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(The Elixir of boundless Evil)
Prepare a few bucket full of scab(jeg) and then add grated leprosy from 10 flint penknives.
Combine(blend) this mixture with fresh blood(can be goym blood) taken from IAHWE’S SACRIFICE SANCTUARY. The resulting mixture will be whipped until it will become homogeneous and then it will be slamed to the ground 11 times. The semi-finished product will be coated with three consecutive salvos(farts) rich in sulphur, soot and slag, coming from the devil Belial’s tail.
The resulting mixture should be served in a dark and secret place when the level of poison (venom) and hate against the goyms-clay head has not reached the usual standard level(mark).
The beneficiary of this product shall be the Group of Circumcised Gang, but only at the recommendation and direct guidance of SANHEDRIN RABBIS.

This recipe has been certified and approved by B’nai B’rith, Jewish Universal Alliance, Holocaust Industry

Potion 100% anti – goyim.



     The Eremite Yahwie, majestically clad in his prepuce over his shoulders, taking the shape of a foxy humanoid to conceal his characteristic perfidy and cunning nature is generous towards the Fraternity of the Nations’ Dark Ones giving alms to them in his Book of Devilish Teachings.


                                                                Satan’s Synagogue

There is much information in the writings of the mozaics “Faca Tora (Contrive Tora)” which have been included in judeo-christian teachings, which if they were to be weighed and investigated in a fair manner and not by their diabolical lies, they show without a reason of a doubt that they have a satanist ideology of the “phallus” ( the binding oath by their forever lying and deceiving tongues). It is hard to imagine and to believe such a serious and grave affirmation, but I will prove it in the work below quoting the teachings of two “clients” subsequently mentioned may they be wholly upset and their de-masking complete.
A discovery was made at Kuntillet Ajrud on the Sinai peninsula, 50km south of Cadesh (Qedesh in old Yiddish means sanctuary) during an archeological dig in the season from 1975-1976, by the israeli archeologist Zeev Meshel. This was the point where the main border between the ivrito-semite tribes and the edomites and filistine tribes in Canaan was located, this was far from the so called borders of ancient israel. This discovery consisted in inscriptions of an ancient aramaic language, painted with a very dark paint on glass remains of old vases, in which appeared a very controversial formula: “Jehovah and His Asherah, I bless you in the name of Jehova from Samaria and His Asherah”. To understand the message in this drawing I must specify that the aramaic people were scythians as the greeks identified them as well as the romans and not semites as they are called today by scum from Israel and others and Samaria where there lived scythians or aramic people as they were also known had their own religion very different from the jewish one was forcibly eradicated by the mozaics in 104 BC, so the above mentioned text could have come from a particular person living among the aramics or it is a fake inscription as the mozaics are well versed at poisoning the minds of the “Goym” for over 2000 years. Aserah or Asera was a divinity of the arimin philistines or carpatines (as in from the Carpathians) and it didn’t need to borrow and suck up to Jehova’s Oath since it was a different cult from that of the jews from the Sinai peninsula, in reality the divinity was called Ashtarte which was worshiped among Middle Eastern semites. Let me also mention the second inscription on this very strange artifact in respect of the jewish, mozaic and judeo-cretin(no this is not a typo, they are cretins) religion: “I bless you through Jehovah from Temman and through his ASHTARTE. He shall bless you and protect you and be with you. Jehovah gave from his heart through Jehovah from Temman and his Ashtarte.” Meaning the lying “Torah archeologists” eventually managed to tell the truth in relation to Asera of the philistines which can be discovered by any “goym potty head” if he wishes to follow the path of light ant not that of satanical darkness because the she-devil was Ashtarte or Ashtaroth after the jewish language.

In the first picture the demon Jehovah is presented like a monster with the head of a man and three horns protruding from his head and with a huge phallus being held by the arm by his son, Satan also having the “crown jewels” on display and a little smaller figurine in the background represents Astarte or Ashtaroth sitting on a chair with an image just as hideous and ugly, so they are the three demons of Hell, united together in their “demonic family” of the jews or of the mozaics which rules Hell. This is why they have always written the word Elohim(eloh/ilah = God  + Im = suffix indicating a plural in old yiddish) however they have sold their poison to the “goym potty head” by claiming this is monotheism even though the text is clear in it’s language and we are looking at POLYTHEISM!
The phallus is a sacred symbol in judaism and mozaicism is told clearly and to the point their hellish writings in Genesis: 49:10 “The rulling staff shall not be enstranged from Judas neither the ruling staff between his legs. Until Silo will come and from him the people shall listen to.” This is exactly how this deceitful cult is being run today where Jehova’s “parcel” is interpreted as a spiritual Binding and not as a carnal one as the above text describes! I have plenty more proofs to show that the judeo-christians loved Jehova’s “parcel” and put it in the first century of “their era” on the walls of their holy places, on rings on ceramics and even made a cross from four of these filthy things!
In the romanian language iuda(juda) and iudas(judas) mean devil and it is not a mistake that these words come to mean this since all bad and evil to which the old arimin religion was subjected to came from Judeea, country of Satan as named by Plutarch in his book  About Isis and Osiris, written in the first part of the second century AD. The jews when they used to take an oath they used to hold their dad’s “branch” in their hand as they proudly describe in their Talmud – The Book of Tobias and Genesis 24.2 and 9 where it is said that the most worthy of praise was the “seeding tool” therefore swearing on their father’s manhood…and what was discovered at Kuntillet Ajrud exactly this unfortunate archeological reality of the piece of ceramic showing this scene was disappeared by the “torah archeologists”  exactly how the Dead Sea scrolls are hidden in the Vatican Archives, which prove that judo-christianity is based on another religion and has nothing in common with mozaic ideology! Satan the Wonderer appears numerous times in the Old Testament as an “angel” of the Elohim (ie angel of death and of Hell) from which even Moses was given the laws as is said by wizened rabbi Akiba around 130 AD…”All the treasures of wisdom were taught to prince Segansagael and all were opened before Moses’s eyes on mount Sinai, so the forty days he spent there he was initiated into all the seventy aspects of the seventy languages.” Meaning let it be clear to all the idiots, feeble minded, retards, those with a faulty brain including to goym potty heads what the wizened jewish rabbi said in his time: the mozaic religion is a satanic cult worshipping the phallus and anyone thinking he is high and mighty and has revelations, incantations, conspirations and has visions, stupid things and similar idiotic epiphanies must be put forever in this frightening closet since this is the reality and truth about their tribal-satanist religion!
In the newspaper of the Romanian Patriarchy called The Sunday Light, in article “Jehova and his wife” written on 11th February 2010 by lecturer Doctor Alexandru Mihaila, the image found at Kuntillet Ajrud is reproduced – see the above picture on the right in black and white but modified in its essential part. From it, the “holy branch” disappears from Jehovah as well as from his much “loved” son Satan an unmistakable truth that the high romanian clerical order knows full well the meaning of the word “Binding” from the holy writings of the judo-christian cult and to not scare the ignorant sheep with this devastating truth, left both father and son without their sacred “symbol” through one stroke of a marker.
This is proof that what I have written above and the further evidence I am going to present about the artifacts discovered at Kuntillet Ajrud are true judgments, and the orthodox priesthood didn’t want to remain without its church goers and to scare the people it’s supposed to shepherd by showing them these diabolical satanist verses derived from their own sacred scriptures, so others might be inclined to research the truth for themselves. If we seek to discover puss ridden boils on their heads or in other shameful places, we can find in “Faca Tora” (Pretend Tora) that Shlomo, the king of darkness was bringing offerings to Ashtarte and to Milchom (Moloch) and these offerings even included human sacrifices. King Shlomo (Solomon) introduced the cult of Ashtarte in his court and “Jewhova” was  not sneezing angrily billowing dark smoke as we find in 1 Kings 11:5 and 33, and their cults lasted for over 300 years as is written in 2 Kings 23,13 without anyone making them take the above mentioned cult but freely choosing to worship from their evil satanical foreskin.
Judo-Christians of the XI century were not happy at all to invoke in their worship such sinister characters which committed atrocities that are indescribable and the Greek writer Leonce from Constantinopole writes the following about yiddish king Shlomo: he was living in the brotherhood with demons((,,nonne Solomon dominatus daemonum est”), exactly how the reality of the jewish religion, the images on the piece of pottery at Kuntillet Ajrud and other images which anyone can find who is interested in this story show. In Romania we also call Satan: Slomnea, a slight changing of the name of the Jewish king Shlomo. The same conclusions about Shlomo’s wizardry book is also reached by prelate Gregentius bishop of Taphar and Jacobus of Teramo(1349-1417) in the manuscript Das Buch Belial which appeared in Augsburg in 1475, reminds numerous times that Jewish King Shlomo was having friendly discussion with demons, also illustrating these scenes in his book. The writer presents the demon Belial and Moshe (served as Moses to the goyim) with horns as he would be sculpted by Michelangelo later, giving Shlomo pledge letters declaring that he will serve him to the ends of the earth!

     Above on the left is a drawing which is featured in Jacobus of Teramo’s (1349-1417) Book Das Buch Belial and on the right is another drawing showing the same subject where Satan and Moshe is presenting King Shlomo with the “Binding letters” of Jehova and the she devil Ashtaroth. Let me remind that Jacob of Teramo was an italian bishop and he was part of the Reconstructed Papal Council which was sent in 1417 to Poland as a high representative of the Vatican, so his writings cannot be dismissed as  simply the writings of a mad man or of a fantasist which tried to compromise the “just faith” of lying, debauchery and hate.

I also have in my arrow satchel of unkindly truths a wooden sculpture also inspired by the same Jewish work and full of judeo-CRETIN teachings, where Shlomo and his underlings conspire about the fate of the world. On the right hand side is a picture form the book  Historia Scholastuica by Peter Comestor written between XIII – XIV centuries and found presently at St John’s College in Cambridge, England. Moshe is presented sacrificing the lamb, where their wise man  and that of the judo-cretins appears with horns as was sculpted by the romans on Titus’ triumphal arch around 80 AD and this appears to be a mistake but it is not since this was the truth about mozaism  around the 1200-1300s as was known by english prelates!
A proper jew or a pitiful wretched italic with a diseased mind which for a while decided to forfeit in partaking in friendship with Jehovah, tried to introduce in this cult of evil concept from the Gothic religion, writes at the end of the IVth century the make believe story of the Apocalypse criticising vehemently the Torah and Talmud and all of their wisdom as having satanical roots as we find in 3,9: “I am giving you those who are from Satan’s Synagogue, who pretend that they are jews and are not but they lie: I will make them come and pray at your feet so they know that I loved you.”
The criminal organisation called Milita Cristi belonging to the judo-christian faith which borrowed from the satanist cult, has from time to time told a truth in its writings for example in John’s Apocalypse where he addresses the Smirna brotherhood and writes at 2,9: “I know your pain and poverty and the insults from those who say they are jews but they are not, for they are a Synagogue of Satan.” To those who make the Pergam brotherhood the author warns them in passage 2,13 not to mingle with the jews since he knows who they really are and how worthless they seem: “I know where you live, in the place where Satan has his ruling chair, you hold My Name and haven’t forsaken My faith even in the days when Antipa, My faithfull Witness was killed by you where Satan lives.” I will also relate a saying of seer Isaiah who gets cross with his pupil and tells him off at 14,13 because he has abandoned the sole of Hell and his idol Satan,  who whistles only swear words to them and for us his anger enlightens us on who they were and on who they are: “Oh foresaken people who engage in lawbreaking, seed of lawlessness, spoiled children! They have abandoned the Elohim, they despise Saint Israel and turned their backs on him…” meaning our lovely Satan according to our understanding. This satanist cult also had some writings as is mentioned in 2,24 John: “You however all those others from Tiatira who don’t know these teachings and haven’t known “Satan’s depths” how they call them…” Saul after the sayings of the jews or Paul by judo-christian equivalent in Paul’s Letter to Romans helps us find the little work which contains this  “depth of Satan” so that we know which way “the sun was rising in Palestine”. The inveterate jew insults with a big mouth his own law, ie Torah saying at 4,14-15: ”If the heirs follow the law, then faith is in vain and promises are destroyed, because the Law brings anger and where there is no law there is also no lawbreaking.” Also shows how this fits in at 4,20: “More so the law has come so that the mistake one makes is greater.” The angry rowdy fellow also writes about his devilish pupils who pretend that they are fountains of wisdom and with great love towards humanity but their aims were to only sow evil and destruction to all those around them, condemning his demon law Torah saying heavy words towards the content of Moshe’s letters at 10,4: “Because they have never known purity which only God can bring they have attempted to put before that their own purity and did not submit under God’s one.” This is what they left written from their own visions, without having been broken with a stick, I don’t have anymore to add at such sincerity which leaves one astounded and stunned! Even Plutarch in his work About Isis and Osiris tells the same stories about the jews but around 130 AD so people know how much and when the lies are being said!
In Zachariah 3,1 we find breathtaking information about the Devil’s Sole Cult (Jehovah) Satan is named as the evil spirit of Jehovah and the name with which the Unholy One is identified: “ Him, Jehovah has showed me the great priest Joshua standing in front of his angel, Satan standing to his right so he can tell on him.” The matter of the fact they knew very well who His Devlish Majesty was is found in Maleahi 2.17 how they saw the Devil’s Sole and the way that he re payed his horde of horrible devils: “Anyone who does bad is good before Jehovah and to him shall give him pleasure!” Even in later writings of the so called judo-Christians who were blinded  by rabid devilish visions, these satanic teachings still persisted in the mozaic cult.
In a chapter of Job at 2,1 we even find a description of the demon cult which was praised by them, everybody what and how but all of them a clean seed birthed from the  “holy branch” of tartarus! “The Sons of Jehovah came one day and appeared before him. And Satan also appeared in the middle of them and presented himself before Jehovah. 2,2 Jehovah asked Satan: “Where are you coming from?” And Satan answered Jehovah: “ From my adventures and walks which I undertook on the earth.” For those who do not live under the miracle of “Satan’s depths” the quote is more than explicit on its meaning. The Devil’s Sole or the Tartarus Jehova had made along with his devilish wife Ashtaroth many sons born into the kingdom of hell, one uglier than the next and who listened to His Holy Darkness with religious fervor. When they were called at a secret meeting in the depths of Hell, the soldiers of never ending evil with Satan at their helm, the leader of the young devil posse, gave a report to His Holy Darkness about their crimes and sins inflicted upon The People. And there’s another frightening truth for the Judeo-Cretin morons in this assertion; the Judaic fabrication Jehoshua, Jeshu or Jesus Christ, as the Greek named him, was Satan’s youngest brother and the last offspring of the couple Iahweh (The Bottom of Hell) and his beloved Ashtaroth (or the devil’s mother)!  Those who are in disbelief when hearing such enormities should very carefully watch the following video and heed what the verger of Pope Francis I is saying!  The video shows part of the religious service held in Latin in May 2015, in the very presence of Pope Francis I, by a priest that asserts twice, that Jesus is Lucifer’s son. To embitter the righteous Judeo-Cretin Catholics even more, I have to remind them that the official title of the Head of the Devil’s snake den in the Vatican is the Lord of Heavens, the King of the Earth and the great Prince of Hell, therefore the direct boss of Yahweh (or Lucifer).  In other words, so that the clay-headed Goyms could understand that this Head Devil commands both God in Heavens and the Devil of the Bottom of Hell Yahweh (or Lucifer) to gather all his satanic troops to wreak havoc and bring about only misfortune and evil to the peoples of the planet. That is why he wears a stack of three crowns set one on top of each other, exactly as the greatest poet of the Rumanians, Mihai Eminescu, wrote in his poem entitled Scrisoarea a III-a (“Letter 3”). Such monstrosities appear only in the satanic cults of the phallus (the Covenant) called the Mosaic cult and Judeo-Christianity, where lying, cunning, boundless hatred, debauchery, greed, extreme arrogance, looting, terror and murder are considered the finest qualities of morality and wisdom.

       When Jesus or Ilii, the great priest of the Brotherhood of the Chosen from Sarmisegetuza, feels that the jews are preparing for him a trap, eg his killing, he tells them to their face who this congregation of the damned is so that it might wipe the smile off their faces, this is told in Evangelical after John at 8,44: “Your father is the Devil and you want to do his bidding and help his wicked appetite. He was from the beginning a murderer and doesn’t stand up for truth, because he is not truth. Whenever he tells one of his stories he lies since lying is his natural ability and he is the father of lies.”
Let us also find in the archives of the past, our ancestors the Essene Getae from Palestine and the therapeutics from Egypt, according to their writings and also arimin ones, meaning real get which the jews hated to death and attempted to wipe them from the history books, as all lovers of Jehovah, Ashtaroth and Satan must do according to them.
Eusebio from Cezareea(265-339) in Church History, by Biblical Missionary Institute of the Romanian Orthodox Church publishing house, Bucharest 1987 at C II, XVII we find that the essenes and the arimin therapeutics were considered as the first christians:…1 It seems that under Claudius’s reign(41-54), Filon of Alexandria met in Rome the apostle Peter, who was preaching to the people there something which is not totally out of the ordinary, since the writing we refer to and which was composed by Filon at a much later date, contains exactly the spiritual teachings that even today are respected and followed. 3 Firstly in the book by Filon called About Contemplative Life he assures us that everything he tells is nothing he has made up but exactly as events happened. He calls them therapeutics and their women who live together with them he names them therapeutide. This name is based on the fact that as doctors they make healthy the ailing, have compassion and care for people and cure them of sin, the souls that come to them they cure and teach them to praise The Lord. 4 It is irrelevant to say whether he was the one who gave these people this name maybe giving them a nickname which is very similar to their way of life or if from the beginning when the the name of “christian” had not spread everywhere and was not commonly known. 7 Filon also tells other similar stories about them. “These type of people(Essene) you can find them everywhere in the world, since it is towards utter good that the pagans and the barbarians strive to achieve. The place where they grew and multiplied most was Egypt…around Alexandria. From all parts of the known world people come to found and to join colonies of therapeutics(essenes) people with outstanding qualities and from a land most pleasant, as is the one past the Mareotis, on a high hill, with a good position in relation to the cleanliness and freshness of the air. 9 After describing their settlements, Filon says the following about their houses of worship in those region: “ In every one of these colonies you find a saintly corner called the praying place or monastery where each therapeutic goes to find the mysteries of their religious life, but they don’t bring anything there, not drink, not food or anything with which the body is nourished, only prayers, words and songs of their seers and prophets and nothing else, which increase piousness and scientific study. 11 They also have writings by their elders which were the first leaders of their sect and left them many texts and manuscripts which they translate by their own method employing allegories, using them as a model for a just and good life. 16 “The foundation of their way of life comes from their self control over which they can build other noble virtues. None of them may eat or drink anything before dusk since their belief that philosophy can only be done when there is still light, whereas the limitations of the body are pronounced once darkness sets in, therefore those like the light while others prefer the dark. 17 Among them are therapeutics so devout in their quest for wisdom that they do not eat anything for over 3 days. Others are even more advanced and find such joy and goodness from the wisdom which is given to them by learning that they can go without food twice that long and only on the 6th day do they eventually get a bite to eat. We are of the opinion that these affirmations that Filon makes fit correctly and without contradiction to the life of some of these christians.”
Clement of Alexandria(150-217) in Stromate Chapter IV interpreting the larger sense of theosophy as a religious form of philosophy, writes about the “philosophical scriptures of the barbarians…Moreover whoever instituted the Mysteries, themselves being philosophers, hid their doctrines in myths so that they wouldn’t be accessible to all. They managed in this way, clouding people’s opinions, to stop the ignorant from falsifying them; and isn’t it better for the holy contemplation and thought that they remained hidden?…all of this wisdom we will find it throughout symbols under the veil of allegories…Orpheus says with his mouth inspired by divinity that “Jupiter swallows his offspring Phanes, takes all his powers and becomes one with intellectual presence all things that Phanes presents being intelligible. “Further in the next paragraph he tells of this Orphic philosophy, so loved by the greeks that they attempt to say that it is their own:…Barbarians weren’t only the discoverers of philosophy but also the discoverers of art, science and technic….I have to quote them further and to say that greek philosophy has stolen from barbarian philosophy… Why do I have to keep saying that the majority of them were of barbarian descent and went to school among the barbarians(therapeutics)…We find that Platon is always praising the barbarian people and retells that him and Pythagoras learned the most and the best teachings living among the barbarians.” I will give another quote from the same chapter of the Alexandrian author, at paragraph 57, he wrote something about our Getic people something which cannot be understood nowadays by contemporary romanian minds poisoned by Latin lies and judo-satanic idiocy, he says the he is not unknowing about philosophy…In my opinion all of them, the brahmans, odrissi, the getae and the egyptians, knowing the great benefit that they received from the wise men, they saw them as gods, made sure that their philosophy would be taught in schools and studied with great care the theological ideas of them…The Hyperboreans which live past the Riphaei(Carpathian) mountains are taught to live according to justice and truth, don’t eat any sort of meat but feast on the fruits of trees.” This is what Antiquity knew about our ancient people around 200 AD, and what we know today is due to a long process of historical falsification of our people and their history to crown the glory of the European culture and say that it was founded by the judo-satanical idiocy, in antiquity the classic greek-roman culture and in the XIX century indo-germanic and the cazaro-semite illuminism.
The successor of Clement who ran the cursed demon school Didasklia, the judo-christian priest Origene(185-254) in his writing Against Celsus criticizes his master because he has placed our ancestors the getae at the beginning of history and time: “Celsus has grouped together the Odrisi, the ones from Samothrace and those from Eleusis along with the hyperboreans, considering them among the oldest and wisest civilisations. “When he mentions the “hyperboreans” we are meant to understand the people which Clement said lived past the Riphaei mountains, the getae and not some blue bearded ghosts or the delusions of grandeur of some asylum escapee. Also in that book we find words which are stunning for today’s romanians which have not been fooled by the judo-satanist and latrinist lies: …The Getae from around the Danube are among the oldest and with a high level of wisdom, “the word hyperborean becoming clearly understood even according to their writings. I call on all romanians with the power of thought and not poisoned by judo-satanic lies and falsifications to read and remember the above quotes so that they may find out and understand their own  multi- millennial history and their cultural identity.
Strabon the Capadocian(63BC-21AD) has left us proof in his work Geographica X1,6,2 so we may remember, the following truths about hyperboreans which were valid in his time which others keep trying to find them god knows where: “The first who described the different parts of the world tell that the hyperboreans lived above the Pontus Euxinus, the Ister and Adria” and with this proof we are able to remove to one side the fog and steam of Diodor and of others who didn’t know what to write about where the hyperboreans lived, being also the land where the gods were born. In the same book at VII 3,4 the author writes about our proper-get people and not semite as some traitors nowadays claim, in order to falsify our past: “from all the unfolding history of the Getae; their religious god was the dominant feature of this.”
Filon writes in his work De Cherubinis, paragraph 49 that he knew the Egyptian therapeutics which called themselves Essenes from where he has stolen his fake wisdom that makes all the rabid and mad mozaics nowadays drop their jaws in awe: “And me along with Moses, the one loved by god was initiated in the great mysteries” Let us try to wake up from the sheep like logic of this dark and lying jewish rabbi who was not an idiot but had great cunning to fool everyone and make them into a herd of unquestionable sheep. He says that Moses was initiated in the great mysteries by the essenes and therapeutics of Egypt. Even the rabbi Saul from Judea, in The Deeds of the Apostols at 6,22 sustains a similar idea: “Moses learned all the wisdom of the egyptians and was strong in action and in words’, meaning he got them from the essenes  or therapeutics from Egypt as named by the greek jew Filon, however he was not jewish but was of the getic people. I relate further Joseph Flavius’ saying in the book The history of the Jews against the Romans, who lived for a while in the Brotherhood of the Essenes between 53-56 and totally contradicts Filon’s assertion that Moses founded the brotherhood of the Essenes in Palestine. Their first mention in the rabbi books is around 185BC and around 105 BC a teacher of the essenes was initiating his students in the yard of the great Temple of Jerusalem, proving that they were in good relations with the  jewish rabbis. Their centre at Qumram was destroyed by an earthquake in the times of Irod the Great remaining unsettled as long as this king ruled also Galileea. At II 8,9 of the book above mentioned, the rituals and customs of this religious sect is described detailing that they despised worldly pleasures and valued the control of the self, had a reserved attitude about marriage but didn’t neglect and cared for siblings.” They despise wealth and it is admiring to see that all their belongings have common ownership, you won’t find among them one to distinguish himself from the rest by wealth…to always wear white robes …They praise God in their own unique way. Before sun rise they do not speak any bad words, but address old prayers handed down to them by their parents, begging the Sun to rise…Apart from God they respect with great care the name of the Lawgiver and who should slander Him is condemned to death…At the end of their meal, the priest prays again; at the beginning and at the end they praise God and the Creator of Life.” The same author in the works Judaic Antiquities chapter 1, paragraph 5 shows about these essenes: “They believe in the immortality of the soul and their prize for justice for them is eternal good…There are around four thousand people who do this. They live their life in this way which is very similar to the dacians who call themselves polistai”. The ritual described by Jophus Flavius has nothing to do with mozaicism and the prayers that the esseness address before the rising of The Holy Sun are inherited from their parents in Dio Getia – The Holy Country – not from Moses which every truly jewish person would say they come from. It is a specific characteristic of the religious ritual by the getae also repeated by Dromixto or Dromichete on the 24th tablet, who urged his army to kneel towards the rising sun and to pray to the Creator when a devastating fire came and befell them, identically described in our christian cult.
In order to find out where this wisdom of the essenes originated I offer a quote from a manuscript found at Qumram, entitled The Essene Gospel of John which tells us without a shadow of a doubt from which lands they come from, traveling through Palestine and Galilee…From places far away from the desert, came the Brothers carrying the testimony of Light, so that all people through them could go towards the Light of the Holy Law…Alike many and to them was given the Law and the power to become Sons of God and the ability to enter the Endless Sea where the Tree of Life arises…Always the Brothers of Light lived where the angles of the Mother Earth find joy, near rivers, near flowers near trees and near the sounds of the birds where the Sun and the Rain can embrace their body which is the avatar of the soul”.
Let us complete with the saying in the manuscript entitled The Heavenly Father from the same source:”The Heavenly Father has created all things…Through his Law, he makes snow fall…He makes the storms in the north and the raging wind which disperses the snow like birds in flight, and the eye marvels at its beauty of its white”. With something for Chosen People from the manuscript Essene book of revelations : “And I saw the holy city of the Brotherhood descending from the heavens coming from God, prepared like an adorned bride by her husband. And I heard a powerful voice from the sky saying:…Look the Mountain of the House of God, raised above the mountains and on the top of hills. And everybody was going towards there”. These fragments show that The Brotherhood of The Chosen along with the brothers came from lands very far away from the desert and constituted a community on the banks of the river Jordan as far as the north side of the Dead Sea in the desert and just like their predecessors from where they came, were given the Law from Enoch and the gift of the Heavenly Father and Mother Earth in order to enter the Endless Sea where the Tree of Life rises. These religious beliefs were the foundation of the getic polistai religion as was written by J. Flavius, and today is only found in romanian folklore and myth, however we are supposed to accept jewish lies as some divine revelations and inspirations. The places from where they came were in the north where there were snow storms and hurricanes and their forests and orchards teemed with flora and fauna, where one could hear the singing of birds and where the rain floods the plains where specific flowers grew which can only be found in the Carpathian plains even according to jewish phantasmagoria.
Eusebio of Cezareea(265-339) in the works mentioned a few pages back in C IV, XXVI quotes a passage from Meliton of Sardes’ Apologia which was sent to Emperor Antonius Pius around 175. …7,9 It is true that Christian philosophy developed early among the barbarians, then it grew in your bosom during the great Emperor Octavian Augustus(27 BC – 14 AD), your ancestor, becoming eventually especially during your reign as having a great benefit. Because since then the power of the romans has increased ever greatly and brilliantly. You yourself became its chosen heir and you will remain so along with your son, cultivating this faith which has developed and grown along with your empire and which began as far back as Augustus, which your ancestors have managed to protect along with other religions. Again the fact that our religion was adopted from the start favorably along with the birth of the empire that flowered out of its goodness, is proven clearly by the fact that nothing has happened to this religion since Augustus and to the present day, in fact – as other wised also – since then to now it has only attracted fame and brightness. The only emperors which at the behest of evil people, found to cast our faith in a bad light were Nero and Domitian, they are the cause of these unfair denigrations which the name of christian became associated with and unfortunately became rather common.” But Emperors Antonius Pius and his son Comodus practiced arimin christianity, the “Religion of Zamolxe”, the religion of the cross of the getae from the Holy Country(Christ), arianism or mithraism as the  satanist judo-cretins slanderously called it, so we have before us the greatest act of falsifying and substituting one religion for another, thus stealing its identity and having the audacity to claim that lies and robbery are phantasmagoria arisen from Hell’s Sole.
Against those CHRISTIANS as identified by Eusebio (265-339) of Cezareea in his Church History, information irrefutable by nobody until the present, the fanatical jewish zealots and pharisees as well as some of the getae traitors which started to believe mozaic slops started a ruthless war which lasted 350 years until the wholly foreskin, eg the diamond of the “oath” of Hell’s Sole and the rest of the jewels of the Phallic cult, became holy symbols in the new religion imposed by fire and sword  through the roman empire after 380. To prove the hate of the rabid pharisees against the essenes, I will use a so called revelatory and holy letter pretending facts from their so called Holy book the Faca-Tora.
In First epistle of Paul to the Corinthians, the unmasking of the dastardly servant of the Hell’s Sole and his attack on the essenes is made at 1,20-23 where he is mocking the martyring of Illi(Christ), the Leader of the Brotherhood of the Chosen from Sarmisetuza  who was assassinated by them in the year 30, Saul being an accessory to the crime:..Where is this talkative guy of the decade? Hasn’t God dumbed down the wisdom of this world? Since the world with all its intelligence hasn’t truly known God or his wisdom, God found a way to save the believers by the madness of teaching the ways of the cross. The jews are looking for miracles and the greeks seek wisdom; but we teach about The Christ who was crucified, which for jews was an obstacle to move forward and for the People complete madness, but for the ones who were called be they jews or greeks it means the power and the wisdom of God.” Shattering truths were said by this good for nothing loser about the martyred Illi, The Unique God of the religion of the Getae, and about their invented Christ which the people wanted to hear no more about!
In the Second epistle of Paul to the Corinthians at 4,3-4, Saul is praising towards the sky his lies and fabrications, addressing words of hate and poison towards the essenes accusing them:”And if our Gospel Book is covered, it is covered for those that are on the Path to Perdition, which the unbelieving mind was blinded by the God of this decade, so that they cannot see the shimmering light of the Gospel Book praising Christ, which is the image of God.” He has the cheek to tell us that his Dark Lord Jehovah which he was praising far and wide and teaching about his ways in synagogues was nothing compared to the “God of this decade” to which a big proportion of the population of the roman empire was praying to, and them, the jews were so cross and full of envy that nobody wanted to know about their Jewhovah, the servant of the Hell’s Sole to which they had been praying for a while.
In Epistle of Paul to the Romans at 9,1-2, Saul writes that the religion of the Essenes is The Path of Faith, but it still had to be stamped on and driven out since only the path of Elohim, meaning his false made up religion had to triumph. This criminal way in which the religion of the getae had to be destroyed was not by accident, but bit by bit was constructed into a big conspiracy as we discover in The war of the sons of light against the sons of darkness, in the chapter About the Priestly Blessing: “Blessed be oh Elohim of Israel for Your holy plan and for your works without fault”, and later on it tells that Elohim or Jehovah the Wicked, had to become master over all the Gods of the Earth and over their religions. In the  Apocalypse of John at chapter 11,17-18 we find  the triumph of judo-satanism over the religion of the getae in the roman empire, and Jehovah who was a failed unemployed God deep in the bowels of the Earth, together with his Satanist army and some traitorous people, tricks everyone and in effect becomes the master of the skies, the twenty four elders around him told him full of praise:“We thank you oh All Powerful Elohim for who you are and was and who will be, that you have put your hand on your great power and started to give the Eucharist. The People started to get angry, but then came your anger, it came the time to judge the dead, to repay your servants the prophets, the saints and all who fear your name.” The point of the action to put their hands on the souls of the people living in the roman empire was accomplished but not how the evil jews intended it through mozaism since the italics and greeks rose up and were even more cruel and wicked even than them.
Let us continue with the queer sayings of John in his Apocalypse at 16,13-14 where he puts into everyone’s conscious for ever the beast, the dragon and the lying prophet: “Then I saw coming from the mouth of the Beast, from that of the Dragon and from that of the Lying Prophet three evil spirits since they had the appearances of frogs. These are spirits of demons which make unbelievable signs and which go to the emperors of the whole world to gather them together for the coming war of the big day of Lord the Almighty.” Considering himself holy and pious, anyone else in this world was a rabid heathen according to any good disciple and reader of the Tora. The symbols that he mentions above similar in appearance to frogs or to scarabs we find on the lead tablet number 1 and also on the icons 9 and 11 of the getae and on some gnostic medallions.
John sees something more in his visions writing to us at chapter 12,7:”And in the sky a war broke out, Michael and his angels fought the Dragon. And the Dragon and his angels also fought. 12,9 And the Big Dragon, the Old Snake called the Devil or Satan the one who deceives the whole world, was thrown to the earth and with him his angels also”. 12,10“And I heard in the sky a booming voice which said: “Here comes the Salvation, the power and the kingdom of Our God and the ruling of His Christ, because our brothers who told day and night in the front of Our Lord were cast down”. The text is more than explicit, a monotheist universal religion was destroyed in order for the judo-satanist cult of the phallus to prosper, and the dirty lepers take pride in their achievements and boast in front of the whole world to see at their accomplishments, considering their deed unending and unable to be reversed by anyone. This is where John’s weakness is shown by confusing the subtleties of the religion which he has such harsh words for. Why was their Jehovah so much better than the Old God, it is not mentioned and the historical annals fail to mention this historic battle which changed the face of the world but shows that in 381 arimin Christianity which was at the time an official religion in the roman empire was forbidden by an edict of then emperor Theodosius at the request of judo-satanist priest Ambrose who was controlling the Roman empire through the Milita Christi, otherwise known as the Vatican Snakeden!
That all the commanders of the Brotherhood of the Chosen participated in this war, is also told to us by Saul in The first epistle of Paul to the Thessalonians at 2,2:”After we had suffered and were mocked in Philipi, as you know, we came full of trust in our God to tell news of The Gospel of God in the middle of many battles.” As if spurned off by a mad brain eating virus, the madness of the zealots started as if on order in all the synagogues in Judeea and the other People, the anger exploding like a volcanic eruption in the spring of 66 and great destruction was brought upon the heads of the People and then eventually on their own as well!
In these times of false glory and hopping asylum like madness, Saul is showing off with the falsehoods that he was making up, recognizing without shame his deeds of a rabid mozaic, as we find in The Epistle of Paul to the Galatians at 1,13-14:”You have surely heard what my behavior was like at one time in the religion of the jews. For example who I used to chase with great zeal the Church of the Lord and I was causing destruction in it, and how I was much advanced in the religion of the jews more so than any of my brethren who were of similar age. I was accompanied by a want and respect for all our old ancestral customs.” He is referring to the fact that he was driving away the “God of this decade” and “The Church of God” because he was worshiping under Jehovah the Evil who had started the conspiracy against the Builder of the Heavenly and Earthly worlds. It is the most clear and precise evidence of the conspiracy that the jews under the specter of Jehovah were conjuring and putting into practice against the getic religion which had spread greatly throughout the roman empire and in Palestine it was burning the Soles of Jehovah the Darkly himself.
And another leader of the Brotherhood of the Chosen knew very well the ways in which the jews managed to rule over Qumram in The first ecumenical epistle of John at 2,22:”Who is the liar if not the one who states that Joshua is the Christ? That one is the Antichrist who takes the name of the Father and of the Son in vain.” You cannot find a more explicit testimony that their false god named Christ, who they were trying very hard to promote over Iisous or Iosius of the getae. The essenes who dared to stand up against the false religion and the false son Christos were called the Antichrist in similar fashion to today where anyone who dares to unmask the industry of the Holocaust is mocked and deemed an anti-semite and an enemy to the people because only the jews and yids know the great truths of the world!
We see that in the falsely made religion, the lying prophet is the servant of the beast who dared to preach his “evil ways” in front of the jews’ noses in Jerusalem for around 42 months after which they managed to catch the “baddie” and to deal with him. Apocalypse 19,20-21:”And the Beast was caught. Together with it, the lying Prophet was also caught, who was making before it those strange signs which upset many people who had welcomed the mark of the beast and who prayed to its icon. Both of them were cast down alive in the lake of fire and brimstone. The others were killed by the sword by the command of the One was was sitting on the horse…16,2 The first one went and spilled his calyx on the ground and a great painful wound hit the people who had the mark of the beast and who were praying to its icon. 20,1-3 Then I saw coming down from the sky an angel who was holding in his hand the Key of the Abyss and a big chain. He put his hand on the dragon, the old snake, who is known as The Devil or Satan and chained him up for one thousand years. He threw him in the Abyss, locked him there and sealed the entrance so that he would not deceive the People anymore, until those one thousand years would pass. Then he must be set free for a while. 20,7 When one thousand years shall pass, Satan must be set free. 20,8 And he will come out of his prison to deceive the People, who are in all four corners of the world, to get Gog and Magog ready for war. 20,9-10 And they rose up to the Earth and surrounded the camp of the saints and the much loved citadel. However a great fire came from the sky which incinerated them. And the devil who was deceiving them, was cast down into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the lying prophet were. And they would be worked day and night for ever.”
Let us be clear on the sayings and teachings of John and other demonic people laid from the same hen house which was a devilish conspiracy, as in Jehovah, against the religion of the getae and of the whole humanity. He is saying that in heaven there was a very old divinity called the Devil or Satan followed by angels and by a great dragon, or the old snake. In Judeea there was a lying prophet, who was aimlessly wandering and was a pious believer of the beast, who had been given all the power of the dragon or of the old snake, with which it was making miracles and it was clouding the mind of all the illuminated jews and even of some rabbis. This lying prophet was originally from the People, worshiping the god Gog from Magog country, with who was organizing a rebellion that had been sown for over one thousand years of planning in the lake of fire. In those times Magog country was understood as the one and only Dio Getia even after their writings Tora and Midrashim, and Gog was known as Sintu as called by the arimin people of the southern Ister but also some parts in the north of it, using this name since Saul traveled through Macedonia.

Let me address for one minute the affirmations of Johnny Liar who curses left and right which makes the Earth shake that the beast, the old dragon and the lying prophet that made before the people the mark of the beast and was leading them astray, were all caught and thrown in the depths of the earth after which all the doors were shut and the padlocks put on. The worthless person who wrote this was a great loser, and even bigger bastards were the ones who imposed this theory in the roman empire as universal truths. To better understand these gibberish stories let me explain the well known historical realities known in the present. In the roman empire, the cult of Mithra, or arimin Christianity, was the most widespread religion from around 180-380AD, which was banned through executive edicts of Roman emperors Gratian and Theodosius but the author of this criminal act was the judo-latinist leper Ambrose. The inscription on the belly of the bull DIO SOLI INVICTUM MITRA, shows in the bas-relief that it represents the cult of Mithra or Samis as the getae called it. The word mithra in Latin means bonnet or hat, exactly what the three young men are wearing on their heads in the bass-relief, ancestral cusma(hat) otherwise known as the getic or dacian hat as some call it. In latin the world sol means “sun” and represented by the shinning man, or the one born from lightning and light as the legend of Mithra says, meaning the saintly undefeated figure of Mithra, born from the holy sunlight, or the saintly and undefeated man of light, Mithra. The divinity was the genius of the heavenly light, he used to appear before sunrise on the rocky outcrop of mountains; during the day he would traverse the sky in his chariot pulled by four white horses, and when night followed, he would still light the wholeof the earth with a shimmering light, “always awake, always watching”. Since latins didn’t have a word for the religious concept called “son of light” they used something similar borrowed from their theology. The traditional costumes that the three figures wear are typical getic, as the fighters of Diogio are presented on Trojan’s Column in Rome and below we can see a huge snake. On the bull’s chest on the left hand side where he is bleeding, we can see a sitting dog who wants to lick him and this dog is probably a substitute for the wolf from the religion of the getae.
On the bronze coins of emperor Constantine the Great (306-337) the legend of the “Invincible Sun” or “My Companion” is present which completely destroys the lies of the judo-cretins, scorners of delusions, visions and similar satanist tall stories who affirm that this arimin real-get leader of the empire was converted to a devilish love of Jehovah the Grim and of the mozaics. Under the imperial standard is the snake in a similar position to the bas-relief previously shown.

     On Trojan’s Column one may see two different flags used by the getae, and they capture exactly the moment that Jonah the senile screams fearfully and says that the vindictive pharisees catch the dragon, the old snake, the beast and the lying prophet, putting them for safe keeping in hell, all the band of Carpathian troublemakers. On the emesh seal on the right hand side(the brown one) one can see two fabulous animals and further on the right is a drawing which represents the unfolded seal where alongside the beast or dragon the “old snake” also appears. So the old getic standard has its origins in some old Carpathian myths which are as old as the middle of the IV millennium BC, still unknown which were also taken to Ki-En-Gi as the blinding truth is presented to us by the 4500 years old emesh seal!

     In order to support this idea, I present the golden tablet which was found among the treasure from Lechinta in Bistrita-Nasaud county, made around VII-VIth centuries BC. It represents a Carpathian seer taming a dragon or an ogre as is presented in some of our traditional folklore tales, but having the marks of breasts as if of a woman. I think this represents The Mother Earth or the Zina(beautiful witch, wonder woman as in Romanian folklore). The dragon is wearing a crown on its head similar to the ways some dragons on some emesh seal are represented in the IIIrd millennium BC(the above picture), or it’s just a crest how the dragoons would appear in the roman army towards the end of the IInd century AD. In the work Historia Augusta a story is mentioned about the mother of Septimus Severus(193-211), the first getae who rose on the throne of the roman empire. She dreamed a day before giving birth to him that she brought forth onto the world a purple snake and it entered once with the new imperial ruler, as a flag for the roman cavalry, which was formed in a great part by getae from the North of the Ister as well as form the south. In the time of emperor Galerius, the infantry as well as the cavalry had the same flag.
In western Germany, in some archeological digs undertaken close to the town of Niderbeiber close to the river Rhine, Renania-Palatinat land, a metallic part of a roman flag was found which represented a fabulous animal similar in appearance to a reptile with a crest on its head and it had a mouth full of teeth. It has a length of 30cm, formed by a thin copper foil, gold tinted on the top similar to the middle picture. On the right is a roman cavalry soldier who carried into battle this standard, the representations is made after a mural found in Chester, Western England on the border with Wales. Here the romans built a fort during emperor Vespian’s reign(79AD). However this mythical symbol – the heavenly snake or the heavenly dragon – continued to be represented in Western Europe as the below pictures indicate.

     On the left hand side is a drawing from the book L’Historie de Merlin by Robert de Boron written in the XIVth century, where we see the army of the legendary King Arthur (V-VIth centuries) in battle, using as their standard a snake. The following image towards the right is from the work Psalterium Aureium, as illustration at Psalm 59 which represents the millitary flag of the French army in the year 883, where the snake is colored in blue (the head), yellow(the body) and red(the tail). The last pictures are two details of the two snakes from the previous standards. This totem-symbol from the religion of the getae was also used in the west for another two centuries, in fact we discover it on the Bayeux Tapestry where it represents the “Dragon of Wessex”, worn by the King of England, Harold Godwinson in the Battle of Hastings(1066). Having a length of 68.4m and a width of 0.5m, it represents in 35 successive scenes, the invasion of England and its conquest by the Normans from the noth-west of France. Even though the tapestry was made on the order of catholic bishop Odo, great founder of the Bayeux Cathedral – France and brother in law to William the Conqueror, he clearly illustrates that the symbol of the dragon was present in both armies. This artistic work shows how the judo-cretins changed their false and idiotic writings to suit the changing times and their personal interests, since the bishop Odo decided that the tapestry would be displayed in his cathedral, from its founding another 400 years, which shows that the story of Saint George killing the arimin Christianity dragon is only a story with a political narrative and a lot of hate in the middle, as above and below, depending on how you want to view it yourself but the meaning is the same. It is however extraordinary how in a world controlled by the Vatican Snakeden without any hope, old getic heraldic symbols continued to survive in western Europe. Even though in their so called holy works, these creatures are damned as beasts of Satan, somehow they found their place on the standards and flags of kings, blessed by the head of the catholic church in their respective countries! The explanation is a weird one which will unmask completely the Vatican Snakeden.
After the Great Schism in 1054, the relations between the Orthodox Church in Constantinople and the catholic one in the Vatican are full of hate and ready at any moment to explode. The Vatican organizes many crusades to liberate Palestine from the Saracens, but the fourth crusade got wrong the targeted country and captures in May 1204 Constantinople, dissolving the eastern roman empire, the greek one, to replace it with a latin one. All the Writings in the city were confiscated and taken to the Vatican Secret Archives, from where only a small part were ever taken out to be known and read by the masses. Christian Orthodoxy is one step away from disappearing, since the leader of the vlacho-bulgarians John Asen formally asks the Pope to recognize his official status as king since the beginning of the year. Through the apostolic diploma of the 25th February 1204, Pope Innocent the IIIrd bestows upon the wallachian the title of king ,,sceptrum regni et regium mittimus diadema” asking him to spread catholicism in other lands beyond his kingdom, which he administered. Johnny dies in 1207, his throne usurped by Borila, his sister’s nephew and John Asan which was still a child the rightful successor was removed from power. He took refuge in Wallachia and traveled a long time throughout Moldova and Galitia from where he came with troops to reconquer his family’s throne. He manages to conquer the vast majority of the kingdom but Borila reinforces himself in the capital at Tarnovo which is only conquered after another 7 years. In 1215 he conquers Macedonia and a part of Thrace, becoming a force much feared by his neighbors. He severs his ties to the church in Rome.
In 1237, King John Asan who remained in the old ancestral religion of the getae, forgetting that his father was supposed to formally convert them to catholicism sends a letter to Pope Gregory the IXth praising the papal hierarchy and asking the pope to formally recognize him as his father’s successor. The Pope replies that for the moment he recognizes him as dominus of the Wallachians and of the Bulgarians which makes John Asan angry. The Pope in turn takes offense and considers the wallachian-bulgarian king a heathen, brought forth by the Antichrist, therefore in 1238 he asks the Hungarian king Bela IV to organize a crusade against this king who has forsaken the “christian faith” and to conquer his country and bow it to papal control. The Hungarian king cannot do so straight away since he lacks a numerous army, but in 1244 the Tatars invade Europe therefore saving John Asan from an unwelcome hungarian “visit”.
However the pope still had a problem to “resolve” in the Languedoc region of France at the foot of the Pyrenee mountains, where in the Xth century a number of break-way christian sects appeared such as the cathars, bogomils and albiginesians who considered the mainstream christian church the house of Satan and his minions as well as the churches Santa Sofia in Constantinople, the Vatican and the former Temple in Jerusalem. A great truth was said by the cathars and the punishment towards them from the pope’s men was harsh and severe because they didn’t want to join the false religion. They got there having been driven out from the Eastern Roman Empire by the “peaceful” greeks and slavs from all different faiths, and a part of these s cathars directly participated in the formation of the Asenesti kingdom, there the cult being recognized as an official religion! The Vatican puts these troublemakers to the sword and since their faith were so great that not even violence and genocide could stop them, in the year 1209 Pope Innocent the IIIrd organizes in the south of France an official crusade against the cathars and albigenzi putting them to the sword or to the fire. Approximately 40,000 innocent people were butchered or burnt at the stake. It must be noted that along with the cathars, good catholics also died who saw in these “good people” a model of how to live one’s life. The burning at the stake of “enemies” practiced by catholics for many hundreds of years, symbolizes the human sacrifices which were carried out in the ancient cults, which the satanists used for their own nefarious purposes because the mozaics also borrowed their method, and they considered themselves the most pro Israel. The end of the cathar sect happened on the 15th March 1244 at the Montsegur fortress where after a prolonged siege, where they were offered numerous times their lives for conversion to the catholic faith, 250 cathars opened the gates and threw themselves on the funeral pyres which had been built for the occasion.
Because King Johnny Caloian didn’t convert the Wallachians and Bulgarians to the catholic faith as he promised the Vatican, in 1221 Pope Honorius the IInd founds in Hungary which was subordinate to Rome, The Order of the preacher brothers or dominicans which with the help of the sword and fire were to “ convert to christianity of heretics and cumans and fighting against the dualistic heresies in the Balkans”. The Pope being the leader of the cretin congregation after the greek empire was dissolved in 1204, decided to take out of European culture the last vestiges of the getic religion by inventing the killing of the dragon by Georgie the idiot, the dastardly deed known through Legend sanctorum or Legend aurea. This story was put into mainstream circulation by Jacob de Voragine in 1260, after it was copied in thousands of numbers and distributed in all inns, pubs where the holy branches of Hell’s Sole and his much loved son Satan were swinging. Following to gravely alter in others’ eyes the religious concepts of the arimin christians, the catholics considered that this was a death blow to the christians north and south of the Danube, which still kept in their old heraldry the old getic symbol of the dragon or the snake of light. In this way the symbol of wisdom and of light the Builder of the getic religion, these killers made him into a monster meant to inspire fear and hate, and Gerogie Loudmouth annointed by the holy branch   their Dark Lord managed to see the phantasmagoria after placing his holy foreskin on his empty head, and went about to kill the frightening creature. For the work carried out,  the cunning falsifier, who was also a member of the dominican order, was rewarded with  the position as the Bishop of Genoa. The cretin, monstrous and traitorous iconography was put to task to invent brave scenes where Johnny Nowreath destroys the heavenly dragon or the snake of light from the old getic or wallachian religion in the time where this injustice was fabricated. The satanist judo-christians did similar with other religious symbols which were borrowed from arimin christianity and here I point out the staffs of archbishops in the XII-XVth centuries which have at the top end symbols from the religion of the getae. If they would have had the holy branch of the Hell’s Sole as it appears big and proud on the ceramic fragments discovered at Kuntillet Ajrud, then nobody would be able to say anything else! Even after this avalanche of lies was started against the snake or the ancient dragon, this symbol still persists in some places even after hundreds of years, where stupidity and fanaticism didn’t have as much popularity as at the Vatican. I point out here as uncontested evidence, the image of the ancient dragon kept with great care on an old holy costume in the embroidery museum of Santa Maria de Guadalupe Monastery, built in Spain at the beginning of the XVIIth century.
And now to reach my unbelievable conclusion for anyone still with a functioning mind in relation to the existence of the symbols of the religion of the getae in the catholic world: these managed to resist in the New Testament, otherwise all the crazy talk about the “ancient snake” and dragon, which we know today, were only put in there after the concept of the conversion of the Wallachians in the north and south of the Ister at which time still worshiped the ancient religion of the getae, the religion of Zamolxe, arimin christianity or “aryanism” as the lepers attempted to falsify it in order to have a devilish falsehood on their manhood! The matter of the fact is that these so called “corrections” to their “holy text” was also carried out at later times by the lying jews as we see at paragraph 34,29 of Exodus where in the catholic bible it is written that after Moses came down from the mountain after meeting Jehovah he had on his head two horns. Of course the Devil made his mark on his servant by giving him two horns as is evidenced by numerous painters, sculptors and writers who presented him as such in centuries XI-XV. When Michelangelo sculpted Moses’ statue with horns on top of his head, the clergy made a big scene about it that something like this wasn’t allowed and instead of horns they said “his face shone with rays of light”, like all so called judo-satanist cretin and monstrous arguments.
Coming back to Apocalyptic hallucinatory seer John, who lied like all great lovers of Jehovah to raise to the heavens his race and to destroy through lies, crime and falsehood the race at which time was practicing in the roman empire the religion of the getae or of the Cross. I bring as clear truths the words of judo-christian prelate Hieronymus(345-420). In the work Contra Pelagianos he makes the following statement regarding Gog of the race Magog which had to be forever destroyed since The Decade of Eternal Vengeance had begun with the jews lead by The Unholy and his young satanist minions:”El certe Gothos omnes retro eruditi magis Getas quam Gog et Magog appelare consueverunt/And without a doubt for the word of Gog all the learned people of antiquity meant the getae, the dacian name instead of Gog or Magog. Meaning that it was well known from the end of the IVth century when the falsehood was fabricated by John, the information learned from “the teachers of the past” that Magog meant the getic people against which the jews started a devastating war in order to destroy their religion through lies, violence and cunning, and the greeks and italics worked later on hard to falsify all their history and to completely take them out of the history books! And the demonic historical falsifier, jewish rabbi J Flavius writes about Magog that they are scythians, meaning population from above the Ister which the historical documents more often called getae or dacians after the invasion of a part of the Holy Country Dio Getia by the romans, information written in Getica by the bishop Jordanes.
In Deeds of the Apostles Saul wants to convince what a pious jew he is with great belief in the Tora:”23,4 I have persecuted to the death this Way, I have tied up and thrown in jail men and women”. The Way or The Law which Saul is referring to is of course not the Tora but not one cretin judo-christian has been curious to find out what this idiot had meant to say. I will tell them, may their head burst with the amount of wickedness that it contains: The Way which Saul drove out is the writings of the getae received by Enoch from The Heavenly Father and called The Way/The Law of Truth and Justice. We find the historical truth written around 62AD by the same rowdy fellow in Romans 2,14-15:”When the People have no Law , they naturally behave Lawfully…they prove that the law is present in their hearts; because this work is seen in their hearts and in their thoughts”, the text talks exactly about the theosophical concepts from the apologetic letter of archbishop Meliton of Sardes to the roman emperors.
Due to the fact that he was an angry zealot with great hate towards the essenes of Palestine, he insulted even the other essenes which were in other communities from the region, after they managed to take control of the one at Qumran in 30AD, as we find out in The first epistle of Paul to the corinthians at 1,17-18:”Actually Christ has sent me not to christen but to preach the Gospel: not with the wisdom of words so that Christ’s cross may not be made in vain. For the preaching of the Cross is madness and it is only for those on the Road to Perdition: but for us which are on the Road to forgiveness it is the power of God.” What hallucinogenic turn around, it makes you forget which way the sun rises!
We have a saying that “the words of a sinner ring true”! And this is what the devilish rabid pharisee did, writing full of anger that during the time that they used to wander aimlessly around synagogues to brainwash a small portion of jews to their sect, in the roman empire people were living their lives, using for comfort a religion which had as symbol the cross with equal hands, alone or within a circle with the Only God – “the God of this decade”- and a holy scripture which he names “The Road to Perdition”. The Dirty Leper doesn’t want to tell us why the book The Gospel of Peace stolen form the works of Qumran with which they were wandering from synagogue to synagogue was the “Way to Forgiveness” but the same book from arimin christianity or from the getae was supposed to be a heresy for those who were already worshiping it. We see the phenomena of stealing and falsification of the getic religion by the jewish lepers which were joined in short time by the hordes of italics and greeks.
And the birth of light which came form the heavens as the lightning of the Heavenly Father as a divine symbol for the rebirth of life on earth was for the apocalyptic wisdom of John also a Satanist trick, 13,15”He was given the power to give life to the icon of the beast, so that the icon of the beast to be able to talk and to kill all those who would not bow down before it. 13,16 And it was so that all, small and big, rich or poor, free or slaves to receive a sign on their right hand or on their head”.  The wicked guy doesn’t want to say what kind of sign they were supposed to receive from “the beast” in order to get rid of the knowledge! May death eat you alive along with your phantasmagoria!
Their little book Tora, who they pretend they have received from their devil Jehovah, says in Exit 13,9 that he asked of Moses:”Let it be like a sign on your hand and like a sign on your head in between your eyes, so that the Law of Elohim will always be spoken from your mouth”. Apocalypse of John at 13,16 and 17 says that these signs on the head and on the right hand are the mark of the “beast” who is fighting with Jehovah on the earth and in the skies and big trouble will befall their horned Moses as well as the whole of their satanical clan if they will keep worshiping these marks. Being of “kind and gentle mind”, John sees the souls that have had to suffer for Jehovah the Grim and the martyrdom of the souls that did not want to bow down before: “the beast and its icon and who didn’t get their mark on their hand or on their head” as written at 20,4:”And I saw the souls which had their heads cut off due to Jesus’ testimony and due to the word of Elohim and to all those who did not bow down before the beast and its icon and didn’t receive its mark on their hand or head. They were reborn alongside Christ and shared his love for a thousand years.” Great Bastards you forever shall remain, satanical scum and monsters born out of the deepest depths of hell where your satanic brethren – The Devil Jehovah, She Devil Ashtaroth and Satan – have their ruling throne and their evil grim empire!
If I may be permitted to show some more things about these matters, as long as you won’t get too upset, I again quote Tora the “revelatory book” of the jews with the aim of instituting a prison planet. In Birth at 14,18 it is written that Abraham the Aramaic or the scythian and not the jew or another semite loser, after coming back from Egypt, he had some quarrels with some local petty rulers and after chasing them away, in his path appeared: “Melchizedek, the emperor of Salem bringing bread and wine, he was a priest of the High and Mighty God. Melchizedek blessed Abraham with the words:”Blessed be Abraham born out of the High and Mighty God, The Builder of the Earth and the Heavens.” We see from this information that the blessing with bread and wine specific to the religion of the getae, was also practiced by Melchizedek, the ruler of the Philistines and Abraham and later Moses was also a student of the same cult, as I have shown before by the symbols of the cross on the head and hand and of the wine and bread being used for blessings. The epitaph for the “High and Mighty God” is only found in the writings of the essenes found at Qumran, the jews used a trick to ensure that they would be seen as the builders of the getic religion due to the fact that Abraham and Moses were to be given bread and wine and receiving the sign of the cross on their rights hand and on their head in between the eyes, in the same ways that the ancestors of the greeks tried to falsify their respective religions through demonic ways!
But in Syria, Palestine and Egypt there were for over 1600 years small communities of getae called cabiri by the jews, philistines and canaanites and the essenes or therapeutics are their descendants from the time of Filon and a few centuries before. The religion of the philistiens and the canaanites(The people living in the land called Canaan or Philistenia or Palestine and not some semite name as they claim today!) is mentioned by Isaiah around VII-VIth centuries BC who names them at 19,18:”In those times there would be five citadels in the land of Egypt which would speak the canaanite language and swear on the Lord of the armies: one of them shall be called the citadel of light.” The God of the heavenly armies is the philistine or canaanite divinity, since the king Ezekiel used his sword to drive them out, their religion and their supreme deity towards of the end of the VIIth century BC as they claim, but don’t manage to completely destroy it. The Supreme and Unique Deity appears with the same name in the Book of Enoch and in the writings of the essenes which are well hidden by the pope’s men in the archives of the Vatican. In the old traditions of the place it is said that the son’s of Sedec were the cabirii and the name of their great priest Melchizedek is composed form the word maliki: king(melec = angel) + Sedec: the leader of the cabirii as written by Filon of Byblos in Phoenician History, copying the information from Sanchuniathon, wise Phoenician priest and great teacher who lived in the Xth century BC, as well as from information collected by others. I want to specifically mention that the blessing with bread and wine was specific to the getic religion which was also practiced by philistine priest Melchizedek, this shows that he was also part of the cabirii cult meaning he was of the same race with the scythians, getae and canaanites who were around the region. This practice of blessing with bread and wine was also present in the emesh culture and when kids were baptised, Anu gave them alongside the grass of life, the bread and wine of the everlasting life. In mozaism it was only about burning everything, animals and sometimes even people, which caused a lot of victims among the goym potty-heads during the Inquisition. In those times the writings called The Chaldean Books were part of the library of the Temble of Thebes and the pharaoh Necao(610-595 BC) was using to teach from these books as well as the ones from Hermes and Asclepios. Asclepios along with the seven cabirii of Seden wrote the first theological book in the world – The books of Tel-huti or the writings of the scythians – which was also known by the egyptians and the cult of the cabirii was part of the religion of the getae. The word Dahau-ti means the ones from the north since dahae or dahue  was an old scythic tribe, but the getae were also sometimes called dahi because they had common ancestry with these schythians. Tehu was borrowed into the khazarian falsehood The Cabala through tohu meaning north, or the people of the north. The poet Boeo from Phocia who lived in the Vth century BC let it be known that in the old greek world, the Books of the Mysi were in great demand, or of the getae from the southern Ister, these being the first writings of history and theology of the human race! I mean even the ones who falsified our history so much that we don’t know who we are, claim that our ancestors were the builders of the human race and the first law givers, who used these to straighten society out and people’s shortcomings. And the grim judo-cretin Tertulian(160-220) considered the father of liturgical latin, in his work Apologeticus writes that the manuscripts of Enoch – the getic prophet who received the law from the Heavenly Father as we find written in essene books – were holy books of from before the flood, having been saved by Noah in his ark to be gifted to the human race. Here we must remember the extraordinary statement of the judo-christian prelate, who states that from the Great Destruction of the Flood, The Book of Enoch was saved, known by us under the name The Bible or The Way/The Law of Truth and Justice and not Tora, at which time the Hell’s Sole hadn’t sent up to the earth since its believers – the jews – didn’t exist as a people! I presume that it was flying around through the darkness of hell, making a fluttering sound, which to us sounds more like a load of flatulence, until the Devil set it loose upon the world in the Ist century AD! It is clear as daylight if your mind is not clouded by the darkness of lies and poison, therefore nothing from you(the jews) and the Devil Jehovah but only arimin wisdom!
Full of hate towards the human race, but specifically targeting a certain race for extra portions of hate as we will find a little later on, the makers of “apocalyptic visions” doesn’t want to tell us what kind of sign the ones that used to pray to the beast, used to receive on their right hand or on their head as I have mentioned in previous pages.
I bring forwards the writings of Justin The Martyr(100-160AD) who helps us solve this devilish mystery., born out of the same race as Killed by the Bell(Satan) in Palestine , and sustains with arrogance that the whole of greek philosophy comes from Moses and the jewish prophets, from his people. He wrote two Apologies, one for the emperor Antonius Pius in 155AD and the other to the Roman Senate in 160AD and Dialogue with the jewish rabbi Trifon. In his First Apology at LXVI we find the ones who were making the sign of the cross on their right hand and on their head and received the “Blessing of the God of this decade”, meaning arimin christianity or the mithraics if we give credence to this false word: “It is what through imitation, the bad demons have prescribed to be done also In the Mysteries of Mithra, since bread and a cup of water is presented in the initiation ceremonies, with specific formulas which you know or which you can find out.” Or these formulas from Arimin Christianity, the religion of the Getae or of the mithraics were: “This is my body” and “this is my blood”, after each line the sign of the cross was to be made, representing a ritual of rebirth of life on earth through its purification with the body and the blood of the holly bull and it was an embodiment of the divine. These were reused in judo-christianity (Luke 22,19-20) without anyone ever accusing them of plagiarism.
In order to shed more light on this dark satanism, I quote from the little work of Tertulian, great judo-cretin devilish theologian, which around 200AD writes in Praescriptio adversus Haereticos 40:”and the devil baptizes his believers, making the sign of the cross on the head of his soldiers, celebrates the giving of bread and brings the image of rebirth”. It is impossible to find a more clear testimony of the  common thievery in detriment to history! In another part of this book, he tells us even the “perpetrator of this impiety” brought upon the judo-satanist cult, so dear to the grim visionary: “The Devil is the one who encourages the heretics to imitate our holy rituals during the times in which they praise their false gods. He decrees to make the mark of a cross on Mithra’s soldiers.” They explicitly state that the Devil or Satan for the benefit of the whole damn judo-criminals cult was Mithra of the romans or Sarmis of the getae, or ariminism or Arimin Christianity which in the year 180 was the offical cult of the roman emperors, being the dominant religion in the empire for another 200 years. He was so judo-christian that after 203 he joined the montanists and that is where death found him!

     In order to prove the ancientness of this symbol on our shores, I have put for the everlasting illumination of the people on the left hand side, the cross within a circle as drawn in the Coliboaia Cave by people over 40,000 years ago, who lived on these territories, which were wiped out with much vindictiveness from the history books! Next to it is a picture with signs that were found in the Chindei Hole Cave, from around 12,000 years ago where the cross of equal length also appears, and it seems that nobody wants to find out these shattering truths about our ancient history. To the right I have put one of the Tartaria tablets which was fabricated from clay around 6250BC, which is divided into 4 equal parts much like a cross, positioned in the circle showing the images. The next image to the right shows a cross in a circle which was found on a clay vessel from the Cucuteni culture, around 4500BC. The end picture is a small bronze disk found in Sumer and dating around 2800BC and in that disk the symbol from Cucuteni and Coliboaia is also present showing the spiritual link between the two cultures.

     In the first picture, the Emesh spirit Ninurta( nin: prince, sunrise, morning + ur: to go around, to shine, to form a circle + ta: nature, character, big praise) is represented wearing on his chest the cross with the equal arms, so that there shall be no dispute about its secret role, as the judo-cretin lepers like to bleat about, that this symbol wasn’t sacred until the crucifixion of their made up Christ! In the third picture I have put the symbol of Utu,  – The Holy Sun – which is a sort of heavenly bird with no head and on its chest it has a cross inside a circle, four rivers flowing from its centre. To the right are types of crosses found at Bozioru, dated around the start of the IIIrd millennium BC. It is clear to any discerning eyes that these types of crosses, which the monstrous judo-cretins call them “greek” and “italic” despite the fact that based on the pictures above it is clear that they belonged to the cult of the religion of the cross for over 4000 years or the religion of the Carpathian people.

     The so called “greek cross” discovered at Fizesul Gherlei dated around VIIth century BC(in the same place an “italic cross” was also discovered), next to it is a coin minted by the great emperor Constantine the Great, which the judo-satanist lepers made him into the father of their cult, but historical proofs such as these show the kind of lies to which we have been exposed to for over 1600 years. Next to it is a coin belonging to the geto-gothic king Sistebutus around 615AD which shows that those damn “aryans” as the judo-cretins like to call them, used an identical cross with the emesh people, similar to the ones found in the Buzau mountains, with the getic one and with the one belonging to Emperor Constantine the Great! The last picture shows a representation of a cross found at the entrance to Sinaia monastery, the similarities between this cross and the one worn by Ninurta is strikingly similar and for the other crosses all we have to do is understand history through the ridiculous coincidences which were all masterminded by some damn Carpathian, according to some. Please don’t try to cloud our minds with judo-cretin phantasmagoria since more and more people have woken up to these lies. The cross inside a circle represents the matrix of the beginning of existence of heaven and earth.
In the essene writings discovered at Qumran, we find that they used to call themselves the sons of light and the sons of darkness were the jews also known as the horde of Belial or of Satan, but the cunning John, when the ends justify the means, twists the story exactly the other way around, making the jews into the wonders and saviors of the world even if nobody personally blessed them. Since the truth is the ones found in the essene writings and this is confirmed through Zachariah 3,1 which said that Satan was the adviser of Jehovah, and Apocalypse at 3,9 says that the jews are “Satan’s Synagogue”, as the essenes already knew when they came and brought fire and sword on their colonies. Even Saul knew this shattering truth about his people since in The Second Gospel of Paul to the corinthians ar 6,15 he asks himself full of surprise:”What understanding can there be between Christ and Belial?” The judo-christian prelates between X-XVth centuries also knew these truths which were mentioned in previous writings.
He also says in The Deeds of the Apostles at 2,40-47 about the character of the jews, his race, hit hard by his delirious satanical visions:”And with lots of words he was encouraging them and saying: “Save yourselves from this villainous race.”. In The Gospel of Paul to the Philippines at 2,14-15, adds that they are broken in their race as well as in their devilish teachings, as in the teachings of “the depths of Satan”:”Make everything without question and without doubt so that you may be clean blessed children of God, without blame, in the middle of a broken, villainous people, in which you shine like beacons in a world, holding above the Word of life, so that, on the day of Christ I can boast that I haven’t ran and labored in vain.”
The pathological hate of these lepers towards the essenes we also find in The Gospel of Paul to Timothy at 4,1-3:”But the Spirit says that in the end of days, some will abandon their faith and knowledge so that they may align their beliefs with those of demons and misguided spirits, lead astray by the hypocrisy of those who speak lies, marked by the cattle iron in their thought. They stop marriage and the use of food that Jehovah has given towards those that would thankfully use them, those who know the truth.” Their truth is only based on lies and cunning and not thought and wisdom as the religion of the getae encouraged. The fact that Saul hated the essenes so much and in 58AD, the rabid Apolo, his friend in the evangelizing of the world through lies and falsehoods, only managed to put their hands on the centre at Qumran, the others surviving the hate and murderous rage and destruction of the zealots and the pharisees.
The fact that the jews conspired with devils against the religion of the getae is proved by Trajan’s edict in 116 which forbids Christians public ceremonies with the death penalty as punishment. The 54th tablet tells us that Noah with his group of getae after taking the body of their priest Illi from the pit at the edge of Jerusalem, they traveled to the south of Syria where they were met by “the red headed Gauls” from the former kingdom of Galatia,  who came in great numbers in the lead with their priest Bofio who greatly mourned the martyred get. This information shows us that the Gallic population that left the Ister around 275 BC at which time  were practicing the getic religion, kept their traditions and their cult for over 400 years and Tiberian when writing about the Galatian Christians from the former kingdom of Galatia, is bringing forth before the light of history the race of Gauls or of Galatians who converted to the getic religion while living in Getica and Moesia. No sign of circumcised people as in the rabid and fanatical pharisees who were calling themselves zealots and not christians. The testimony is found with Ioanes Malalas(491-578) who wrote a Chronography, a sort of universal history at chapter XI we find the information:”During the time that Trajan was in Syria, in Antioch and was minding to administrative functions, he received a letter from Tiberian, the prefect of Palestine written in the following manner: To the Undefeated Caesar, The All Divine Emperor Trajan, let he judge in this matter. Your task of punishing the Galatians which consider themselves Christian I have accomplished to the best of my ability. However they themselves come to me for torture and for death with all my threats and warnings not to surrender themselves to me, I haven’t managed to accomplish that yet. This is why I want Your Undefeated Majesty to decide in this matter. Trajan gave an order to Tiberian and to other prefects to stop massacring Christians. In this way the Christians could for a while breathe a collective sigh of relief.” At that time the jews were the third nation in term of population in the roman empire alongside romans and greeks, privilege received in 98 or 99 AD, an event of which nobody wants to talk about!
During the same period, while the edict of Trajan was sending to their deaths in thousands and sometimes in the tens of thousands the adepts of the religion of The Cross, practiced by the getae and by others, Pliny the Younger(61-114) who was close to Tacit and between the years 111-113 occupied the position of the governor of Bitnia, writes about the followers of Jesus also called Christians:”This belief has spread like a plague not only in the towns and cities but in the villages, in the sowing fields…The temples were virtually abandoned, the holy ceremonies for a long time interrupted…They used to gather on a certain day at dawn and to sing praise to the Christ like he was some sort of god.” We can retain the saying of the latin that the Christians used to meet at dawn, similar to how J Flavius and Filon describe the essenes, that they used to pray at sun’s dawn, ceremony identical also in mithraism. We can also remember that these populations, which were not ethnically belonging to the jewish ones and therefore also not of the mozaic cult which was raised on big horses before Emperor Trajan, were living not only in cities but also in villages, leaving their temples abandoned and not the Temple from Jerusalem, showing that the religion was old and this saw a decline and fall of the old cults and religions. Bitnia, which Pliny the Younger writes about was a region populated by Thracians, situated between Galata and Thracia, territories where for sure the religion of the cross was practiced as is proven by the lead tablets, corroborated with the ones made in antiquity and mentioned above, as self evident truths from the old ancestral religion of the getae.
1. Beginning of the IInd century BC, J Flavius reminds us of the essenes that they used to preach their belief in the yard Of the Old Temple of Jerusalem and nobody attempted to shut their mouth with grit or with knife;
2. The religious centre at Qumran was destroyed by an earthquake in 35BC during the times of Irod the Great(37-4 BC) remaining abandoned during the time that he also ruled Galilee. The king was also a rabbi(which nobody mentions so that the lie can have roots to grow) and together with Hilel the Old conspire to put a jewish tint on the writings of the essenes as certain manuscripts prove when they are discovered at Qumran in 1947. The accusation also comes from numismatics since this pathetic gutter king also had some coins minted in his name on which a lot of symbols from the religion of the getae appear and this is thievery and not delusions!

     On the left we have a coin which has the symbol of the cross with the equal hands, a symbol only used by the getae in those times. Next to it is also another coin minted by the same king which has on one side the Cross of the North otherwise known as St Andrew’s cross and on the other side we have a chair with three legs and an offering, on either side of this image we have the representation of the Tree of Life, specific to the country of the getae and to those who left this land during the course of history. Underneath this chair we can see a bent snake with its head towards the right. Next to this coin I have put a close up of a 13 cm tall bronze figurine discovered near Turda, its current location is the History Museum in Cluj. We can see the chair with 3 legs which is typical to the getae and on it an offering of a fish has been made, to the left is an equal-hands cross and underneath is a circle representing the symbol of fate in the ancestral religion. On the right is also one of Irod’s coins, which has on one side the keys of heaven – the two L shapes on the left hand side, as appear on some statues of Mithra, in the middle the sacred fire and on the right the circle and cross exactly the way they appear on the bronze figurine discovered at Turda! On the other side of the coin one can see a table with four legs on which the Holy Mountain or God’s Mountain sits, a symbol specific only to the religion of the getae, from which the Axle of the World protrudes or the Column of Light which has on top the North Cross(X), on either side we again have the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil otherwise known as the Tree of Life with seven arms. And other proofs of Irod’s dark treachery is present!

     On the left is again a coin minted by Irod of the Jews, having on one side a hemisphere and above it the six pointed star on either side the Tree of Life is present, nowadays they call it “the Star of David”, even though it’s clear that they robbed this symbol. Next to it I have put a form with which one casts lead amulets on which is a Gallic or Celtic inscription, discovered in western Bulgaria, at Brana Stena, Petnik region. This cast has in the middle the symbol from Sinca Veche – ie the six pointed star – but in the centre is a hole representing the Column of Light from the getic religion. The Gauls were driven out from the south of the Ister in 278 BC, crossing the Bosporus and founding in 275BC the kingdom of Galatia and some traveled south into Palestine where they founded Galilee, therefore this cast was made before their departure. On the far right is the symbol found in the hermit grotto of Sinca Veche from the Vth millennium BC, where one can see the overlapping of the symbols for the Heavenly Father and the Earthly Mother, which produce the six pointed star, and in the interior is something resembling two fishes. The Gauls surely practiced the religion of the getae and brought with them these symbols in their newly founded country, but also the essenes knew them very well, fluttering them under the noses of the jews from their centre in Qumran.
Can someone still dare to claim that the jews were and are not the most despicable race of mankind, changing the meaning of thievery, visions and never ending hate towards the ones who know the truth!
3. Starting with the first part of the Ist century BC, the religion of the getae enters the roman empire, and Eusebio from Cezareea writes that even during the time of Augustus(27BC-14AD) this cult was practiced by some of Rome’s inhabitants. It spreads without violence in the next century throughout the roman empire that during the time of emperor Antonius Pius(138-161), it becomes the official cult of this ruler, and with the reign of Commodus(180-192), it becomes the official religion of the roman empire and would enjoy this privileged status until 380AD when the hispanic Theodosius swaps it for judo-christianity, in 381 banning arimin Christianity altogether!
4. In the council of Nicea in 325 where all the bishops of the judo-christian cult were convened and for the first time it was discussed the creation of a unique liturgical text to be used by all the worshipers of Elohim. They commissioned a report in each of there departments where at chapter 8 there is a comment regarding “the attitude towards the cathars”, even though the term “cathar” as it is understood, is a christian heresy, but strange that it was only used in the XII century. Therefore I ask them that what religion did they mean all these years under the chapter proclaiming the “attitude towards the cathars”, used in 325 for the official religion in the roman empire, they being a public cult but without a shadow of a doubt not the official cult of Constantine the Great as they try to deceive with their lies, for so long and who were these cathars that it seemed they didn’t have a place under the sun of the roman empire? In eme-gi we have the word ca-tar meaning glorious, blessed, praised, similar to how the arimin Christians (or the mithraics if we are to believe their false quill) in contrast to all the grim judo-christians, the rabid believers of Jehovah and the Hell’s Sole and listeners to Satan the Devil. After the death of the roman emperor Valentinian in charge of the Eastern Roman empire, his son Gratian who was only 14 years old at the time ended up completely controlled by Ambrose – the jew converted to latinism and judo-christianity – who zealously took it upon himself to replace arimin Christianity with satanical mozaicism. After Valens’ death who was emperor of the Western roman empire, the fiend Ambrose arranged so that the empire of the huns would invade the geto-gothic one so that he would have one less band of heretics to worry about.
5. The Bishop of Constantinople, Ioan Chrisostomus in the year 398 converts a part of the remaining geto-goths in Moesia to judo-cretinism, however their biggest ruler along with his followers refuse to convert to the new religion and to “Kiss the Grim Reaper”. “Travitter remains a pious believer of Zalmoxis’ religion.” At the same time in historical annals, the holy book of the wallachians is also mentioned called The Bessic Bible. In 410 Ad the getae and the goths ruled by Alaric conquer the italic peninsula and lighten Rome of the plunder that they had accumulated by sword for a few hundred years, without anyone asking them why they are robbing the ancient civilization of their devilish jewels. The getae and the goths leave for the south of France where they remain for five years then they occupy Spain, founding numerous kingdoms which would be destroyed by the arabs in 711AD. The western roman empire is dissolved by Odoacre the Vandal in 475AD proclaiming himself king and the official religion becomes aryanism according to the quills of lying satanic historians, we of course know it as the religion of Zalmoxis or arimin Christianity according to the law of truth. In 493 he is assassinated by Theodoric the Great who reigns over the peninsula and then conquers the south of France, reaching as far as the north of Spain, with some territories also in the Balkans. He forbids judo-christians to marry arimin Christians under the penalty of death. During 530-540 Justinian manages to conquer by sword the Ostrogoth empire in Italy forbidding the getic religion everywhere they managed to show themselves with the “judo-christian faith”. North of the Danube but also south of it, the wallachians were fiercely holding onto their religion, where there was a greater presence of their numbers, even if the greeks were spitting fire and brimstone towards them.
6. The Getic religion we also find being talked about by Theopylactus, the archbishop of Orhidei in XIth century, who in his work The history of the XV martyrs writes about the Bulgarians who reached the south of the Ister during the middle half of the VIIth century that:”they were practicing a scythian mad religion, they were praying before the sun, the moon and the other stars…themselves representing slavery, villainy and being enemies of the one True God”. I surmise that everything you have said my friend is total bunk, maybe with the exception of the phrase “one True God”, which for you was Hell’s Sole, or Jehovah the one with the “holy branch” as big as a baby’s arm! The greek prelate gets upset as he writes since these were worshiping another God in the VIIth century, the scythic one and not the one made up by the pharisees and their lepers who came down from the People. The Byzantine emperor Justinian(527-565) founds north of the Ister in 530 thema Scythia, in memory of the old roman province with the same name but also to the south of the river and also in Dobrogea. This territory as a byzantine possession is remembered by Theopanes(741-817) in his work entitled Chronography a polemic dedicated to the emperors that lived before him.
In the Xth century in the lands populated by the old getae in Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece a peaceful revolt by the monks, keepers of the old faith, which the slavs called bogomils ensued. The events are confirmed by a mozaic source during those times. In 1173 the rabbi Benjamin of Toledo, in his long journey from Spain to Jerusalem, passed through Italy and then Greece and then wanting to pass on his way to Palestine. Reaching Zeitun, the town of Volos today, he writes:”This is the beginning of Wallachia, the country in which people are called wallachians. Alike deer, they are quick on their feet and descend to the country of the greeks to rob and plunder. Nobody can attack them through war and nobody can subjugate them. The christian customs they do not keep, and they give themselves jewish names, due to which some say that they are of jewish ancestry, they plunder the christians but they don’t kill them like they do with the greeks.” This fragment is from the book The Origin of the Macedo-romanians by Theodor Capidan and Constantin Noe, Ethnological Publishing, Bucharest 2008. I don’t know why the jewish traveler thinks that they used to give themselves jewish names, maybe he considered names such as John, Mark, Luke and Matthew as jewish, but these are getic names also seen on the lead tablets, and later the Romanians adapted them into their etymology, but he knew them as jewish due to judo-christian falsehoods. When it comes to their religion, there is no doubt, since the source says that they didn’t mix or have friendly relations with the greeks or other judo-christian people from surrounding areas and this is the truth!
These peaceful bogomils were persuaded by the greek and slavic swords to find other living space and this is why the need for them to migrate towards Germany, Italy and the South of France where they were known as cathars. The ones form the north and south of the Danube organized a revolt in 1185, from where the Asenesti kingdom originated, in the beginning only encompassing Romanians or Wallachians but later after 1195 they also incorporate a good part of the territories lived by the bulgarians, hence the name of the kingdom as the Wallacho-bulgarian one. Their religion was the same old ancestral religion but with some influences from judo-christianity. After the conquest of Constantinople, the Vatican Snakeden’s aim was to abolish and crush the Christian Orthodoxy through the crusade against the cathars in 1209, and then later turn their attention towards the eastern wallacho-bulgarian empire, founding in 1221 The Order of the Preacher Brothers, with the desired aim to forcibly convert to catholicism everyone in Eastern Europe who was not ruled by the Vatican.
The matter of the fact is that us The Race Descended from the Gods from the Holy Land Dio Getia have never tolerated friendship with the Hell’s Sole, Satan or other devilish demons from their horned army, we have as proof over time the writings Description of Moldova by our writer Dimitrie Cantemir(1710-1711) who presents with great detail a country which he had to forcibly leave. In chapter II where we find important points about the Romanian religion from Moldova he writes:”The people of Moldova as in other countries where science hasn’t illuminated yet is very prone to Heresy(superstition) and hasn’t cleansed itself from the ungodly old ways, still prays in song and verse at weddings, funerals and other important celebrations, at some old forgotten gods who were also worshiped by the dacians”. Rather than praying to devils it is better that they prayed to the dacians! This also shows that the people didn’t know the teachings of Satan and it also shows that Saint Andrew didn’t christen the Romanians as numerous worthless historians claim. I bring as proof the testimony of Metropolitan Bishop Dosoftei, who on publishing the Old and New Testament says that:”The Godly Liturgy for the first time printed in Rumanian, with great care, so that all may understand the words of God with its whole meaning. It was printed at the Holy Metropolitan Church in Iasi, the month of May, of the year 7187(1697)…Post word towards the whole of the Romanian clergy…From the little pity that God had for us, He gave us, therefore we also like to use His work and to give back a gift to the Romanian Language, the holy liturgy, published in Romanian after the greek Bible, so all may learn of Lord’s Praise all who don’t know greek or serbian”.
The Phanariot rulers over the Romanians(1715-1821), zealously bowing down before the Turkish Porte ensured that the New Year was changed from 25th March to 1st January, and also other celebrations were moved, managing to break the cycle of the old traditions of the Romanians and wiping them from collective memory and today all sorts of dubious characters say that these are ancient pagan traditions which shouldn’t be practiced in a “civilized” country.
These unsettling truths about Jehovah and mozaicism told in this essay have been kept in our religious culture until the early 1900s without anyone imposing them through grief and sword, begging or myths, and I give as an example a passage from The Prayer which every orthodox priest had to say when converting a jew into the judo-orthodox herd.
“And the Priest goes towards the Church doors from the dusk side and asks the man:
Who are you? And he answers: A wandering man from the path of righteousness with the mind clouded by the jewish faith(terrible truth uttered by the unfortunate foreskin less man).
The Priest asks him: Why have you come before the Holy Church of God and what do you require from It?
Answer: I have come to learn from its faith and to become one with it.
The Priest asks him: What gives you faith?
Answer: Everlasting life.
Question: Do you forsake the circumcision, from Saturday celebrations, its bread and from all the other religious holidays, from the holy washing and from the holy eating and from other jewish customs and you curse them?
Answer: I forsake all the customs of the old religion just as time and events pass, and from other jewish customs which go against God and I curse them.
Question: Do you forsake the teachings that go against God, that of the Talmud, which the rabid rabbis brought it forth with devilish breath and corrupted God’s Holy Writings, changing their meaning to something else, writing and learning myths and legends which insult our Lord Jesus Christ and all our saints, do you forsake them and curse them?
Answer: I forsake all the jewish teachings which mock God and from their cursed book called Talmud and all its writings, and I curse them.”
This text shows us that the Romanian priests around the 1900s considered the Talmud a satanical book, and about the Tora, they say that its meaning was changed “some other way” therefore they knew another Scripture of God which the jews completely falsified, which were the holy writings found in the Bessic Bible and the getic one not those brought forth from Jehovah’s “holy branch”!
In the Essene, madenee and trismegisto writings there is no borrowing from the books full of delusions and phantasmagoria of the jews, known by us as the Old and New Testament, but these false prophets have borrowed heavily from the essene and arimin writings, shouting from the rooftops since then that Satan has dared to change the meaning of his false teachings. The American pastor Ronald K. Brown writes in his book The Book of Enoch published in 1998 in San Antonio, Texas after toiling a number of years trying to find “the borrowed essene writings” into the mozaic ones. He says that the Old and New Testament borrows exactly 309 passages directly copied from the Book of Enoch.” In his honor, the prelate said what he noticed to be happening at the end of the XXth century, when the deniers and people who protest against holy artifacts and jewish revelations aren’t made into well smelling “grills” and sent as an offering to Jehovah! A lot of so called revelations needed to be made by the thievish falsifying mozaics and judo-christians in order for them to be taken seriously.
I will tell a few more bewildering facts which nobody can currently resolve. Even though Satan is all that is evil, he is also Jehovah’s angel which the jews presented to the goym as “God”. And in Job at 2,1 the devil is named as Jehovah’s son along with his young devilish army who was following him. If the truth is the one which was revealed and the one written in their beastly book, then judaism and judo-christianity are satanical cults and we should forsake them as quickly as possible before others catch on and shame us as the lepers of the earth which even the undead avoid.
From the same absurd notion comes the story of the bronze snake which Moses made in the desert (Numbers 21,8 and 9) and put onto a staff to heal those bitten by lizards, through one look towards it. Here the snake is an animal which brings good, Jehovah asking him to make a fiery snake or a sparkling snake who would protect the jews. I therefore ask as perplexed as ever: Why did they curse the snake with so much jewish hate and viper poison, the evangelists the make-it-upists and all the other broken records if the animal made into a totem brought them only good. The answer we find in the plan to steal the identity of the getae from Qumran, brought forward and organized by Irod the Great and Hilel the Old, at the end of the Ist century BC. In 2 Kings 18,4 the snake of Moses was part of the cult “since the children of Israel were burning before it incense; they were calling him Nehushtan”, but the king Ezekiel smashed it and other idols borrowed by the jews from their neighbors for their peace of mind and Jehovah didn’t punish them in any way showing that he didn’t mind this.
In The Gospel of John at 3,14 we find a mischievous action which stuns any healthy mind who is not prone to delusions. “And as Moses raised the snake in the desert, in the same way the Son of man needs to be raised so that he whoever believes in him will not die, but will have everlasting life.” If the fiery snake was considered by Moses and his people like a totem to be raised for good, the same as the Son of man for the judo-christians, then you need to change your visions since you greatly muddled them up, their meaning and their sense and even the great grim reaper himself doesn’t understand it anymore coming form then great depths of Hell. Go and change your tune because with the times even the tastes of the goym have done also!
The crosier or pastoral staff of the Rumanian Metropolitan and Patriarch have at their upper ends two serpents that are facing each other and looking at the cross between them. Until the 1700s there was no cross in between the snakes, the staff being very similar to the ones used by the mithraics, or arimin Christians or as one may see on maya type coins where on the back of a horse in gallop is in vertical position a caduceus with some bulging in its upper part. The snakes shown on the staffs of the Romanian orthodox ruling clergy, symbolize, as they illuminate us, their pastoral wisdom and I quote the following text:”Here, I send you like sheep among wolves; be as wise as snakes and as gentle as pigeons”(Matthew 10,16). See you lying devils that you can utter the truth; arimin Christianity or the getic religion, ended up being called mithraism under the romans, was considered the religion of the great wise men, in the holy language their name was cathars, meaning the ones blessed by Sintu, Gog or Anu from Dio Getia otherwise known as the Holy Country. Other meanings could be the all mighty power of God: the alfa and the omega – “I am the Alfa and the Omega the One before and the One after, the all Knowing!” Alfa symbolizes the Cross, the Light without a beginning, God’s Word who shines in all directions, filling the world with Life and Blessing. And “Omega” – the last letter of the greek alphabet consists of the two snakes. And if you believe this, why do you let the blasphemies and falsehoods flow like a torrent against the arimin religion, the true religion of the cross – the religion of our getic ancestors and have joined that satanical pharisee cult of the jews which have asked you always to swear and curse the snake of light which came form Sintu, Gog or Anu, meanwhile playing and being all friendly with the sinewy “holy branch” of Hell’s Sole!?

People, People, little people,
Jehovah made you his sheeple.
With a “sacred” holy oath,
Slavery on all the Earth.