 Mosaics and not 400000 as shamelessly lie today! Following its visit to Romania on 12-13 August 2010, Israeli Prime Minister Simon Perez said: I thank Romania because in the darkest period of our history – Nazism – saved 400,000 Hebrews from death”.
USA is the state where the mob was staged the big scam by the Zionist mafia so called holocaust for the establishment of Israel in Palestine and its financing by Germany with huge sums of money. But these bandits were supported directly by the Government of this country ruled by President Th. Roosevelt which was also a great supporter of the Bolshevik expansion across central Europe, considering them” unconscious “of their history and that they had to obey to criminal Khazars that controlled Satan Empire. Roosevelt came from a family of mosaics that converted(as a façade) to Christianity, as well as his wife, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt. He was very proud of the fact that he was a member of  the Council of the new state’ Israel “since 1942!
The influence of the Zionist mafia (supporter of the Bolshevik communism) on Roosevelt presents Frank Murphy, member of the Supreme Court, in the testimony made by Congressman Martin Deas, who was the Anti-American Activities Committee chairman (House Committee on Un-American Activities, quoted in the Congress Bulletin 22 Sept. 1950. pp. A6833): “We are doomed. The United States are doomed. Communists control everything. They are controlling Roosevelt and his wife. It is impossible to see if the audience is not arranged by David Niles and his gang. “David Niles was one of Zionists Khazar around Roosevelt who controlled from the USA shadow. On behalf real name Neyhus, he was the brother of Harry Hopkins who enjoyed the greatest confidence from Roosevelt. After The Saturday Evening Post, of 24 Dec. 1949, pp. 24, Harry Hopkins was just the man for show, led by David Niles, who later plotted Israel’s independence. James E. Combs in the writing Who is Who in the World Zionist Conspiracy Liberty Bell Publications, 1978, pp. 88-89 says: “Of course Murphy was wrong when he made the statement that <> because communism is only a tool, the real masters are the Jews who now, after 25 years, strengthened the control of the entire government of United States.” The same opinion was of Winston Churchill too in 1920 when he wrote an article entitled Zionism versus Bolshevism – the battle for the soul of Hebrew people where they identify the Bolsheviks as „….an international Jewish conspiracy  …look, now this band of extraordinary personalities from the European underworld and American metropolises grabbed the Russian people by hair, becoming, virtually, the unchallenged mistress of that enormous empire.”
Victor Suvorov, the GRU agent went to England in 1978, in his work Last Republic, Polirom Iaşi 2010, at page 110 he reveals some secrets of the kingdom of Satan: “But beyond that, betraying the western civilization, Roosevelt and Churchill did everything to save communism from distress and for it to conquer half of the world and become the main threat to humanity.” Both Th. Roosevelt and Churchill had severe psychological problems, specific to each disease but having their roots deeply planted in the nation synagogue of Satan as John wrote in Revelation 2,9,13 and 3.9! When Poland was attacked by Hitler, Britain, France and US declared war on Germany, but when USSR attacked as well two weeks after the same state, no one said anything. But the Bolsheviks attacked shortly Finland and were quiet again in the bright kite of” European civilization “. The page 134 says that in April 1940 (ie before attacking the Baltic Countries and Romania) between USSR and USA began discussions on receiving Russian engineers to specialize factories in American aircraft. These “Russian engineers “soon managed to establish secret lasting ties with Roosevelt’s advisers, all Khazars and supporters on the side of Bolshevism! But the ties between Stalin and Roosevelt were from 1938, Antony Sutton writes in his work National Suicide appeared in 1973. It presents a document of State Department with no. 800.51W USSR 89/247 which is a report made by the USA ambassador to Moscow, Joseph E. Davis of 17 January 1939 on the conclusion of the preparatory work of a secret agreement between the two countries. About the existence of such collusion knew only four advisors of Roosevelt, without being brought to the attention of Congress, in other words the USA was sold by Khazar Zionist mafia to Stalin. On the page 105 of the mentioned writing, V. Sivorov shows US aid to the USSR in which I put a small portion: 527 284 military trucks, 50,501 Willis jeeps, 595 ships (28 frigates, 101 submarines, 77 trawlers, 3 icebreakers, 140 hunting ships for submarines, 202 torpedo stars), 35,041 military motorcycles, 1981 locomotives, 11,155 rail cars !!! And Britain was generous with Bolshevik Satanists homeland even it was acting like they don’t know how it looks like the red plague they struck a deal.


In 1900, in USA were 937.8 thousand mosaics after their statistics, and in 1940 reached 5,000,000 people, and if someone asks how they multiplied so much that neither death takes no more possess, they immediately hit you on head with anti-Semitism. But history is proved by the statistics shown so far – see the census taken by the Austrians in Galicia for 1880 and 1910 hence the demographic growth of 9% in 10 years – that the rate of demographic growth is 9% or 10% as it was in 1930s in Romania. To find the actual number of mosaics which were supposed to be in 1940, but compared to those of 1900, resulting 1,373,200 people and the difference of 3,627,000 mosaics (264.16%) is the phenomenon of Khazars migration in Central Europe, population that they considered  as exterminated by Germans because it wasn’t in 1945 in the old countries. For the period 1940-1990 the real growth of mosaic USA population is only about 828,000 people (16%), reaching 5.828 million and their miraculous multiplication is proved as a big lie. But in the interval 1900-1940 took place massive migrations of Khazars from Europe to Canada (168,585 people) to Argentina (280000 Mosaics) to Palestine (758000 Mosaics) and to other sunny and from quiet horizons about 400,000 – 600,000 people, from which results the migration of over 5.4 million people, but of course all passed by Holocaust industrialists as exterminated by German and their sinful aid, Romanian fascists! The business smells awful, army of darkness, and the time has come to be taken in consideration the monstrosity with which you want to kill our souls and minds for over 70 years!
Unofficial german sources began to be puzzled by the facts that until 2005 Germany paid a huge amount of money to the victims of the ”Nazi persecution”, to over 6.2 millions persons. If we add to these „victims” the people supposed to be extermibated, will will end up having over 12,2 millions mosaics only in Central Europe(without adding those in Soviet Union, U.K., Spain, Portugal) in June 1941, when Germany attacked Soviet Union. At that time there were 5millions mosaics in all Europe, 2.2 millions of these on territories controlled by Soviet Union..These 2,2 millions were sent in the republics of Central Asia before the german attack. Only 2.4 millions, out of 2.8 millions remaining, were under the german control, because 0.3
millions were living in U.K., and 0.04 millions were living in Spain, Portugal and nordic countries. „The owners” of the holocaust industry pretend that 6 millions jews were killed and other 6.2 millions were persecuted by nazis, but after the war you could still find 1.6-1.9 millions mosaics on the european territories.
What a fantastic mathematics!! You really get dizzy.


The falsification of statistics of the USSR, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Romania census, was for USA Zionist mafia Khazars, the gun that abolished the stupid Europe, and USA government was merely the executor of commands of this Satanist monsters gang. To justify the claims, we put their alleged ,,statistical revelations ” published in World Almanac for 1933 and 1938. For 1933 we found in Europe (gathering mosaics from all states) a total of 12,050,419 people (they give 9484383, lying shamelessly) and the USSR (opened by them in 8 state entities) wrote that there were 5,328,537 Mosaics , or this hooliganism is a matchless, because at that time Satan’s empire had only 520000! For 1938 we found in Europe 12,153,518 Mosaics (they give 8,930,608 people!) and for USSR they give the figure of 5,678,744 people (see red arrows), but in reality there were only 550000 Mosaics! If from 12153518 mosaics we subtract the number of 6500000 (5100000 for USSR and 1400000 for Poland) passed in addition to the two states and more 460,000 (140000 Austria, 200000 Czechoslovakia, 80000 Germany and 44000 Hungary) in addition to those mentioned States, remain 5180000 people. To all these we must gather 60,000 mosaics less than the previous at Romania and subtract 330,000 left outside ,, German interest “(Finland, Great Britain, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland) and the figure of 4920000 existing mosaics in Europe before the war began, a figure very close to 4932136 that resulted in my statistically study. With these monstrous forgeries they came to Nürnberg to „prove” the extermination of those 6 million mosaics and right justice demand and compensation to entire world!


The forgery content of hundreds of documents, falsification of thousands of photographs in the interest of the lies and concealment of Germans official documents from the period 1930-1945 at Arolsen and Podolsk, all these are ,, truths “that had been imposed in Europe and world culture monstrosity called „ the Jews Holocaust “!


“The extermination camp “from Vinnitsa (Vapniarka) in northern Transnistria where they were taken 1200 mosaics that proved to be fierce communists and agitators of Bolsheviks, a model realized by A. Solomonovici. But before pictures, show that they were living in camps because they never exist in Transnistria!
To keep well some bold people in straps, these wicked asked to give laws to goyim – like during the Inquisition time and monstrous Bolshevik Khazar  too who gave the decree law of 27 July 1918 on combating „anti-Semitism ” – to quell any rebellion. And they hearkened: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Israel, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Slovakia. But why is it so necessary to impose Holocaust by law? The truth needs no laws to do his research illegal. The answer is given by the proverb born in Israel after 1947: “There’s no business like Shoah’s one “- the best deal is the holocaust. The historian WD Rubinstein of Australia said in September 1979: ,,if the Holocaust prooves to be a Zionist myth, it collapses the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of Israel. “These two truths are the disturbing foundation of Holocaust industry!
It is more than obvious that in the civilized Europe is practiced at daylight the cultural and intellectual terrorism, the free thought inquisition. The myth of the Holocaust has replaced all forms of history of the Second World War, although the crimes of communism are much more numerous and monstrous. The actual assassination, by Jewish-Bolsheviks, of the intellectual elite of the occupied nations, has been replaced today with the hunt, incarceration or their blackmail. The cultural crisis of Europe is the natural consequence of cultural and intellectual terrorism introduced by the occult culture of Zionist and Bolshevik Khazars.



                                5. Pathological hatred of Khazars against Romanians

Being dissatisfied with the revolutionary upsurge of the Romanians in 1848, the Khazar mafia in Europe headed by Kissal Mordekai (Karl Marx) passed us on the blacklist of Nations to be cut off from the earth along with the Basque, Scottish, Irish, Icelandic and Slavs, because we are not big fans of  murder and burning houses, cities and countries. It writes the fanatical earthworm in Neue Rheinische Zeitung no. 194 of 13 January 1849, Article Hungarians Fight which thus proclaims the extermination of Romanians: “Romanians are people without history, destined to perish in the storm of world revolution. They are fanatical supporters of the counterrevolution and they will remain so until the removal or loss of their national character, just as their own existence of irreparable ethnic trash, in general, it is itself a protest against a great historical revolution. Their disappearance from the face of the earth will be a step forward. “This is the way Khazars (mosaics) thought about Romanians at mid nineteenth century and this is the way they think so today.
In 1853 Khazar Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch (Heinrich) Graetz (1817-1891) published the first volume of Geschichte der Juden (Jewish History) where he invents the accursed Semitic origin claiming that Roman legionaries who occupied part of Dio Geths in 106 and turned land in Roman province of Dacia, were the famous Jews Semites. They owned these lands, and took wives from Aborigines, building a new Semitic people but with white skin, blue or green eyes and blond or red hair. But these brave people of fate were driven out by Romanian in VIII-X centuries, as Graetz concocted history, but they have not forgotten Carpathian natural rights of space. After year 1855 began their invasion on Romanian lands, being at that time about 20000 Mosaics in Princedoms!
In winter 1866-1867 Isaac Cremieux came to Bucharest, a Scottish Rite Masonic chief and president of the Universal Alliance Israelite Moses Haim Montefiore, banker in London, mason and big head of Alliance. They asked the Romanian Masons to open the doors of Romania so that mosaics from Russian empire may enter freely, but their request meant suicide for these subjects and their desire has been fulfilled only in part.
The Romanian historian and linguist B.P. Hasdeu heard about the lie of Khazars on the history of lands around the Carpathian, wrote in 1868 the work History of religious tolerance in Romania, where at p. 155 states: ,,Cremieux argues that this land before being inhabited by Romanian, was inhabited by Jews and that therefore not the Yids abound the Romanian Country, but Romanians invaded the Jews country, not the Country of Romania should be released by Jews, but the Jews Country should be released by Romanian “.
The diplomatic and poet Vasile Alecsandri, in the October 7, 1879 meeting at Senate, said on Khazar invasion that was increasingly obvious: ,, When we said that we consider first the Yid project to constitute a Jewish state, Israel, on Romanian territory. This project would have meant the disappearance of the history of the state and Romanian people. This project, both criminal and insane, was not notable in the annals of world history … (Khazars willing) … to become owners of the land of this nation and from the old masters of Romania to make slaves. ” In the conclusion of the speech,  Romanian senator shows the true purpose of the Khazar invasion (mosaics) over the land and Romanian Country specifying that they aim: ,,to replace inhabitants of this country to make the entire country an Israelite property. ”
At the same meeting of Senate, the philosopher and Professor Vasile Conta says about Khazar boldness that “Jews want to make a state of their own in Romania, namely hoping to settle down here the most wanted Palestine and announced by Talmud, and this caused reaction of Romanian defence intellectuals, political class, public opinion, a natural reaction of a people to self-defence “.
But on other lands the Khazar mafia’s plans were known in Europe and the US because over time we find this really so terrible to Romania and Romanians address, in the brochure Les Juifs, nos maîtres (1882) by L. Chabauty who wrote about mosaic wishes the following: “For some 30 years, namely from 1850, mosaics tried to create this national centre, this Israelite country, in the Danubian provinces, the kingdom of Romania today. ”
The Labour Calendar 1910, edited by Khazar socialists in Romania, they write some verses of mercy and blessing to Romanian nation: “ the ravenous reptile band … perverse souls, foxes, wolves, hyenas, / with human faces, with black venom / bastards Pharisees, venomous snakes, / rotten garbage “and they threaten us that is time for judgment because: ,, Unwind the banner of ruin.” Peace Conference from Paris began on January 18, 1919 where it exploded the “bomb ” as well known about all the American delegation consisting only in Khazars that advised puppet Woodrow Wilson being  America’s President. He came as a kind of pervasive God and imperatively imposed other delegations the establishment plan of the European Israeli with the capital at Lemberg (Lvov) and the annexation of all territories around Galicia, Slovakia, Maramures, Bukovina, Moldova from the Carpathians at Dniester and part of Ukraine.


If Germans failed to establish European Israel in August 1914 that included almost the entire ,, territory of Pale ” from the Russian empire, the Khazar mafia bed and tried its luck with this decrepit monkey called Woodrow Wilson. Today is no longer said a word about other monstrous politics of American villains on the backs of Romanians, Slovaks, Poles, Ukrainians and others.
In 1919 an understanding took place between Khazar Bela Cohen (Kun) who was lord of Bolshevik Hungary and Isaaskar Zederblum (Lenin) regarding the destruction of Romania, the fog of Hungarians following the taking over Transylvania and Banat, and Russians to come on the Eastern and Southern Carpathians, but the Romanian army has defeated the purpose of Satanist increasing and spreading.
Since the late nineteenth century, Khazars established here(in Romanian land) started to completely falsify the history and identity culture, and after they become masters of Romania in 1944, they started a wild campaign to destroy everything would remind Romanians’ spirituality. Since the beginning of 1948 until 1952, Bucharest People’s Court consisting only in mosaics, gave several decisions concerning the Lists of prohibited publications which included over 4.5 million book titles, newspapers, periodicals, theatre, musical and artistic works , destroying up about 5-10 billion books, magazines and other written texts, but for our culture meant everything that was written by then!
Today they still have forged history so that Romanians are no longer found in the history textbooks being forced to learn ,, History of the Jews ” and ,, History of the Holocaust”, hating us as they do for over 160 years these worms out from the depths of Hell. In the following few thoughts of Khazar H.R. Patapievici, published in Volume Politics Humanitas Publishing House 1996: ,, I am ashamed that I am Romanian … Romanian is the language in which we should cease to talk, or to use it only for swearing. .. The radiography of Romanian Field is that of the fecal: a shadow without skeleton, a heart likes an ass, spineless … Romanians can not form a nation because they worth a flock … for a people with substance bran. Everywhere you look, you see faces that deserve the high rope … common mouths, primitive traits “. About our history pompous bastard writes:”The entire history, always, who wanted to urinate on us. When the Romans left Dacian in the ancestral hybrid form, Slavs took us in urine: that we are called melded from this mire, Dacian-Roman -Slaves, whatever. Then Turks took us to the fence urinating: we were about to drown, so thoroughly they did it. Our dignity consists to open always dried mouth, and they resumed: we dry our mouth to Călugăreni, and filled us in Războieni and so on, endlessly. Then Russians took us in urine, which for a century have crossed the Turkish jet, which, ultimately, having a bladder of the wetter (of, drunkenness …) have shown. “Distemper forgot to say something about the cursed and monstrous nation that has forged Romanian history, destroying all of its written culture through decisions of People’s Court where they (including his parents brought by Bolsheviks) were ,,working people” and we “Romanian fascists “!

January 2016

Constantin Olariu Arimin